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GABS is a combination of the best Italian quality, creativity and unconventional experiments.
The main concept of GABS bags is transformations, thanks to which they become original and very comfortable. Each handbag of this brand causes an explosion of emotions. Brightness and unlikeness to anything else have become the main trump card of the company.

bright and original GABS bags

The transformations begin already with the brand name: by rearranging two letters from the word BAGS, a concise and sonorous name GABS was formed. It’s the same with all the bags of this brand — it’s as easy as shelling pears to turn each of them into a completely new model, radically different in shape. With just a few buttons. Branded bright turquoise buttons with a logo have become a kind of beacon that catches the eye from afar and spreads the energy of the GABS style to the entire foreseeable radius.

Transformer bags

“One of my friends, obsessed with GABS bags and not recognizing any other brands, once saw a girl in a cafe with a handbag with turquoise buttons. This served not only as a reason for getting to know each other, but also for the subsequent long-term friendship,” the manager of M. Fashion is the official distributor of the brand in Russia. From this episode, we can assume that GABS is not only a certain style, but also a way of thinking.

Gabs bags are recognizable all over the world

The GABS brand was born in Florence in 2000 thanks to an idea by Franco Gabbrielli. However, the family tradition and experience in leather goods goes back to the 70s, when his father Vittorio Gabbrielli created the premium brand «Beghè». Franco, inspired by his father’s art and the smell of leather, as well as having the knowledge necessary for production, decided to continue the leather goods business with his own project, the main concept of which was that bags could be transformed at the request of customers. The idea was innovative and immediately liked by many. Customers appreciated the quality of materials, bright and unusual colors, simple and functional forms and accepted the new proposal with great enthusiasm.

Consumer demand has increased exponentially. To satisfy him, in 2005 Franco, after a chance meeting with designers and entrepreneurs Marco Campomaggi and Caterina Lucca, began a joint project with them within the Gruppo Emergenti Italiani company.

Gabs style

Today GABS is one of the leading brands in the Italian leather goods market, which combines traditional quality and innovative design, recognizable all over the world.

GABS bag catalog



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