Leather A-line skirt: received recognition and love of millions of fans

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Not so long ago, the fashion world was shocked by an innovation: an A-line skirt made of a material imitating genuine leather appeared at the shows. The fashion item attracted a wide audience with its originality, richness of fabric and the ability to make wonderful bows.. Why did the leather trapeze skirt win worldwide recognition and the respect of millions of female fans? This element of the wardrobe is the best way to emphasize female beauty, style and individuality. A pretty sample gives clarity to the lines and at the same time adds tenderness, grace to the female silhouette.

The trapezoid contour of the clothes provides external appeal regardless of the features of the figure and suits absolutely all women of any age. Today, a trendy product has become an indispensable element of avant-garde bows and the main decoration of any ensemble. A skirt made of genuine leather and leather substitutes will be presented by luxury and budget companies, well-known fashion houses and talented fashion designers from all over the world.

Product Features

Due to the structure of the fabric, the samples fit the figure in a peculiar way, creating romantic waves and soft folds. It is believed that a product in the form of a trapezoid is ideal for overweight women.. However, young slender girls with a boyish figure and ladies of Balzac age of any complexion look no less attractive in them. Versatility is one of the main advantages of the trapeze model, which perfectly corrects the figure.

Women with curvaceous forms will become slimmer and taller if they wear a leather midi or maxi skirt. Owners of short stature, a long skirt will visually stretch and add elegance to the figure. Short samples emphasize toned buttocks and a thin waist. It is important to choose the right length and cut method in order to create an inimitable image of a charming lady.


Leather products have always been considered the most luxurious and rich items of women’s wardrobe.. The secret of success lies in the texture of the fabric and its features. Do you want to be avant-garde and original? Wear a miniskirt made of husky or nappa (semi-aniline leather). Love the classics? Use a skirt made of chrome-tanned leather or saffiano. To create a casual style, you can use a product made of nubuck or nappla. Originality and creativity will help to bring in things made of deerskin, shagreen, chevreta or chevro. Wonderful A-line skirt made of eco-leather is very convenient and comfortable due to the softness of the material. An elegant product perfectly fits the figure, emphasizing its advantages and hiding imperfections.

Depending on the method of processing the skin, clothes acquire certain properties and bring a special zest to the female image.. Heat-resistant fabrics are obtained by aluminum tanning. Dense materials are used to produce outerwear that can be worn in rainy autumn and cold winter. Chrome-tanned leather products become elastic and soft. This is the best grade of leather, designed for sewing skirts or vests. The textile industry uses three types of raw materials — rawhide, tanned and raw leather, the choice of which is determined by the purpose of clothing.

When choosing a skirt, you should pay attention to the type and structure of the material, which affects the appearance and style of the product.

Models and styles

A variety of shapes and styles allows you to choose the best sample that fits perfectly into the image, will become the main accent of style and add a touch of charm to the female look. You can use a variety of models, with their help to create extravagant and unusual images.


  • With smell.
  • With a cut.
  • On buttons in front.
  • On rubber.
  • On lightning.
  • With a wide belt.

Each sample is unique and brings a special zest to the image. The wrap skirt looks great and accentuates the style. The parameters of the smell affect the shape of the silhouette and the greater the depth, the more magnificent the hips appear. The skirt, consisting of several wedges, successfully corrects the figure. Elastic waist accentuates the slimness of the waist. Buttons create a vertical line that visually adds elegance to the feminine look.

Elegant leather trapeze skirts can have different lengths. For everyday wear, the length is just above or below the knee. Youth style involves the use of short samples. Samples in mini or midi length with a zipper visually slim the silhouette. Long products are the most successful option for tall and full ladies.

Decoration methods

Each model, depending on the taste of the fashion designer, is decorated and accented with certain details. A small leather bow on the belt will be the main decoration and accent of the style of the product.. A double seam will add sportiness, a small slit — sexuality, and a zipper — a businesslike image. Stylists do not recommend ladies with voluminous shapes to wear products with patch pockets, darts, frills, decorative elements, as this can add splendor to the figure.

Looks great product made from pieces of leather fabric. This is a very stylish and elegant option, designed for festive events. The number of leather fragments should be optimal, since an abundance of details can bring some chaos and disorder into the image.. Romance and chic are added by a sample with openwork embossed patterns on the hem. An attractive image is created by products with frills and decorative embroidery.


A black leather skirt is considered a classic, as it is the most stylish and versatile product. Fashion designers offer a variety of shapes and styles, bold design and color solutions.

In summer, you can wear light samples of thin leather in red, white or yellow. A demi-season burgundy skirt looks beautiful, decorated with leather appliqués of other colors. Such a product looks elegant and avant-garde, therefore it is used for visiting friendly parties or discos. Bright models are designed for cultural events, while more strict and restrained ones will be useful for work and business meetings.

A pretty and versatile brown skirt will be an indispensable element for creating a fashionable ensemble designed for school or everyday wear.

How to match

A leather skirt is perfectly combined with elements of a completely different style and direction. With what to wear a leather skirt, your own intuition will tell you. You can use a T-shirt with one strap, a top, an asymmetric T-shirt, a sweatshirt, an oversized jumper. Strict blouses, knitted sweaters, cardigans, short coats and jackets are in harmony with leather products.

Youth short skirt will be the main focus of the ensemble, including a vest and a stylish blouse. A beautiful look can be created with the help of an openwork sweater and a knitted cape. If you add a blouse with a collar that matches the color of the skirt to a fashionable bow, you get a chic look.

Shoes and accessories

If you want to create an elegant urban style, it is best to use classic shoe patterns. Elegant black high-heeled shoes, luxurious ankle boots with a bevelled edge, platform high boots or stiletto sandals will add expression to the feminine look.. White sneakers, high bright sneakers, multi-colored moccasins and slip-ons will help create a sporty look. Miniskirts are perfectly combined with pumps and ballet shoes, allow you to create a casual style. Business midi-length samples can be paired with boots or shoes with a closed toe.

As for accessories, you can opt for a transparent neckerchief, a bright scarf, jewelry in a folk style. Fine gold jewelry, a silver chain or earrings made of natural stone will do.. A hat and gloves will become the main accent of the style, and a belt will emphasize the waist and visually add elegance to the silhouette. Every detail makes sense and affects the perception of appearance, you must remember this.


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