Ekko shoes — what you need for easy movement and active life

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  1. A little about the brand
  2. Technologies: everything for the comfort of shoes
  3. Price
  4. How to care
  5. Women’s collections
  6. For men
  7. Children’s line
  8. Quality standards

The habit of choosing only comfortable shoes is a trait of happy people. And, as a rule, all of them are already familiar with the Ekko brand. Do you value comfort and well-being? You probably already have a couple of boots or shoes from this Danish manufacturer in your closet.

Today, there are ECCO shoe and bag factories in Portugal, Thailand, China, Indonesia, and Slovakia. Products are willingly bought in 88 countries of the world. What explains such popularity?

A little about the brand

The founder of the brand Karl Toosby laid the foundation for future success right away. This happened over half a century ago. The company, which was just beginning its activity, did not focus on big sales at all. The opportunity to produce special shoes — that’s what interested Toosby in the first place.

What is special about her? It is not so easy for a modern person to understand this. Today, the task of buying good, comfortable shoes is easily solved. It only takes a little time and the willingness to spend a certain amount. In the 60s, even if we are talking about Europe, the situation was different.

Therefore, Karl Toosby, with his determination to introduce innovative technologies into his own production, proved to be a courageous pioneer. But his efforts were rewarded. The title of comfortable, practical and durable shoes was assigned to Ekko entirely.

Technologies: everything for the comfort of shoes

Do you want to feel good? Change shoes. Such advice could be given by a truly wise man. Many physiological aspects depend on what we are wearing. For example, the elevation of the foot, the location of the fingers, the position of the spine, the thermoregulation of the skin.

The developers really think of everything to create shoes that are comfortable for the feet. Each model takes into account the anatomical features of the foot. The toe is made wide enough so that in no case do you squeeze your fingers. The foot is located naturally, the heel does not slip.

The foot in such shoes is much less tired. Normal blood circulation is restored, muscles work properly. It is often said that in these shoes you feel like barefoot. This is perhaps a very accurate comparison.

Other important features of Ekko shoes:

— Waterproof — achieved through the use of a special innovative membrane. At the same time, it allows the legs to breathe.
— Protection against injuries — provided by a cushioning Shock Point tab. Models of sports collections also have a special sole that absorbs shocks and shocks.
— Reducing the load on the spine — for this, a springy insole is used. By the way, the insoles are always removable and are made of a material with an antibacterial effect. This prevents the common problem of sweaty feet.
— Good grip of the sole with the ground. You can safely wear in ice or play sports.


As you can see, there are a lot of advantages. Therefore, the prices on the official Ekko website are not particularly surprising. They are high enough. For example, a pair of women’s shoes can cost almost ten thousand rubles. Cute slip-ons — about four.

We will not repeat platitudes like the fact that you should not save on shoes. Most people come to this conclusion on their own. A good way out is to buy during promotions and sales. Even very expensive models can be purchased at this time at quite an adequate cost. It is important to simply keep track of discount announcements and make a decision at the right time.

How to care

Despite the abundance of technologies used in production, caring for such shoes is no more difficult than for any other. Under the Ekko brand, all the necessary tools that may be useful for this are also produced. In the online store or in the branded department, you can buy everything for shoes, be it a cream, a brush or a protective spray. A good sales consultant will always tell you what is best suited in a particular case.

In general, «Ekko» is just long-lived shoes. This is often said and written by its owners. One pair can serve you not for two or three seasons, as usual, but much longer. You just need to follow the simple rules of care:

— Select the appropriate agent for a particular material.
— Use a special eraser, waterproof and coloring sprays for suede or nubuck products.
— Do not dry shoes on the radiator.
— Apply cream or impregnation in the evening, and not before going out.
— Buy everything you need for shoes in ECCO brand stores. After all, when developing care products, the manufacturer takes into account the characteristics of their products.

Women’s collections

Beautiful ladies often sacrifice comfort in favor of fashion. If, say, a narrow toe or a stiletto is in trend, this will not stop some fashionistas from buying new boots. Even if the feet are not very comfortable in them. But lately, the trend to wear only comfortable things is gaining momentum. And for this reason, the Ekko brand is again among the favorites of many.

First of all, the shoes of this brand will interest those who move a lot. For example, those who need to walk a lot, as well as lovers of outdoor activities. Sneakers, moccasins, low shoes — many models in the catalog on the official website or in one of the online stores.

There is an opinion that «Ekko» is a shoe, mainly sports and casual style. In fact, there are a lot of classic models in the assortment. You can easily pick up shoes for a new dress or beautiful ballet flats.

For lovers of high heels, there is a special line of Ecco Shape. It was a big hit in the early 2000s and was re-released not too long ago. It includes ankle boots and shoes with an anatomical insole. All models have a special block with a «secret» platform. It allows the legs not to get tired, despite the height of the heel. This is just the case when beauty does not require sacrifice.

For men

Strong representatives of humanity need care no less than women. In particular, care for the health and rest of the legs. The choice is large — there are separate lines for everyday wear, sports, office.

Depending on your style, you can opt for high top sneakers or classic boots. In any case, it will be a model that takes into account the physiological characteristics of the foot. As a result: less fatigue, more vivacity, a feeling of comfort all day long.

Children’s line

The choice of children’s shoes often becomes a cause for nervousness for moms and dads. Let’s start with the fact that children are active, which means that durable shoes are needed. It is impossible for her to get wet: who would want a child to have colds? Another important argument in favor of choosing high-quality children’s shoes is the prevention of flat feet.

The Ekko collections for children meet all the requirements of orthopedic doctors in this regard. This is the fixation of the heel, the free position of the fingers, the presence of a good arch support. The sole should be firm but flexible enough. The child is less tired, the risk of illness or injury is minimized.

The technologies mentioned above are of particular importance here. Children are children — they run through the puddles, jump up the stairs, rush to the race. Good shoes do not restrict their natural movement, but keep them healthy and safe.

The range includes shoes for kids and schoolchildren. These are boots, sandals, sneakers, ballet flats and much more. In the catalog there is sure to be a cute pair of shoes for your son or daughter.

Quality standards

The basis of the brand philosophy is strictness towards oneself. Accordingly, to the results of their own work. The quality of Ekko shoes is monitored by the company at all stages of production. During the creation of each model, compliance with the anatomical features of a person is clearly observed. Materials for future products are processed and prepared in our own tanneries. There is also a test center. Here they check the quality of leather, accessories, all components of shoes.

In a word, these are exactly the shoes that they say about: rather get bored than demolished. However, fans of the brand, apparently, do not get bored, judging by the popularity and the number of departments opening in shopping centers. And how can you give up the feeling of lightness and cheerfulness? It becomes your daily companion along with your favorite Ekko shoes.



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