Denim skirt with sneakers — a fashionable tandem for stylish girls

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Not so long ago, it was considered a rule of good manners that every woman should have elegant shoes and use heels or stilettos to decorate the look. Times have changed, and today you will not surprise anyone with an unusual tandem, when an elegant dress is paired with sneakers or moccasins. The new fashion trend was dictated by the desire of young people to lead an active lifestyle and play sports.

The question often arises: “How to combine clothes with sports shoes?”. Stylists do not give a definite answer, since there is no single formula, and the choice of shoes depends on an individual approach to fashion trends. It is important to find your own solution and choose the most organic look. The most successful combination is considered to be a denim skirt with sneakers, since the internal content of these elements is identical.

The external properties of the fabric determine the purpose of the product, denim items are ideal for street, youth or sports style. This implies the possibility of using sports shoe samples — sneakers, slip-ons, sneakers or moccasins.

Criteria for choosing shoes

When composing a fashionable ensemble, first of all, think about how uninhibited style and a certain anarchy fit your inner worldview. In fact, absolutely incompatible things are connected — sports shoes and a classic skirt shape. Using slightly rough and simple shoe samples, you need to be sure that they will not distort the female essence, will not bring chaos and bad taste to the appearance. Still, it’s worth experimenting with a variety of shoe models.

The most common combination is a denim skirt with sneakers. If the length and style of the skirt are correctly chosen, then such a tandem has the right to exist and it is quite harmonious. A large selection of shoe items allows you to create bright and catchy ensembles, emphasizing the style and your own taste preferences. For a playful and frivolous look, you can use sneakers on a low or high platform with laces.

Interesting shoe designs without laces, first demonstrated in 1969 by designer Chuck Taylor, are popular with young people who strive for a classic style of appearance. Rock style fans choose converses that are associated with punk culture. Depending on the mood and philosophy of life, models of different forms are selected from leather, vinyl, suede or denim.

When using sneakers, you should consider their purpose, since there are a huge number of models. For urban classics, everyday examples of casual style at low speed are suitable. You can wear topsiders, sneakers, sneakers of any color without laces. Sneakers, that is, platform sneakers, are especially in demand among young people. Shoes of different shades are suitable not only for lovers of sports style, but also for those who are not inclined to experiment. For training, more functional samples with certain specifics are suitable (for basketball, fitness, tennis, running or tourism).

Color spectrum

As for the combination of colors, it is better to stick to the golden mean and not overdo it with an abundance of color palette. The ideal choice is white sneakers that can be worn with any model of a skirt in any color.. Blue, black, gray, blue skirt go well with neutral shoes. White shoes can be a contrasting and balancing element or merging with the overall picture of the ensemble. In any case, sneakers will become an informal accent of the look and add elegance, sophistication and originality to the female image.

A variety of denim colors allows the use of non-monochrome sports shoes. You can combine a red, yellow, burgundy, green skirt with multi-colored shoe patterns made of textiles or suede. If your favorite model is a skirt with white lace, then it is better to wear white sneakers or sneakers. A gray product with black leather inserts will pair perfectly with black leather sneakers. A blue or blue skirt can be worn with plain or multi-colored sneakers, as long as their color matches at least one element of a fashionable bow.


A harmonious combination of shoes and a denim skirt is ensured with the right choice of accompanying elements of the ensemble and accessories. If you are wearing spiked sneakers, then it is advisable to complement the look with a similar bracelet. Sports style requires the use of eccentric elements with clear lines. You can wear leg warmers instead of tights, socks or a scarf with the logo of a sports team.

For minimalism and casual style, discreet jewelry is appropriate — an elegant hairpin, a silver chain, a watch. The accent of the style will be glasses, a baseball cap, a leather belt. When creating a bow, every little thing is important, so pay attention to all the details.


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