How to choose the best sneakers and why sneakers love not only the sweet tooth

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  1. Sweets or sports?
  2. So what sneakers should you buy?
  3. For girls
  4. Nike is the best sneaker according to most
  5. Nike Cortez — getting lighter and faster
  6. Nike Air Max — walking on air
  7. Adidas sneakers
  8. Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged — When They Run for You
  9. Adidas Tubular Nova — modern classic
  10. Adidas Stan Smith as the epitome of ingenious simplicity
  11. Asics sneakers

Sneakers are the very shoes that you want to put on as soon as possible after the winter cold. Or just after a long day in heels. Actually, we love them for this — for their lightness, convenience and the feeling of being able to walk, or even run kilometers.

The best running shoes are the ones that give your feet this magical state. While walking or running, it seems to you that you are about to take off the ground. Ideally, lightweight sneakers do not feel on the foot at all. The owner remembers his shoes only when he looks at them.

Sweets or sports?

Also, sneakers, unlike other types of shoes, are almost silent.

That is why they once got the delicious name “snickers” — from English to sneak — to sneak, to do something furtively.

So, this word is of interest not only for chocolate lovers, but also for adherents of a healthy lifestyle. And just anyone who loves comfortable shoes.

Thus, if a person already has something to compare with, choosing the right model is not always easy. The most popular sneakers cannot be called cheap. There are so many less well-known and completely unknown brands that life is not enough to study their reputation.

The result of universal love was that sneakers have long been a proud step beyond the sports segment. They are worn even by those who last played sports at school physical education lessons. And also those who have not even gone to school yet.

So what sneakers should you buy?

There is a simple rule that is often neglected. Shoes, like any other thing, should be used for its intended purpose. In the case of sneakers, this is important, since the selection criteria directly depend on the purpose of the purchase.

Are you going to the gym? Please note that the shoes are not tight. But the leg should not “hang out” in them.

The pair should be tried on with socks. The sole of fitness sneakers is most often white, with a not too deep, but frequent relief. The top can be fabric, perforated for breathability.

Running shoes are usually distinguished by a more embossed sole. Like this Adidas model, for example.

Reinforced cushioning is another hallmark of running shoes. Any sport and even physical education require compliance with safety regulations. This also applies to running. Therefore, inside the sole of such models there are special zones filled with air. This softens hard hits and jolts.

Upper material varies, but if you’re going to be running in all weather, leather is the better choice.

Urban or casual sneakers are designed for everyday wear. They walk in them, go on trips, go to university and even to work, if there is no strict dress code. Jeans, jackets, sweaters and short coats look great with them.

Their soles are usually lower and not as embossed as those of sports shoes. Usually these are models made of natural or artificial leather, suede, but textiles are also found.

It is worth choosing according to the season — there are enough insulated models on sale. Otherwise, the requirements remain the same: good sneakers should be light, allow the foot to change position freely and, of course, not slip when walking.

For girls

There are many stylish models, but, of course, the most beautiful sneakers are women’s. In addition to bright colors and all kinds of decor, they differ from men’s in some other features. Usually women’s models are narrower, and the sole in the heel area is higher.

Many manufacturers make reinforced cushioning specifically in sneakers for women, thereby implying that ladies’ legs should be treated with particular care.

The best sneaker brands offer shoppers not only casual shoes, but also dressy options. These are models with unusual lacing, prints, a high platform, rhinestones, and fur. Bright and original sneakers can be found at Vitacci, Pepe Jeans, Michael Kors.

But in some cases, simplicity and conciseness are incredibly effective. White classic Nike Air Max sneakers are a perfect example of this.

Nike is the best sneaker according to most

In fact, year after year, Nike continues to top all sorts of rankings. Despite the high cost, the brand’s fans are not getting smaller. Rather, on the contrary.

Nike is said to be the best sneaker in the world, and it’s hard to call it an exaggeration. They are incredibly popular with professional athletes, which already says a lot about their quality characteristics. But the fact that many people who are far from sports prefer this particular brand for everyday wear says no less.

Nike Cortez — getting lighter and faster

Today, one of the most popular representatives of Nike is the famous Cortes sneakers. They first went on sale in 1972.

The Nike Cortez was originally designed for long, grueling workouts. The main idea was to reduce weight and improve cushioning. Nylon was used to make the upper, and the sole was filled inside with a special foam composition.

For the early seventies, this was a real innovative breakthrough. Needless to say, Nike Cortez sneakers instantly gained popularity in the sports environment? And later other people.

Today, «cortes» can be found in different versions. One thing does not change: these are still lightweight sports shoes, some models of which are very good in everyday wear.

Nike Air Max — walking on air

Another undisputed favorite of the public, sports and not only — Nike Air Max. They first saw the light later, in the late 80s, but quickly became no less popular than the Nike Cortez.

The little window in the sole that you see on every Airmax is the beginning of a big story. An air reservoir for cushioning in the sole of a running shoe was already commonplace at the time. Nike developers came up with the idea of ​​making it transparent. This is how the unique design was born.

Then they experimented with Air Max year after year. So, in the 90th year, a module with an inert gas was placed in the sole. Later they began to produce entire lines with large air capsules — in the heel, in the forefoot and on the entire foot.

Modern Air Max is a good option for outdoor activities. And, perhaps, Nike’s most comfortable sneakers for everyday wear. An interesting design, lightness and softness of the move determined the popularity of this model entirely.

Adidas sneakers

This world-famous sportswear and footwear brand will soon be 100 years old. Almost a century ago, the German guy Adi Dassler (so that’s where this sonorous name comes from!) invented football boots with spikes.

And today one of the leading brands in the sports industry bears his name. Let’s see which Adidas sneakers are the most popular today.

Adidas Ultra Boost Uncaged — When They Run for You

This model is a real sports hit of 2017. The collection for running, sports and outdoor activities has become world famous thanks to its Ultra Boost technology. The purpose of its use is simple: so that the athlete spends less energy, and the results are high.

To do this, the sole is filled with special energy capsules made of granular foam composition. In general, sneakers that themselves help the wearer to run.

Adidas Tubular Nova — modern classic

In these sneakers, designers have combined laconic classics and modern developments. A mix of natural leather and suede, as well as white color, make this model an excellent style solution.

In general, the Tubular series is very recognizable due to the original sole design. The resemblance to the surface of a car tire is already a hint of conquering high speeds.

Adidas Stan Smith as the epitome of ingenious simplicity

Originally a tennis shoe, the Adidas Stan Smith retained its distinctive look to this day. The classic representatives of the series are usually made of leather. This year, the model was released with a no-sew Primeknit upper.

This breathable weave fabric creates a surface that perfectly follows the curve of the foot. Today it is light and soft sneakers that are suitable for both walking and outdoor activities.

Asics sneakers

The Japanese brand Asics is also well known to everyone who is interested in sports shoes. This is a story to be proud of. In 1976, it was Asics sneakers that were on Lasse Virén, who received two Olympic gold medals in running distances. After such success, it was impossible to lower the bar. And Asics has worked hard to perfect their best designs all these years.

The best Asics sneakers today:

— Running Asics Gel Kayano with a special gel filler — the structure of the sole reduces the load on the legs and spine.

— Asics Gel Lyte running shoes for outdoor activities and walking

— Asics GORE-TEX — especially durable and waterproof, not afraid of bad weather and difficult routes.

Of course, how many brands, so many opinions. We have considered only a few well-known and long-established brands. But the most important thing in choosing is not to neglect the basic rules that were mentioned at the beginning of the review. And, of course, your own requirements for the level of comfort — whether you buy sneakers for training or for every day.



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