Men’s capri pants: how to choose a universal model

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In hot weather, it is especially difficult to look stylish. In order not to suffer from the heat, many men began to wear cropped trousers in the summer — men’s capris. It should be noted that the choice of summer men’s clothing is not striking in variety, and summer cropped trousers will help create an extraordinary and interesting image.

Of course, one can argue why invent something new, because there are shorts. However, not every man likes to wear short shorts. And capris are a compromise option, such trousers allow you to avoid discomfort in the heat and feel confident.

When are they appropriate?

Of course, it is impossible to call men’s capri pants a universal model that will be appropriate in any situation. Wear them in the summer when it’s hot outside. Capris will be appropriate for a walk in the park, at a workout, an informal meeting with friends.

But at work, even if your management is loyal to the appearance of employees, such clothes will be inappropriate. You can not wear capris to a business meeting, when visiting a theater or other cultural event. Such trousers are inappropriate in a temple or a business office center.

Even on a summer vacation, capris will not always be appropriate. These trousers are perfect for the beach or a boat trip. But before visiting the restaurant it is better to change clothes.

What can be?

Designers offer men’s capri pants in different styles. Models differ in length, cut, as well as types of fabric.

Length and style

The traditional length of such a model of trousers is up to the middle of the calf. I must say that this length on most men does not look very good, as it visually shortens the legs. The most suitable length option for men is to the middle of the knee or 5 cm below the knee.

Cropped trousers, the legs of which end above the knee, are already breeches or elongated shorts.

The most common option is straight-cut capri pants. Less common are wide cropped capris, but this is usually a sporty option. To decorate models, designers sometimes use large patch pockets. And the capris themselves can have a classic trouser belt or a drawstring with an elastic band. Models with an elastic band are very comfortable for the beach.


Men’s capri pants are made in a variety of fabrics. The most common options are:

  • Denim. Perhaps the most common option, men’s denim capris are practical and very comfortable.
  • Cotton. Natural, breathable material is the perfect choice for summer. Moreover, cotton models are easy to care for, they are worn for a long time without losing their appearance. A variety of cotton fabric is madras, this fabric is produced in India. Its difference is a characteristic checkered pattern.

  • Seersucker. This is another version of the fabric based on cotton threads. It is very lightweight and breathable. A characteristic feature is the original structure, due to the uneven tension of the threads. Another name for this fabric is crinkled cotton.
  • Linen. Lightweight natural fabric is perfect for hot weather. Keep in mind that linen is very wrinkled.

  • Knitwear. Sports men’s knitted capri pants are a convenient option for training. For the manufacture of models, natural and synthetic threads are used — sandex, nylon. This material wicks away sweat and is breathable. Moreover, moisture is not absorbed into the fabric, but simply evaporates.


Let’s figure out which capri options are in fashion today. Designers offer men the following options:

  • capri chinos. This is the most versatile option. Models can have a medium or high rise, straight or slightly tapered legs. Based on this model, it is easy to create a successful bow in smart casual style.
  • Capri jeans. Many men prefer to wear jeans in their free time. And in summer, your favorite jeans can successfully replace denim capri pants. Of course, for the heat it is better to choose a lightweight version of the fabric, and thick denim models are suitable for a cool summer evening. Denim capris go well with loose-fitting clothing.

  • Sports capris. This version of cropped trousers is only suitable for jogging, sports games or training. You can combine them with t-shirts, sneakers or sneakers.
  • Hawaiian chic. Men’s capri pants in bright patterned fabric are perfect for visiting the beach. Such models often have an elastic band instead of a regular belt. It is necessary to combine such bright trousers with simple plain T-shirts.

  • Military. Capri pants made of cotton fabric with camouflage colors are liked by many men. Such a piece of clothing is perfect for picnics, but it can also be worn in the city, choosing accessories that match the style.
  • Safari. This variant of cropped trousers is the «civilian version» of the uniform of military personnel in tropical latitudes. These capris have a sandy color or a light shade of khaki. Models can be supplemented with patch pockets.

With what to combine?

Let’s figure out what to wear men’s capri pants with. The remaining elements of the ensemble are chosen depending on the style of the trousers.

If you have chosen a sports or beach model, then it is recommended to wear T-shirts or simple T-shirts with it. You can complement the ensemble with a sports jacket. The most versatile solution is denim capri. They look great with both T-shirts and shirts. Also hoodies and sweatshirts. On a cool day, the ensemble is complemented by a denim or textile jacket.

Choice of shoes

It is very important to choose the right shoes for the Capri ensemble. The most unacceptable option is sandals combined with socks. This combination should be categorically rejected.

For capris, it is better to choose light shoes with closed toes. With sports models put on sneakers or sneakers. For cropped chinos or jeans, it is better to choose moccasins, top siders or loafers. The listed shoe models can be worn on bare feet, but if this option does not suit you, get cropped socks for the summer. Such models are good because their edges do not protrude beyond the shoe. But you should not wear ordinary long socks with capri and moccasins or loafers.

If you decide to wear open sandals with cropped trousers, you will have to do without socks. You can wear beach capris in combination with flip flops only within the beach. Such shoes on the streets of the city is inappropriate.

Choice of accessories

To make the image look complete, it is complemented with suitable accessories.

In the kit for capri it is worth picking up:

  • Belt. It is recommended to choose leather models with a closed buckle or sports style fabric belts.
  • Wrist watch with a simple leather or textile strap.
  • Sunglasses. The model can be chosen according to your taste.
  • Summer hat or baseball cap Perfectly complements a beach or sports look.

Bow examples

Here are some examples of successful bows based on capri pants, suitable for different situations.

City Style

For mustard-colored capri pants, we will pick up a dark olive printed T-shirt. We complement the ensemble with a light blue or denim jacket, white sneakers and sunglasses. A stylish look for a city walk is ready.

Casual style

To create a practical everyday look, choose denim capri pants. We will pick up a white T-shirt and a bright short-sleeve shirt (buttons are not fastened) for them. We put on dark blue top siders with a white lace on our feet. Let’s choose accessories — a black wrist watch with a leather strap decorated with large steel spikes and sunglasses. A practical summer suit for everyday wear is ready.

Youth style

We wear black cotton capri pants with a white T-shirt and a black sweatshirt with a fantasy print on the chest. As an addition to the ensemble, we choose black sneakers with white inserts and a baseball cap with a bright print. A youth backpack will fit well into such an ensemble.

American style

We put on khaki cotton capri pants with a white T-shirt. Putting on a bright (red-black or blue-black) plaid shirt over the T-shirt, without fastening the buttons. To the ensemble we will pick up dark sneakers, sunglasses and a brown belt.

Military style

We will wear capri pants made of cotton fabric with a camouflage pattern with a light olive T-shirt. To this ensemble we will pick up high sneakers and appropriate accessories. A wide belt with a massive buckle will do, as well as a large men’s bag that is worn over the shoulder. The bag can be leather or fabric with a camouflage print.


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