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The history of the well-known fashion house Fendi began in 1918, when the young, enterprising Adele Casagrande decided to open her first store. At first, she pleased customers only with fur and leather products, but, as can be seen from the present, the development of her business did not stop there. Successfully passing through numerous changes in her life, she, together with her husband Edoardo Fendi, created an empire that is popular all over the world today.

Fendi Women's BagsOnly a few years after the appearance of the brand, the first full-fledged collection of Fendi fur products was released. A small problem immediately arose — it is difficult to find clothes that would look beautiful with exquisite fur coats. It was then that the first collection of clothes from Fendi began to be created. Now, under the Fendi brand, shoes, a wide variety of clothing, and accessories are sold. But the brightest, original Fendi bags deserve the most attention among them, the assortment of which is replenished with new charming, flirtatious, luxurious models every year. It is impossible not to note the role of the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, who created in 1962 the well-recognized today Fendi emblem with the image of two letters «FF», located at the jack. Bags made of fabric with the monogram «FF» can be seen in every collection of the brand.

From the beginning of the First World War to the present day, Fendi bags have been valued by women from all over the world. It is among them that you can see that unique Fendi style, which is talked about at all fashion shows. Their extraordinary beauty, femininity, uniqueness have long done their job on the way to unlimited popularity. Now, to get a bag from Fendi, you need to queue up! It’s really worth it.
So much time has passed since the founding, and Fendi is still on top. In 2008, she was next to the most popular brands such as: Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Gucci, Chanel. This happened because all its products are of really high quality. So, for example, when examining Fendi bags, decorated with numerous decorative elements, it is hard not to notice with what attention and accuracy they were created.

In 1998, the baguette bag, invented by designer Silvia Venturini Fendi, made a real revolution in the bag world. This small bag, which had to be worn on the forearm, as the French ladies used to wear baguettes, equipped with a clasp with the iconic FF emblem, has become a real fetish. In one year, this model has gained wild popularity and has become an attribute of the most stylish women in the world.

Bag-legend Fendi Baguette

The Fendi line of baguette bags now has several hundred options, and their price can reach 6,000 euros.

The Fendi company managed to achieve great popularity thanks to new design solutions in its products. She regularly surprises connoisseurs of modern fashion with extraordinary bags and accessories. For example, recently the place of honor was taken by rectangular women’s handbags. Of course, they look more restrained compared to the models of previous years, but still they are attractive in their own way.

Among the latest collections, one cannot but pay attention to the Peekaboo model — a bag that should definitely become a classic of world fashion.

Fendi Peekaboo bag

The design of this model can be called classic, but with a big zest inside, namely, a partition that completely changes the image of the bag, you just have to unzip it. A discreet business classic with a swipe of a finger turns into an iconic and chic item of the highest quality. The model has already been released in many combinations of «face» and «inside out», all of them are equally attractive.

Fendi Peekaboo bag

The clutches of the latest Fendi collection are also, as always, original and desired by many fashionistas.

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