Casual style in clothes: the basic principles of the trend

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The streets of modern cities are full of people whose clothes are difficult to accurately classify as traditional style groups. Sometimes it is not even easy to understand to which subspecies the image seen can be attributed. When such doubts arise, then, most likely, we have the so-called casual style in clothes. It owes its birth to the endless labyrinths of the stone jungle, therefore it has other names — street, city. Casual in translation from English sounds like everyday, fickle, informal.

A bit about the history of style

It is generally accepted that casual originated in Scotland about forty years ago. It was then in the late 70s that football was very popular. His fans and loyal fans united in informal clubs that actively supported their favorite team, composed songs, memorized chants.

Among these people, it was customary to wear simple and comfortable items of famous brands: jeans, sneakers, polo shirts, T-shirts, sports jackets. The fan movement was called Casual, which later firmly entrenched itself in a new stylistic clothing group.

Over time, casual moved away from football and began to be actively used by lovers of country walks and outdoor activities. And soon he completely moved to the metropolis. It has become the most popular among young people and people who are not inclined to traditional types of clothing.

Casual style in clothes — trend features

Casual over the past decades has gained worldwide fame. And all thanks to a unique combination of comfort, practicality and aesthetics. A mix of things that seem random at first glance is by no means so. In fact, all casual outfits are well thought out.

Urban style appeals equally to the rich and the poor, the young and the old. It allows you to create a complete wardrobe for people with any figure and height.

The lack of clear requirements and strict restrictions in the suit allows you to feel free in any environment. In addition, the sporty component of the style gives our image more youth, energy and freshness.

Basic principles of casual style

The main requirement for clothing is comfort. The concept of creating images in casual style is built on individual characteristics and preferences, giving the opportunity for self-expression. A democratic approach to the formation of an ensemble allows a person to dress beautifully, freely and without large financial costs.

Therefore, in the wardrobe of street style there will always be jeans, shirts, pullovers, t-shirts, sweatshirts, skirts. From these items, you can easily create a large number of sets by combining things with each other. One shirt, worn alternately with trousers, a skirt and jeans, allows you to get a rhinestone with three different looks. And if you complement each of them with a pullover, jacket or jacket, and decorate with a variety of accessories, then the wardrobe “menu” will be immediately formed for the whole week.

Casual style categorically does not accept certain types of clothing:

  • uniform, including military;
  • things intended for various celebrations and official receptions — tailcoat, tuxedo, cocktail dress, wedding dress;
  • business suits, typical for strict dress codes;
  • items typical of other styles and subcultures such as grunge, hip-hop, punk and others;
  • clothing for sports training;
  • national/ethnic costumes.

Everything that is left uncovered in this list can be safely attributed to the casual style.

Typical signs of a trend

The description of the requirements imposed by the stylistic direction consists mainly of the denial of typical forms. So, in order to always be in trend, supporters of the popular trend should:

  • give up the constant pursuit of fashion;
  • reduce the cost of buying new products from well-known brands;
  • do not adhere to strict restrictions;
  • do not copy other people’s images.

When studying photos of fashion collections, consider your favorite styles as basic models for creating your own wardrobe. Do not try to match colors in a suit according to the rules of compatibility. You should also not strive to combine things according to the principle of texture and other qualitative characteristics of fabrics.

Let your things be of excellent quality, good cut and attractiveness. If such clothes suit you, then the whole look will characterize you as a stylish person dressed with taste.

Casual style in clothes for women

The basis for creating new images are three basic things: jeans, skirt and dress. Choose for yourself the clothes that best suit your taste, figure, and complement it with a variety of costume details. For this purpose, you will need T-shirts, tops, blouses, shirts, sweaters, cardigans and other things.

When choosing updates for yourself, give preference tissues natural origin. Clothes made of cotton, wool, viscose, denim create a comfortable feeling and look decent.

Color palette practically has no restrictions. Any combination of colors is allowed, even the most unexpected ones. It is not recommended to enhance the color solution with sparkling elements such as sequins or sequins.

Shoes for girls it is selected, first of all comfortable, and secondly — fashionable. It goes without saying that it must be in full accordance with the surrounding situation. The range of products in casual style is very rich: ballet flats, moccasins, sneakers, boots, shoes, boots and much more. The main thing is to have a comfortable shoe and a stable heel. All this will not create tension in the legs, and the gait will become easy and free.

Accessories it is desirable to choose those that carry certain functions. From useful items consider sunglasses, umbrellas, watches, belts, scarves, bags.

Men’s casual clothing

Basic wardrobe items do not have to be classic. Instead of strict trousers, give preference to jeans or chinos. In winter, woolen trousers or cargo pants are more suitable. The shirt does not have to be tucked in, it is even better to wear it loose. So it will look good, even if you put on a pullover on top.

Most things, especially knitwear, do not need to be ironed. You can completely abandon trouser arrows or ironed shirts. On the contrary, slight wrinkling will serve as another confirmation of environmentally friendly materials.

Another symbolic piece of urban costume is the jacket. It is advisable to acquire several things of different colors and quality, and then fashionable combinations are provided to you for several months in advance.

Mixing business style with informal things makes it easy to turn formal suits into practical and cozy sets. A variety of accessories help with this. To soften and «blur» the official image, use scarves, neckerchiefs, belts, belts, hats. As for watches, it is desirable that they do not have a pronounced sporty or classic look. A model of neutral forms of good quality will be another successful component of a fashionable image.

Casual style attributes also include certain models of shoes. It can be loafers, brogues, deserts, and of course, sneakers. Socks choose any color, bright and printed products are allowed. Try to match their shade with any one item of the suit — a tie, a handkerchief. In the summer, socks can be completely abandoned.

And finally

At first glance, some people may think that casual clothing is an arbitrary combination of things. In fact, he has certain traits and signs that are easy to notice. To give a more precise definition of style, we can say that it is a cross between sports and business. The ability to achieve a balance between these fashionable trends will serve as a confirmation of grace and good taste.


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