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  1. Price or quality?
  2. Comfort is a priority
  3. Boots in summer and ballet flats in winter
  4. Where to find a good shoe store
  5. Features of buying in an online store

Ease of movement and a flying gait often depend on the thing that is literally mundane — shoes. Therefore, the question of where and how to pick it up sometimes worries a person even more than buying clothes and other accessories. Tired legs can easily disrupt all plans, not to mention the fact that there is little health benefit from such a state.

It would seem that it is difficult to find shoes in Moscow, where there is simply an incredible number of stores? They can be seen in large shopping centers, and on any busy street of the metropolis, and just at the exit of the subway. However, often the search for the right model of shoes or boots turns into a real quest.

Price or quality?

Of course, I want shoes to be both high-quality and inexpensive at the same time. Unfortunately, in reality, this combination is not so common.

On the one hand, the choice has recently become much easier, because any shoe store offers a lot of artificial leather products. And often they look no worse than natural models, but are cheaper. But it is difficult to predict in advance how the purchased boots in a sock will “behave” and whether you will have to look for a replacement in a week.

The abundance of brands is confusing: some manufacturers supply really good shoes even from artificial materials, others produce “one-day” products. Choosing only favorite, proven brands is a good decision. However, in this case, it is no longer possible to choose something cheaper.

Comfort is a priority

The name, brand, compliance with fashion trends, of course, are important. But practice shows that convenience comes first.

Crystal slippers are good only for fairy tale characters, but our feet need something else. Soft and breathable material, suitable size, stable heel.

It is not so difficult to imagine in what kind of shoes you could comfortably spend the whole day, or evening, if we are talking about shoes for going out. But finding exactly what you need is already more difficult.

It happens that outwardly the model is pleasant, but during the fitting it causes the feeling of a Spanish boot on the leg. There is nothing left but to return to the shelves and choose further. Therefore, it is best to immediately go to a store with a large assortment, then you will not have to spend hours exploring all the outlets of the city.

Boots in summer and ballet flats in winter

Buying shoes during discounts and sales is a good way to get a quality item at a low price.

Many people do this, significantly reducing their spending on updating their wardrobe during the season. To do this, of course, you need to track announcements of all kinds of promotions in order to be in the right place at the right time.

In this case, you should be more careful with trendy models, because it is not a fact that by the onset of the season they will still be in fashion. But shoes in a classic style can be bought without a doubt, it is always relevant. During sales, it is better to bet on something that has already proven its independence from fashion trends, such as loafers or converse sneakers.

Where to find a good shoe store

If you shop online, this question disappears by itself. As well as the need to clarify the addresses of shoe stores, choose the time and spend it on trips.

When buying via the Internet, you can choose a store in accordance with all the criteria at once: a large selection, the availability of models of famous brands, promotions, sales and discounts.

The online store works according to this principle — the buyer can always find a product based on his request. All products on the site are divided into categories, from summer sandals or clogs to cozy uggs and elegant boots. You can customize the search by size, color, material, or immediately select a specific brand.

Features of buying in an online store

More and more people prefer to shop online without leaving home, but there are those who do not dare to do so. They can be understood, because some things, and especially shoes, are quite difficult to pick up, as they say, by eye. Another thing is if you have been buying shoes of the same brand for a long time and have a good idea of ​​what size you need. But at first it is not surprising to be confused.

For such cases, self-delivery points are provided. There are more than thirty of them in Moscow, in many cities of the Moscow region they also exist. You can safely try on the chosen model and pick up your order, while saving on shipping.

In a word, the choice of shoes in an online store is a matter of habit. And fifteen minutes of browsing the site can be a great alternative to tiring trips to shopping malls on weekends or after work.



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