men’s bags

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The hot trend of the season is conciseness and versatility in application. Men’s bags in casual style, backpacks in sports and tourist style are very relevant next spring.

Men's backpacks

The usual «Tote» shopping bag refuses to leave the mainstream in men’s bags, becoming more and more complex in form and decor. Many models have a long strap to carry the bag on the shoulder.

tote bags

Messengers (men’s «Postman»-style shoulder bags) that have become incredibly popular have become larger in size and lost their rigid shape, while the valves have significantly decreased or disappeared altogether.

Men's shoulder bags

Suitcases and travel bags have not lost their relevance either. Men’s bags of the new season are often quite rigid, rectangular or triangular in shape, and most travel bags are made in a sporty style.

Travel men's bags

Various models of men’s briefcases are present in almost all collections. Classic and retro styles are relevant, some designers used a softer shape and elements of a sporty style.

Men's briefcases

Small clutches, men’s wallets, bags and cases for mobile devices are also at the height of fashion. You should pay particular attention to models with soft shapes, in rich colors, as well as models made of textured materials, such as reptile skin or printed fabric.

Men's clutches

In the new season, the texture of the material is of great importance. To create men’s bags of the spring-summer 2013 collection, designers have chosen smooth glossy and reptile skin, suede, velvet and dense fabrics. Woven, natural materials and the sheen of metallic accessories are very relevant. Combined models are also still in fashion.

Men's bags - texture

When choosing the color of a men’s bag, in addition to brown, black and gray, do not forget about the bright neon and saturated colors of the season: red, yellow, blue, blue, orange and green.

Men's bags - colors

In the spring collections of men’s bags, fabric with fashionable geometric prints is quite common — a strip and a cage.

Men's bags - geometric print

In addition, perforation, contrast edging and metal decorations do not lose their positions.

Men's bags - perforation



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