Leather midi skirt — the best and practical option for going out

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The fashion world is replete with many models of skirts designed for everyday life, leisure and work. Particular attention is drawn to the leather midi skirt, which repeatedly took off to the fashionable Olympus and gained recognition from millions of fans. The incredible success of the leather sample is due to the texture of the fabric, which provides a perfect fit and attractive appearance. The optimal length is the main advantage of the model, since it suits all women, regardless of the features of the figure and is acceptable for a wide variety of events and occasions.


Skirts made of genuine leather have always been in price and were considered the most expensive and presentable clothes. When choosing wardrobe items, physiological characteristics and taste claims should be taken into account. The best option for full ladies is a leather midi skirt with a high waist. The model contributes to the creation of an elegant silhouette and perfectly copes with the role of a corrective element. You will look sexy and attractive, because the style will hide a protruding tummy and full hips, emphasize a thin waist and beautiful legs.

Slender girls can afford to wear skirts of any shape — puffy, flared, narrowed down or loose. In any case, young ladies will look spectacular. A playful sun skirt will help hide the angularity and shortcomings of a thin figure, while adding a special touch of charm and charm to a woman’s appearance. A romantic bell model will allow you to create an attractive and mysterious female image. A-line skirt will be indispensable for curvaceous girls, it will help to hide the extra volume of the hips and focus on a thin waist.

A pencil skirt made of eco-leather or suede is considered the most versatile and most practical. Tapered at the bottom, the product perfectly fits the silhouette, emphasizing the seductive curves of the body. With any complexion, you can use this model, which is able to visually adjust the silhouette and emphasize the dignity of the figure. Grace will be added by samples of a straight cut with a wide belt, a slit or a zipper in front or behind. It is important to choose the model that fits perfectly into your image and style, emphasizes individuality and feminine beauty, and focuses on the most beautiful parts of the body.

Decoration methods

Every detail plays a role in the perception of the female image. Buttons in a vertical position create a certain style, provide clarity of lines and add elegance to the silhouette. The slit brings eroticism and adds sexuality to the appearance. A silver or gold zipper will not only decorate, but also allow you to lengthen the figure, so this model is the best choice for short women. If the zipper ends in a place above the hem, forming a slit, then such a product claims to be the most stylish and sexy skirt.

The frills on the hem will add luxury, lace or embossing in the form of openwork patterns will add elegance. Patch pockets, double seams, decorative elements or appliqués will become the main accent of the style and add splendor to girls with a boyish figure.

Special fabric properties

Genuine leather itself is very elastic, soft and pleasant to the touch, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear and use in any conditions. Thin husky allows you to accentuate beautiful parts of the body — toned buttocks, slender hips and a thin waist. Aniline leather canvas contributes to the creation of rich and luxurious looks and elegant ensembles. Velor products can be dense and intended for the winter period. Thin and soft velor fabric, obtained by sanding, is used for sewing light summer designs.

Beautiful nappa skirts amaze with their excellent workmanship — the glossy surface becomes the main feature of the products. From suede — a product of fat tanning, get exclusive copies of a beautiful appearance that can be worn in winter and summer.

How to care for leather products?

Genuine leather samples are very strong and durable. With proper care, novelty and beautiful appearance are preserved for a long time. Leather goods may be washable or dry-cleanable. If the instructions indicate that the item can be washed, then use a minimum of detergents when washing, as grease stains can appear from soap.

Water temperature — no more than 30º, wash by hand, and dry the products in a straightened state. If there is dirt on the leather sample, you can clean it with an eraser or foam from a specially designed soap.


Fashion designers have taken care of the beauty of women, and offer a wide variety of color schemes. You can buy a yellow, red, burgundy, turquoise, brown skirt and create a bright ensemble. Summer version — a white product with a zipper or with a slit. In winter, you can wear a beige, black, purple, dark gray skirt with a belt.

Classic colors — black and white are perfectly combined with each other, creating real masterpieces of model art. A product made of contrasting materials attracts with its originality and exclusivity. The use of dark inserts on the sides allows you to visually narrow the silhouette and add elegance to the figure.

fashion images

Leather products are combined with a variety of wardrobe items. You can create an elegant urban style with a satin red blouse, a turquoise wool sweater, a knitted openwork cardigan or a cotton jacket. Sportiness will add elements such as combidress, crop top, leather jacket. To create a casual or oversized style, you will need leather jackets, asymmetrical t-shirts, sweatshirts, loose sweaters with an open shoulder.

What to wear with a leather midi skirt? Cropped jumpers, a weed or cashmere sweater to the waistline, a long-sleeved blouse tucked in, a short coat or a long cardigan are best suited. The leather fabric is harmoniously combined with both natural fabrics — cotton, cotton, knitwear, viscose, and synthetic materials — acrylic, crimplene, satin, polyester or elastin.

Shoes and accessories

It is known that midi-length skirts correspond to business and office style, so the most acceptable shoes for them are elegant samples made of genuine leather. You can wear high-heeled shoes with a closed toe or open sandals with a stiletto heel. Ankle boots, high-top boots, over the knee boots are suitable for a winter ensemble. Summer playful looks can be created with bright skirts and light shoes — sandals, ballet flats, slip-ons. For the demi-season, dark skirts and closed wedge shoes or low shoes on a comfortable platform are suitable.

As for accessories, you should give preference to expensive and exquisite jewelry, a fashionable hat or stylish glasses. A fashionable clutch or a comfortable boguette bag will add a special zest to the image and emphasize the style. Thin tights in the color of the skirt will help visually lengthen the legs and create a beautiful and slender figure. The stole will hide the extra fullness and add expression to the image.


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