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  1. Types of boots
  2. For cold weather
  3. Chrome boots
  4. Why are chrome boots called officer’s boots?

What kind of shoes must be in the wardrobe of any woman? That’s right, boots. And, most likely, not in a single copy — especially if we are talking about a woman living in Russia. Russian winter is unpredictable, there is only one constant sign — it is long. Other than that, it’s full of surprises. Among them may be ice, and frost, and thaw, and snowdrifts, and rain and snow. Therefore, there are not many good boots.

Types of boots

Not everyone wears high heels. This can be especially inconvenient in ice or spring thaw. But in dry weather — why not? Shoes with heels, even everyday ones, most often look elegant and elegant.

For those who do not like heels, there is always a great alternative — a platform or wedge. Flat boots are just as popular, and many women consider them the best option for every day.

In addition to winter boots, there are also demi-season ones. They are best suited for protection from autumn slush or the March wind. Plus, the boots are just beautiful. What else can so favorably emphasize the beauty and grace of a woman’s legs?

And since it is beautiful, many fashionistas do not give up their favorite type of shoes even in summer. Open models can be leather, mesh, lace and even knitted.

For cold weather

Shoes for winter, autumn and spring are sewn, of course, from other materials. Genuine leather is the most preferred. Protection from cold and moisture, wear resistance, comfort for the feet become in this case its most important characteristics.

Nowadays, good quality leather substitutes are produced. Nevertheless, when choosing shoes, knowledgeable people still prefer genuine leather. It is no coincidence that, for example, chrome boots have become so popular and in demand among the military: they do not let their owners down even in the most difficult conditions. And in everyday life, chrome leather is successfully used in shoe production.

Chrome boots

Chrome is, of course, not an animal, from the skins of which clothes and shoes are sewn. This is a chemical element well known to us since school days. Solutions of its salts are used to treat the skin. The process itself is called chrome tanning.

Thanks to this treatment, genuine leather acquires exactly the qualities that we appreciate in it: strength, softness, elasticity. This is what good material for sewing shoes should be. Especially for making boots.

Different types of leather are used for such dressing: calf, pig, cowhide, and goat skin. Veal, or calf, is considered the best in the production of shoes, bags and other accessories. Outerwear, jackets, jackets, as well as hats are also sewn from soft chrome leather. But it is mentioned most often in connection with the topic of shoes.

Why are chrome boots called officer’s boots?

Although chrome leather is also used for sewing ordinary shoes, chrome boots are, first of all, an army attribute. Tanning with chromium solutions has been used for a couple of centuries. But at the beginning of the twentieth century, for example, there were not enough such shoes in the army for everyone. Only officers could walk in it, hence their second name came from.

Traditional «lames» — of course, with a high top. But in modern models, it can be of different lengths. The quality of the skin remains unchanged. Some fashionistas order and buy officer boots for this very reason. Depending on the model and manufacturer, their cost varies from two to ten thousand rubles.



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