Knitted jumper — your lifesaver

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The time of change, speed, progress requires the use of special things — practical, functional, ergonomic, comfortable to wear and very attractive. It is to such clothes that a knitted jumper belongs, pleasant to the touch and possessing incredible comfort.

Knitwear translated from French means «knit» and is a knitted fabric obtained from interlaced threads by a special method.m. A feature of the material is extensibility in all directions and this property is most attractive to consumers.

The female audience is offered knitwear based on natural threads (linen, wool, cotton) or synthetic fibers (lycra, polyamide, polyester). Mixed sweaters are in great demand. In summer and spring, samples from the knitted fabric of the cooler are used, and in winter and autumn, interlock, footer or ribana are more in demand.


It is no coincidence that the women’s knitted jumper has won the championship in popularity and is in the lead in the sales rating. This comfortable and practical product with great potential impresses women of all ages, as it is extremely comfortable and good for the body.

With the help of the elastic pattern, you can create trendy bows and stunning ensembles. If you want to emphasize youth and sexuality, pay attention to a jumper with an open back and transparent inserts on the chest.

Refresh the female image will allow samples with a zipper or with decorative elements. Classic models with long sleeves and a triangular neckline will come in handy for every day. For work and official meetings, a jumper with an imitation shirt is suitable, which impresses partners and helps to inspire their confidence.


  • To the waist or hips.
  • With long or short sleeves.
  • With stripes on the cuffs and hem of the sweater.
  • Samples decorated with buttons, ribbons, beads or lace inserts.
  • With embroidery and appliqués.
  • With a round or V — shaped neckline.

You can choose a light summer product with a triangular neckline on the back and intertwined flagella. An interesting option is a button-down sweater with a wrap on the back, which allows you to create avant-garde street styles and unique youth ensembles. In the cold season, jumpers with long sleeves and edging at the bottom are widely used, and in the spring, samples with short sleeves and a boat neckline are used.. Winter practical sweaters with a collar cover the neck from the cold and effectively model the silhouette, adding elegance and height to the figure. Spring looks allow you to create asymmetrical products with ties at the neck and pockets at the hips.


If you want to create a work look, classic designs with a stand-up collar and long sleeves are the best choice. For a walk, you can wear a textured sweater made of parts of different densities. You can visit cultural events in elegant long jumpers resembling a tunic or dress. For a holiday, it is appropriate to wear an openwork knitted jumper, which adds presentability and luxury to a female image. Through ornaments and beautiful patterned patterns will become a feature of a fashionable product and will bring a special zest and chic to the appearance. For friendly parties, fit sweater made of melange yarn with short sleeves and slits at the bottom.

  • Summer ensembles will complement and decorate a light knitted jumper made of linen based on cotton, silk and acrylic. A weightless product with openwork elements noticeably transforms the female look and adds luxury to the appearance.
  • Winter fashionable bows can be created using a dense knitwear that protects from cold and dampness.

  • Spring expressive and bright ensembles require the participation of original striped items, with drawings and a lot of decorative details (buttons, rhinestones, beads, locks).
  • In autumn, they wear samples with a hood and wide sleeves, made of interlock and reminiscent of sweatshirts.


Among the most sought-after items are black and white products, which are ideally combined with elements of clothing of any color. Samples of dark brown, purple, chocolate tones will help to create a street style, and a cream, beige, pink, yellow or raspberry jumper is suitable for creating a festive ensemble. Business images accept combinations of things of a restrained cut and uniform color performance. These can be black trousers and white blouses, red jumpers and skirts in neutral tones, gray sundresses and blue knee socks, beige suits and brown overalls.

For visiting cultural events, samples of ivory, aqua, marsala, burgundy, azure blue will be the best choice. A white sweater with lace transparent inserts in powder or vanilla color will help to create a solemn look. The military and safari style welcomes marsh, olive, green products. The “boho” direction is characterized by bright and colorful shades, and the classics accept discreet colors — black, blue, gray, brown, purple things of an elegant cut.

What to wear

A universal detail of a women’s wardrobe can radically change the style and transform women if the cut and the surrounding elements of the ensemble are harmoniously matched. How and with what to wear a knitted jumper, your own intuition and taste preferences will tell you. You can wear a cropped pattern with flared trousers or straight jeans. The average length of the product is perfectly combined with a pencil or «balloon» skirt. A combination of a sundress and a tight-fitting jumper with narrow sleeves is appropriate.

For a holiday, you can wear a luxurious white pattern with embroidery, combining it with a tiered skirt or a fluffy «American». For walks, a sports option is suitable — a knitted sweater with leather sleeves and a flannel hood, combined with insulated leggings. For presentations and special occasions, long sweaters with a deep neckline are worn in neutral tones, combining with transparent tights and elegant shoes. The choice of elements of the ensemble should be determined by many factors and, first of all, the purpose of the ensemble, the season, taste and fashion priorities.

Shoes and accessories

Chic shoes are a sign of high status and well-being, which is why it is important to choose the right shoe samples, taking into account the chosen style and purpose of the ensemble. If you want to look sedate and presentable, pay attention to branded shoes with stacked heels or high boots with decorative details. Sandals with silicone stilettos, ballet flats or gladiator sandals will allow you to emphasize your own individuality. Ankle boots or lace boots will add luxury to the female look, and shoes with a zipper and an elastic band that regulates the width will provide comfort.

As accessories, beads based on natural stone will be the best choice, adding femininity to the appearance. Street and urban style allows the use of jewelry, multi-colored scarves, colored scarves, leather gloves. Antique earrings, brooches and hairpins are suitable for retro, and safari lovers can safely use wide-brimmed hats and massive bracelets. An elegant chain and a pendant with two hearts or doves will become the accent of the romantic style. For a holiday, you can wear a necklace, a luxurious stole and grab a clutch bag.


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