hello from the 90s or a fashionable device of a new generation? All about her.

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Belt bag: greetings from the 90s or a fashionable device of a new generation?  All about her.

By the way, the history of the belt bag does not begin in Soviet times. The first prototypes of minibags appeared in the 15th century: men hung on their belts the likeness of leather wallets in which they kept coins. As we can see, even then something did not work out, because the waist bag was quickly forgotten and was not remembered almost until the end of the 20th century.

New generation belt bag

Today, such a handbag takes pride of place in the wardrobe of a modern person. All the stereotypes associated with wearing it have finally sunk into oblivion. And it is absolutely deserved, because it is difficult to find an even more convenient and practical storage of small things that can hold all the essentials and completely free your hands.

Nowadays, a belt bag is also called a minibag, beltbag, belt purse. The old names, which are like “hello from the 90s” — “banana”, “bubble”, “kidney” (because it was often worn from the side of the kidney) are also sometimes used, but rather out of habit.

For whom is it intended

First of all, for those who need to leave the house light, but at the same time take a couple of little things with them — keys, banknotes, credit cards, smartphones, players. It makes no sense to drag a backpack or a full-fledged bag with you, but putting on a belt wallet (another “popular” name) is just the way.

The most useful fashion device will be in such situations:

— on a jog (when the player and house keys do not hang in your pocket, but lie in your bag);

— on a train / plane, on an excursion (when a tourist can hide money, phone, documents and not be afraid of theft, since everything is in plain sight);

— on a daily walk (everyone will find something to take with them on the road, for example, a smartphone, a wallet, a minimum set of cosmetics for a girl, a pacifier for a mother with a child).

How to wear a belt bag

Based on the name, it is clear that it is correct to wear a bag at the waist. But today, young people have come up with a new way of wearing — over the shoulder, both in front and on the back. We don’t know for sure whether this is a way of self-expression of teenagers, or a fashionable move by marketers (so that people erase the “banana” of the 90s from their memory), but it turned out that this is also very convenient.

Types: material, models

The classic belt bag looks like a voluminous fabric pocket with one or two zipped compartments. The product is soft, without a frame, fits snugly to the body. The bag is equipped with a textile strap, which fastens at the back with fastex. The length of the waist belt is adjustable according to the size of the waist.

The main material of the top is nylon, polyester, textile. Manufacturers are trying to choose a water-repellent and durable base.

Handbags made of leather, eco-leather are also produced. They are more durable and have an elegant look — they can be combined with strict bows. Often there are square or rectangular options, like tablet bags.

Bags for women can be decorated with snake skin, crocodile, and also have a fluffy fur top.

Today, sports belts are also in fashion — narrow (as wide as a real belt) and shaped like a banana. Such models are equipped inside with a special ventilation system for maximum comfort of the runner.

Sports samples can be sewn from neoprene — waterproof and elastic. Such models are not voluminous, but flat (they stretch to fit the size of the items worn). The belt also stretches well.

The decorations of the bag are:

— reflective strips (not only beautiful, but also safe in the dark);

— prints, inscriptions, patches;

— on women’s models — rhinestones, sequins, a metal emblem of the brand;

— other useful «chips» — a slot for headphones, additional patch pockets, a compartment for a water bottle.

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