Meet Orange Bear — lightweight anatomical backpacks and backpacks for schoolchildren.

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Meet Orange Bear - lightweight anatomical backpacks and backpacks for schoolchildren!

Orange Bear — when every little thing is thought out

In the assortment of the online store, the products of this brand have appeared recently, but have already become popular. The brand line includes backpacks and backpacks for primary and secondary schools, as well as youth backpacks for teenagers. Customers love the stylish design, ergonomics and anatomical fit. Schoolchildren, in turn, appreciated the positive color scheme, the presence of a pencil case-organizer and a funny mascot — an orange bear.

Quality products are equally well suited for boys and girls. We invite you to learn more about the advantages of various Orange Bear models and make sure that they are beautiful not only from the outside, but also from the inside.

Primary School Backpacks S-10, S-19

Having plunged into the description of the model, you will understand that for the price of one product you can buy two at once (a bag for shoes is included in the kit). Such a pleasant “bonus” immediately invites further research into the advantages of the satchel, of which there are quite a few.

— Models are made of durable moisture-repellent nylon, sufficiently resistant to mechanical wear.

— Products keep their shape perfectly due to the rigid frame. Such knapsacks do not collapse when placed on the floor; notebooks and crafts do not crumple in them.

— The lightweight design of the backpacks is successfully combined with a good volume (11.5 liters is enough for an elementary school student).

— In addition to a sufficiently voluminous internal space, there are additional pockets on the front and side surfaces of the product.

— Rigid anatomical back well distributes the load. Even students in grades 3-4, who are forced to carry quite a lot of textbooks, do not feel tired.

— Cheerful print of products «with a bang» is perceived by children, does not bother, and bright colors do not fade in the sun.

— Reflectors on four sides reliably «work» so that even at dusk a student with a satchel behind his back is clearly visible from a long distance.

School bag S-10_1_2.jpg School bag S-16_2_2.jpg School bag S-17_1_2.jpg

High School Backpack V-55

Take a look at this model — it is not only a durable backpack for school with all the safety features, but also a stylish accessory for a busy out-of-school life. With it, you can go not only to the lessons, but also on an excursion with the class, a walk, classes in the sports section, and even a short hike. Strong water-repellent polyester allows you not to be afraid for the contents of the backpack if the weather suddenly turns bad and it starts to rain. Other benefits include:

— wide soft shoulder straps that do not put pressure on the shoulders and provide comfort while wearing;

— anatomical back with holes for ventilation and characteristic «bulges» for free air circulation between the product and the child’s back;

— an additional handle-loop that does not rub the hand, facilitating the use of the backpack, creating additional comfort for schoolchildren;

— the condensed bottom for stability;

— reflective elements for better visibility and safe movement in the dark;

— strong zippers that can withstand many opening and closing cycles;

— two large internal compartments, which successfully fit all the necessary school supplies;

— compartment dividers that contribute to the uniform filling of the backpack and maintaining the balance of the child’s body when walking;

— an abundance of various pockets — on the front and side surfaces, with a zipper and an elastic band, made of fabric and mesh; every little thing has its place, no mess and chaos.

The length of the straps is adjustable, adjusted to the height and width of the shoulders. In general, the model has proven itself in practice, even for active and mobile children who are not averse to riding a backpack on a snow hill or kicking instead of a soccer ball (both parents are familiar with both situations).

V-55_1.jpg School backpack for a boy V-55_1_2.jpg School backpack for a boy V-55_1_3.jpg

Women’s youth backpack V-65

For girls aged 14-16, it is extremely important how they look in the eyes of friends and girlfriends. No wonder they pay so much attention to their appearance and spend hours spinning at the mirror, sometimes to the detriment of homework. A bright pink and orange backpack will allow you to stay in style throughout the school day, five days a week. To offer a young fashionista a catchy, eye-catching accessory instead of a dull shoulder bag is a witty and fresh solution!

He has a good combination, as stylists-shoppers say. He looks cool not only with a school uniform, but also with denim-style clothes, a summer sundress, shorts and a t-shirt. This is a model for an active life, which is in full swing among teenage girls. Obvious amenities:

— adjustable straps and anatomical back — a kind of lifesaver for girls who are used to stooping;

— a fresh combination of colors and the absence of frankly «childish» prints in the form of animals and — — cartoon characters; it is immediately clear that this is a thing from a different age category;

— simple, but at the same time ergonomic design with two large compartments and many pockets for all sorts of little things;

— compartment for a mobile phone — easy to get, securely store; the gadget does not have to be carried in the pocket of clothes.

— in the stylish appearance of the V-65 model, the minimalism of «adult» trends that set the tone on the fashionable Olympus can be seen.

Youth backpack V-65_2.jpg Youth backpack V-65_2_2.jpg Youth backpack V-65_2_3.jpg

The Orange Bear brand has another advantage that applies to all models — a reasonable ratio of quality and price. We invite you to the catalog for a detailed acquaintance.

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