Genuine leather men’s bags (36 photos): over the shoulder, briefcase bag, business or sports

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For a long time it was believed that the bag is an accessory exclusively for women. However, today a bag in the hands of a man no longer causes bewilderment, on the contrary, it is an indicator of taste and style. Men’s bags made of genuine leather are presented in a wide range of models designed for transportation and storage of things and clothes, documents and equipment.

Benefits of genuine leather bags

Genuine leather is distinguished by excellent wear resistance, durability, practicality, resistance to deformation, so things made from it serve their owners for many years and do not need any special care. Even if a leather bag gets wet in the pouring rain, just dry it and it will be like new again.

It is impossible not to note the beautiful appearance of leather products. A product made in a minimalist design looks as presentable as an expensive designer bag, and may well become a characteristic detail of a stylish look.

Genuine leather is one of the most environmentally friendly textures. It is completely safe to use, it does not have an unpleasant smell characteristic of things made of artificial materials.

The best leather for making men’s bags is calfskin. It is very soft, pliable and at the same time resistant to creases, characterized by excellent strength. Goat and sheep leather are also used. They are inferior to veal in quality, therefore, accordingly, a little cheaper.

Leather for the production of men’s bags varies by type of tanning.

  • Products with vegetable tanning (vegetable tanned), which are characterized by patina, noble wear, unique character, are chosen by men who value classic elegance and chic. Such skin ages gradually, but this, oddly enough, has a positive effect on its appearance.
  • Chrome leather, on the other hand, always looks like new. As a rule, bags are treated with special compounds that protect it from moisture and other external influences. Such bags have a lot of admirers, but not everyone likes their unchanged and somewhat “sleek” look.
  • Products made of genuine crocodile leather have an extraordinary appearance and have a high degree of durability. However, they cost a lot. Some manufacturers offer bags made of calfskin or pigskin, on which a pattern is applied that imitates characteristic growths.

Fashion models of men’s bags

Modern manufacturers of men’s accessories offer a wide selection of interesting bags, among which it is not difficult to choose the right option for yourself. To create looks in different styles, you may need a functional briefcase for work and a sleek clutch for everyday use. Well, lovers of travel will also need a travel bag, for example, a convenient travel bag.

Over shoulder

The so-called messenger bags (messenger, postman, courier bag), which are so called because of the large front valve cover, are very popular. They especially attract young people who lead an active lifestyle, students, men who adhere to a democratic style of dress.

A comfortable and practical leather shoulder bag is a good alternative to a backpack or purse that you need to carry in your hand. Advantages of mail carriers: stylish appearance, spaciousness, a wide reliable belt, a rigid frame that prevents the product from deforming even under significant load. The slamming valve protects the contents of the bag from prying eyes and water ingress.

A courier bag is a great option for creating casual looks.

Tablet bags

Tablet bags are slightly smaller than mail carriers, but these models have many similar elements. The tablet has a vertical format, A4 papers can easily fit into it. There is no valve cover, the handle is attached with a carabiner, mostly metal.

The design of the bag can be anything, depending on the personal preferences of the man. Strict products made of thick leather with a minimalist design and clear shapes are chosen by adherents of the classics, tablets made of soft leather with an original finish and catchy decor are an option for men who prefer a casual or sporty style.


Business bags, as an integral element of the bow, are of interest to businessmen, men who work in the office. An expensive accessory made of high-quality leather is an indicator of status and wealth, impeccable taste.

According to stylists, the more attention a man pays to additional touches of the image, the more chances he has to achieve success in his chosen field of activity. A bag, correctly matched to a suit, will definitely add solidity and elegance to a man in the eyes of colleagues, business partners and management.

Business bags include diplomats, briefcases, briefcases, which are made of high-quality leather, predominantly dark shades — black, brown, gray. Business style frames allow products of burgundy-brown, chestnut, red-brown shades.

The design is characterized by minimalism and restraint, the severity of geometric shapes, so it fits perfectly into the office style. The diplomat (cases) allows you to carry numerous documents with you without fear that they will be wrinkled.


Briefcases are one of the most popular types of business bags. Bags made in a classic style have been relevant at all times, and their popularity does not subside even today. For the production of briefcases, manufacturers use calfskin or denser pigskin. Among the budget options are products made of peeled leather (split leather), but you need to consider that they do not differ in particular strength. They are cheaper, but they will lose their presentation quickly. So, think about whether it is worth saving.

There are several types of portfolio. The classic has a solid structured body, a lid, a lock, several compartments inside. Modern models are less conservative; they may not have a handle, a lock, or a lid. Such briefcases are fastened with a zipper, they are supposed to be carried like a regular folder in your hand.


Many men prefer to use backpacks or soft textile bags for travel. But true gentlemen, of course, choose genuine leather products for trips.

A large and roomy travel bag is equipped with many pockets, durable handles, an adjustable strap, and reliable metal fasteners. The size depends on how many things a man takes with him on a trip. A bag with one large compartment and a long shoulder strap is considered a universal option.

Clutch bag

A clutch is not only a miniature handbag decorated with expensive decor. Today, a clutch bag is also found in the hands of a man. True, products for the representatives of the stronger sex look restrained and strict, do not have decorative elements. If a man wants some special model, he should consider designer clutches with leather embossing.

Brand men’s bags

A leather bag is a very important element of an outfit, which, along with good shoes, a watch, a tie, emphasizes the social status and financial well-being of a man. That is why preference should be given to branded products.


Piquadro is one of the most popular brands specializing in the production of accessories for men. Manufacturers work exclusively with genuine leather. Bags are made in an elegant, memorable design and are comfortable and functional.

Fashionable models are presented in both trendy and classic shades. The accessories of the Italian brand go well with a business suit, but are also appropriate in a casual ensemble.

Marc O’ Polo

The well-known brand Marc O’ Polo offers men high-quality casual accessories. Versatile polo bags are made from natural leather using environmentally friendly technologies. Representatives of the stronger sex note the convenience, high wear resistance and functionality of products and their excellent combination with wardrobe items in urban style.

Hugo boss

The Hugo Boss collection of men’s accessories is distinguished by its exclusive design and excellent quality. In the manufacturing process, designers use elite genuine leather. Bags are ideal for respectable and accomplished representatives of the stronger sex, who understand a lot about elegant things. The brand’s accessories will make a great ensemble with a classic pair and expensive shoes.


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