Men’s backpack bag (38 photos): sports, for business style, travel, over the shoulder

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More recently, men considered a bag an excess, preferring to stuff all the necessary things into the pockets of their trousers and jackets. However, today a stylish purse, an elegant briefcase will not surprise anyone, on the contrary, they are considered an important accessory, an additional touch to the image.

At the peak of popularity is a men’s backpack bag — a functional and practical thing that allows you to carry, depending on the purpose of the product, travel equipment, sportswear, a tablet, business papers and many other necessary items.

Fashionable models of men’s backpacks

Backpacks are made of textiles, leather, suede, eco-leather, tarpaulin. Leather products are the most popular, as they look presentable and expensive, durable.

For use in urban environments, they should be considered. Fabric bags also have peculiar advantages, in particular, practicality, unpretentiousness in care and budget cost.

Backpacks come in different sizes and various colors, while the shape is approximately the same — rectangular, which makes the bag very convenient for carrying personal items and dimensional documents. The average capacity is 10-20 liters, a larger backpack is used for special equipment on hikes, long expeditions.

When choosing a backpack, you need to build on not only individual preferences (color, size, design), but also the convenience and purpose of the product. The more the backpack has secret pockets, folded compartments, the more functional it is. So, what kind of backpack models are offered by manufacturers.


Backpack-transformer — the most popular model, characterized by practicality and functionality. The way to use the accessory varies due to the shoulder straps, which facilitate the load, and a soft comfortable handle.

These elements allow you to carry it behind your back, on your shoulder or in your hands — as you prefer. A capacious backpack, as a rule, is equipped with valve straps and drawstrings. For business people who appreciate the combination of practicality and elegance, this model is indispensable, because at any moment it turns into a stylish bag or a respectable briefcase with a flick of the wrist.

It is noteworthy that some models of backpacks, if necessary, are transformed into a travel bag, a case for computer equipment and even a bedspread! At the same time, they look no less stylish than other bags, and do not lose in visual perception.

Backpack with one shoulder strap

A backpack over your shoulder (shoulder bag) is one of the most practical ways to move personal items. Its appearance, compactness and functionality are quite consistent with the style of city life.

Modern models are equipped with a comfortable anatomical suspension, ventilated back, providing comfortable use in hot weather. Backpacks with one strap today are very popular among the stronger sex as the most practical and comfortable.

Depending on the location of the shoulder straps, bags can be left or right shoulder, as well as symmetrical. The latter option is considered universal and involves rearranging the belt from one shoulder to another. The complete set of shoulder backpacks, as a rule, is standard: the main pocket fastened with a zipper, several compartments around the perimeter, side pockets, external compartments with Velcro or zippers. Some models are equipped with additional modules and a fastening system (for equipment).

The advantages of a shoulder backpack are that it allows you to keep one hand free, which is very important, for example, for athletes, hunters, fishermen, and also provides quick and convenient access to things.

Sports bag

A sports bag is an essential piece of equipment for a man leading an active lifestyle. Despite the fact that the main purpose of this thing is to carry equipment and sports uniforms, many representatives of the stronger sex also wear it as an ordinary city bag. And there is a logical explanation for this: the main qualities of a backpack are comfort in use and functionality.

The size and shape of a sports backpack depends on the purpose for which it is purchased. So, it is better for a cyclist to focus on oblong narrow bags, as they do not create discomfort when driving. But the skier, in order to maintain balance, will need a backpack wide at the base and tapering upwards.

A high-quality sports backpack should be light, ergonomic, equipped with strong wide straps, a rigid orthopedic back, a good ventilation system, and rubberized pockets.

Such products are sewn, as a rule, from wear-resistant and waterproof textures.

For business style

Can I wear a backpack as part of business attire? Of course, it is possible, the main thing is that it is chosen correctly, combined with clothes and anatomical features of the representative of the stronger sex. Today, backpacks are no longer associated exclusively with tourists and athletes, many respectable men are happy to use a shoulder bag as an alternative to a briefcase.

As a rule, these are respectable leather models that have occupied their niche among men’s business-style accessories.

For a business style, for example, folder backpacks are suitable, allowing you to carry and keep in perfect order folders with documents and even an ironed shirt. Due to the increasing internal volume, such products contain a lot of things.

Thin men should not wear a backpack, as the straps will pull the fabric of the jacket and form unaesthetic folds. In such cases, it is better to use a traditional briefcase or diplomat. Athletic young people fit rectangular backpacks or models with a rounded top. A representative of the stronger sex of small stature should give preference to miniature models, otherwise the resemblance to a schoolboy cannot be avoided.

It should be noted that the constant wearing of a shoulder jacket with a suit will undoubtedly spoil the thing. It’s one thing when it comes to a sporty, well-worn suit, and quite another when it comes to an expensive respectable deuce. Therefore, if a man wants to wear a backpack with a business kit, he should carry it in his hands. Agree, scuffs, spools, folds on the jacket will not add to the image of presentability.

For laptop

A stylized laptop bag is another good option for those looking for a practical and functional backpack. A high-quality accessory must be equipped with special materials and latches that protect the laptop from shock, water and dirt penetration, and also fit the size of the equipment. Charging and other important little things (wallet, sports shoes and clothes, etc.) are located in additional pockets.

Backpacks are made of durable textures, quite roomy and comfortable, because the load, often rather big, is evenly distributed over the back. With a stylish and practical bag, you can go for a walk, workout, work in the office, go on a trip, using it to create fashionable outfits in different styles — sports, business, casual.

Leather backpack

The leather backpack bag is very popular among men’s accessories. Casual models remain relevant. They fit perfectly into the modern direction of urban style, are practical and versatile. As a rule, products are made in a laconic design, which is characterized by clear forms, strict lines, restraint of colors.

The cost of leather backpacks is not cheap, so many manufacturers offer affordable eco-leather models. Such accessories are cheaper than leather, but the quality remains at its best. An example is the Jeep 1941 backpack, made of eco-leather. The bag has an innovative design, spaciousness and practicality. Despite its small size, you can carry a lot of things in it. Inside, in addition to pockets, there is a hole for headphones and a hook for a carabiner. Way of wearing: back, front, and also in the hands.

Textile bag-backpack

Many men prefer backpacks made of textiles. Modern models are durable, practical, and in their appearance are not inferior to expensive leather products. The textile bag has adjustable straps, an orthopedic back, pockets for gadgets, patch pockets, reflective elements and other details that increase its functionality.

Textiles are used in cases where the use of leather (eco-leather) is not appropriate. So, fabric are sports, travel backpacks, as well as bags designed to carry products. More often than others, the artificial material polyurethane is used, as the most practical and inexpensive texture.

It is distinguished by a high degree of strength and wear resistance, in order to clean the product from dirt, it is enough to simply wipe it with a damp cloth. There is much more trouble with natural materials in this regard.

Another popular type of fabric is canvas, which is a mixed texture of polyester, nylon and cotton. The material is wear-resistant, highly breathable, soft and expensive in appearance. Special waterproof and dirt-repellent impregnation improves the performance of canvas products.


Modern travel bags-backpacks have one important feature that distinguishes them from urban models — a hip belt, due to which the load on the legs and pelvic region is distributed evenly. This is a very important point, because tourists have to carry an average of 20 kilograms of cargo for long distances.

A tourist bag can be standard, with the simplest design, orthopedic, in which rigid elements minimize the load on the spine, and easel with a powerful rigid frame, designed for expeditions and multi-day hikes. The fabrics that are used for the manufacture of backpacks are durable, reliable and other performance characteristics.

The size and capacity of the bag depends on the duration of the hike and the amount of equipment used. So, if a man goes on a winter route that includes several overnight stays, he will need an 80-liter backpack to fit a sleeping bag, rug, food and other necessary things.

When choosing a tourist backpack, you should pay attention not only to the belt and straps, but also to additional equipment items, such as the upper lock-valve, pockets and compartments, compression straps, fastenings and loops (for climbing equipment), etc. Finally, the quality of fittings is of great importance, because a jammed zipper can cause a lot of trouble for a tourist.


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