English style in clothes: the main trends of the fashion direction

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Such character traits as practicality, accuracy and stiffness are considered to be a national feature of the British. Everyone knows their serious attitude to any business or event, which is expressed in a strict and restrained manner of behavior. The characteristic qualities of the British could not but be reflected in their lifestyle, household arrangements and fashion. The desire to dress tastefully in comfortable and practical things gave rise to a special English style of clothing. It embodies the typical features and habits of the inhabitants of foggy Albion, reborn over time as part of the country’s culture.

Briefly about the origin of the style

Fashion historians attribute the birth of the style to the turn of the 15th-16th centuries. This period is considered the beginning of the formation of the English aristocracy. Representatives of the new estate had their own moral principles and everyday features. Men, along with women, paid a lot of attention to appearance, so they were careful about the selection of their toilets. In costumes, perfection and elegance were especially appreciated. Therefore, clothes in no case should be lush and pretentious. The appearance is extremely simple and strict.

Such rules for creating images became the basis of the English style for many years. The invariability of the main provisions and the moderate development of the fashion trend gives reason to classify the style as a classic.

The main trends of the English fashion direction

The wardrobe of the modern Briton is distinguished by great comfort and functionality. Fans of the old style strictly follow its guidelines, devoting a lot of time to creating the perfect costume.

Any piece of clothing is characterized by a straight cut, perfectly emphasizing the silhouette. Transparent fabrics, voluminous or shapeless things, short length of women’s skirts are not allowed in clothes. It is even more correct to say that minimalism is inherent in the English style. This applies to decorative design options, selection of accessories and even colors. Typical shades of an English style suit are gray, brown, blue, green and the traditional black and white combination. All colors should be slightly muted. The display of bright colors and textured materials is not allowed.

The popularity of the English style in today’s light is due to the perfect combination of sophistication with practicality. Such clothes are perfect for balanced and calm people who have received a decent upbringing and are distinguished by good manners. Too emotional and eccentric persons will never want to dress in a formal suit. For them, street casual or outrageous grunge is much closer.

English style menswear

The basic model for the stronger sex is a three-piece suit, consisting of trousers, a vest and a jacket. Taking into account the climatic features of Britain, it was originally sewn from woolen or tweed fabric. Dressed in formal clothes, a man immediately acquires a straight posture and a solid appearance. In such a suit, a person simply cannot have frivolous behavior.

The range of basic fabrics for a modern stylish suit has expanded somewhat. The list includes only expensive materials of natural origin: cotton, wool, denim, jersey of exceptionally high quality. For tailoring, choose fabrics that are plain or with a laconic graphic pattern. Often there are prints with Scottish motifs, made in the form of a cage of different sizes and colors.

Decorative design is reduced to the presence of only the necessary elements of a functional property: buttons to match the suit, collars of strict forms with lapels, pockets with flaps or trimmed in a frame. A solid suit is successfully complemented by leather shoes, harmoniously combined with the main color of the ensemble.

Such an image is distinguished by excessive severity, sometimes bordering on puritanism. Modern fashion is less demanding and gives a little indulgence to fans of the English style. For example, suit pants can be replaced with high-quality straight-cut jeans. Instead of a vest under a jacket, the British often wear a thin sweater or pullover. It turns out very elegant and comfortable.

Of the necessary accessories, they use expensive watches, a leather purse, glasses in a thin elegant frame. The handkerchief, the tip of which is slightly visible from the breast pocket of the jacket, looks impressive. Damp and cool weather requires a cane umbrella and a straight, short coat.

English style in women’s clothing

Features of fashion trends make it possible to create true ladies from ordinary ladies, feminine and sophisticated. This is facilitated by clothes of a semi-adjacent silhouette: fitted jackets, knee-length skirts, laconic dresses.

The basis of the style for girls is a classic suit. For its creation, fashion fans should thank the legendary Coco Chanel. It was she who, almost a hundred years ago, introduced the first women’s set to the whole world — a tight tight skirt and a strict jacket.

The idea of ​​creating a new kind of clothing was borrowed from the men’s wardrobe. However, the women’s costume was distinguished by its particular elegance and sophistication. Practical clothing appealed to most ladies and quickly spread throughout the world.

A limited number of English style accessories include leather gloves, a scarf and a tote bag. Expensive jewelry or real jewelry — a diamond brooch, pearl beads — helps to decorate the image. All these items should not be pretentious or catchy, modesty and restraint of execution are welcome, because high-quality things do not need additional accents.

The logical conclusion of the created image are graceful pumps to match the suit and handbag. A true lady should not forget about makeup. The minimum required amount of cosmetics helps to create the impression of well-groomed and neat.

Other characteristics of the fashion trend

Despite the inviolability of the main trends, the modern English style of clothing is still enriched with various features. It was he who became the starting point for the development of new directions. A description of some of them will help to better understand the enduring authority and great possibilities of British fashion.


The founder of a non-trivial style opportunity was clothing designer Vivienne Westwood. She dared to defy tradition by diversifying fashion luggage with bright colors and unusual accessories. Her collections are imbued with the spirit of rebellion and protest against generally accepted rules. Vivienne Westwood has been called the queen of punk. Her clothes are decorated with numerous decorative elements — pins, embroidery, rivets. Fabrics often have the most unexpected designs in the form of abstract images. The sets often combine incongruous colors.

But if you look closely at the photo collections of the famous lady, you can note the main feature of her models. The motley variety of costumes is always based on the canvas of traditional and national features. Avant-garde models can be considered the fantasy of some crazy city lady.


In modern images, based on the fashion trends of the forties and fifties of the last century, romantic dresses in small flowers and a tulip skirt are noted. Women’s suits are completed with an elongated jacket or an elegant tuxedo. Pants are preferably chosen narrow, favorably emphasizing the slender silhouette of ladies’ legs. Evening dresses must have an open back and a long train.

Hairstyle, manicure and makeup — everything is very restrained and discreet. Accessories exclusively antique: a cane, a hat, a boa scarf, a clutch bag decorated with rhinestones or sparkles.


The image of an English rural fashionista is distinguished by exquisite simplicity and practicality. The main elements of the style are a straw hat, shoes made of straps or perforated leather, simple jewelry made of leather, beads, stones. The rural image also includes wardrobe items inherent in hunters. It can be breeches with suspenders, an unusual hat with a feather, low-heeled leather boots.


The main feature of the English style for women and men is the uniqueness of all types of models. In such clothes in any situation and at events of various kinds, a person will always look dignified and beautiful.


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