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  1. How slipons appeared
  2. Modern slip-ons
  3. The most important thing about slip-ons

Slip-ons, to describe them briefly, are just sneakers without laces. It would seem that then what is special about them? In fact, in this small difference lies their amazing feature.

The English slip on means «to put on» or «to put on». It has become a tradition to apply this characteristic to shoes without fasteners, laces, zippers. In a word, to the one that is put on easily and quickly, without any effort.

How slipons appeared

But do not think that slip-ons were created specifically for lazy people. On the contrary, the initial target audience consisted of very active guys. It was a Californian youth who was fond of skating and surfing. Lightweight shoes with textile uppers and rubber soles proved indispensable for such hobbies. And, importantly for young people, not at all expensive.

It was in the 70s of the last century. Any fashionable innovation was perceived by the public of that time with great interest. However, the owners of Vans, who came up with slip-ons, did not expect that the new shoes would become popular outside of California. They counted only on those who live on the coast and surf.

However, it turned out that the novelty is great for skating. The rubber outsole grips the board well. No fasteners or other extra details interfere.

And after the sports youth, everyone else began to wear slip-ons. Actually, the world received a new kind of sneaker as a gift. Only without laces, which means even more comfortable.

Modern slip-ons

By the way, “vans” is the second name given to the slip-ons from the Vans company that first released them. Black and white checkered vans are a classic, well-recognized model.

The current slip-ons can be a variety of colors. Manufacturers are also experimenting with materials. These are various fabrics, neoprene, artificial leather. There are models with original prints, gold or silver, reptile slip-ons.

In general, today it is no longer necessarily democratic inexpensive shoes. Modern slip-ons may well be both unusually decorated and elegant.

However, they should not be confused with more aristocratic and sophisticated shoes — sleepers. Despite their similar names, they have little in common. Slippers — shoes with a pointed toe and a small «tongue». They have a thin flat sole and a small heel.

Initially, sleepers were the favorite footwear of the English nobility of the nineteenth century. Fame was gained thanks to Prince Albert, who loved to wear them at home as light, comfortable shoes.

The most important thing about slip-ons

As is the case with any modern shoe, there are, of course, no age restrictions for wearing slip-ons. And yet most often they are chosen and worn by young people. The main reasons are obvious: low price, ease of care (machine or hand wash), democratic appearance.

I like slip-ons and just everyone who loves comfortable shoes. If the model is classic, that is, with a fabric top, the legs are comfortable and not hot. It can be worn with short sports socks, and without socks at all.

Any casual style will go well with these shoes. But if in doubt, choose jeans, short light dresses, light trousers and shorts.

True, today’s mods are increasingly proving that there are no rules at all. In a variety of combinations, slip-ons have been a 100% summer hit for many seasons.



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