How much does it cost to pack luggage at Moscow airports

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What is it for

Packaging is voluntary; the owner of the luggage decides whether to additionally protect his bags and suitcases with film or not. And yet, it is worth listening to reasonable arguments stating that:

  • several layers of film will prevent expensive suitcases from scratches, chips and other damage; as you know, loaders throw them at random, without much ceremony;
  • well-protected baggage is more difficult to open and steal personal items;
  • the packaging will protect against spontaneous opening in case the zipper breaks or the seam bursts.

Experienced travelers advise not to stuff bags and suitcases to the limit, leave some free space.

Passengers on the territory of the terminal see the public part of the airport. «Behind the scenes» is unknown to them, and there are loaders in oiled overalls, dirty carts and conveyor belts. Agree, an expensive suitcase in such conditions will be uncomfortable. How long will he be able to maintain an aesthetic appearance in such «trouble»?

Even if we assume that the movers will treat the luggage like a crystal vase, all the same, during the transportation process, the suitcases scratch each other with clasps and wheels.

As for theft, it is not uncommon in our time. Any locks can be opened, even coded with a digital cipher. Unscrupulous airport personnel around the world know this very well. If a passenger traveling with multiple transfers discovers that their luggage has been opened at the final point of their flight, it will be difficult to prove on which part of the route the theft was committed. At the same time, scammers are wary of opening film-wrapped suitcases, as the fact of theft immediately becomes apparent.


Paid baggage wrapping at the airport

If there is no time for self-packaging or there are no necessary skills, it is recommended to use a paid service. Airports have special devices for self-use or employees who maintain packaging devices. It is easy to find them, they are located near the registration aisles. Before using the service, it is recommended to weigh your luggage immediately so that you do not have to unpack due to overweight. And now more about how much it costs.

  • In Domodedovo — 500 rubles; for this money, they will also weigh your suitcase for free.
  • In Sheremetyevo — 400-500 rubles, the cost varies depending on the specific terminal.
  • In Vnukovo — 350-500 rubles, prices are cheaper compared to other metropolitan airports.

The above prices are valid for suitcases and travel bags weighing up to 23 kg. If they are heavier, the cost of the service will increase accordingly and turn out to be 700 rubles (23-32 kg). In some cases, the passenger has the opportunity to choose the packaging, which also affects the amount. For comparison, at Western European airports, the cost of the service is 8-50 euros, depending on the company and type of packaging.

There is always an opportunity to save. Please note that several airlines provide such services at airports: PACK&FLY, Truestar, VEKS UPAK. Depending on which airline the passenger is flying with, he can get a discount (veterans of the Great Patriotic War, in some cases, will be packed for free). Benefits are also provided to club card holders and holders of bonus miles. Therefore, on the eve of departure, it is recommended to study the official website of your airline in order not to overpay.

The good news is that baggage wrapping stations are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This means that, regardless of the time of departure, the passenger will not be left alone with his problem.


How to pack your own luggage

If it is a pity to part with the amount of 1,000-1,500 rubles, equivalent to the cost of wrapping two or three suitcases, pack them yourself. There is nothing complicated in this procedure. First, you need to properly pack things: heavy and bulky on the bottom, soft and small — on the sides and perimeter. Close all pockets and latches, fasten zippers; encrypt code locks, if any. You will need cling film in a roll and transparent tape. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  • Starting to unwind the film, press it with one hand to the suitcase, and wrap it around with the other, slightly pulling the roll. At the same time, the film adheres tightly to the surface, creating a reliable coating.
  • Make 8-10 turns of the roll around the luggage, trying to distribute the film evenly, without gaps. For convenience, the suitcase can be rotated around its axis.
  • At the end of the wrapping, cut the film around the wheels and the handle (top and side) with scissors. Procedure completed.

An important point: in order to recognize your luggage on the conveyor belt upon arrival and not to confuse it with other bags wrapped in the same way, it is recommended to mark it. To do this, place a sticker with the last name and first name, phone number and address, flight number under the last layer of the film. It is better if this sticker is bright and noticeable.

What to do if time is running out?

The quickest way to pack luggage that doesn’t require stretch wrap, scissors or skill is to use ready-made trash bags. The main thing is that the size of the package should be larger than the dimensions of the suitcase. Baggage must be placed in one such bag, wrapped with tape, turned upside down. Next, you need to put on the second bag, compress it tightly, release the air and wrap it again with tape on all sides. Cut holes for handles and wheels and boldly go to the check-in counters.


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