Meet the new! School backpack for boys RB-864-2 with a bag for shoes

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Before the start of the school year, parents have to solve the same problem — to provide their son or daughter with a comfortable backpack for textbooks, notebooks, breakfasts and sports uniforms. The Grizzly 2018 collection has an interesting model of a backpack for boys of middle and high school age, complete with a bag for shoes.

Where do good grades start?

Think back to your childhood and agree that a cluttered portfolio was not conducive to good academic performance. Everything is fine with this model RB-864-2. Two spacious compartments contain textbooks, notes, albums, folders and everything that students in grades 5-8 need. For a pencil case, markers, drawing tools, there are inner and outer pockets with a zipper. Everything is at hand and, at the same time, in its place. Keeping order in the backpack is easy and simple, so even the most unassembled «confused» nothing is lost.

I would like to say thank you to the designers and constructors of Grizzly — everyone who developed this model — for the fact that they thought through every little thing. And if the notebooks are in order, then the grades will be good, any parent knows this.

The perfect shoe solution

A familiar picture: a student goes to school, a backpack behind his back, and in his hands a bag with a “shift change”. It is no wonder that children so often forget their sneakers at bus stops and transport. Model RB-864-2 was developed by people who are aware that the budget of parents is not limitless. Therefore, they completed the backpack with a removable bag for shoes.

The bag is quite roomy, has dimensions of 38 x 28 x 12 cm (the backpack itself is 39 x 28 x 17 cm); fastened with fasteks, in front there is a pocket with a zipper. If desired, it can be detached from the backpack and worn separately. For this, the model has a shoulder strap and a comfortable handle; in fact, it is an additional backpack, quite self-sufficient, which can be used on its own. Reflective elements for safety, durable waterproof fabric, modern design — all in the best traditions of Grizzly.

School backpack RB-864-2_1.jpg School backpack RB-864-2_1_4.jpg School backpack RB-864-2_1_5.jpg

RB-864-2_1_7.jpg School backpack (bag) RB-864-2_1_8.jpg

Taking care of students

The brand’s products have always been distinguished by high quality and extraordinary «appearance». The school backpack model for boys RB-864-2 is no exception. The fabrics used — nylon 384 cage and oxford 240 — have proven their reliability in practice. They do not fade in the sun, do not let water through and are easy to clean.

With the attached bag for shoes, the weight of the entire set (and hence the load on the spine of a teenager) becomes more. The design of the rigid anatomical back of the backpack is such that this load is optimally distributed over the back. Parents do not have to worry about the fact that the child’s posture will deteriorate — everything is thought out by specialists. Yes, and the children themselves, it turns out, like the backpack complete with a bag for shoes. After all, it can be used for a variety of purposes, wearing it in a sports uniform for physical education classes, change of shoes, breakfasts … whatever!

Summing up

The main advantages of the new model are as follows:

  1. anatomical back, relieving the load from the spine;
  2. shoe bag included, fastened with fastex;
  3. low weight, which makes it possible to recommend the RB-864-2 backpack model, including boys of short stature;
  4. durable wear-resistant materials;
  5. stylish design and colors;
  6. safety at night, provided by reflective stripes, organically integrated into the overall style solution.

For parents, such a purchase will turn into pure savings. You don’t have to buy a bag for shoes separately, because it is already included. The novelty will surely appeal to children and their parents.

RB-864-2_3.jpg RB-864-2_3_2.jpg RB-864-2_3_8.jpg

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