Men’s drape coat (43 photos): short or long models, double-breasted or sports style, what to wear, shoes, hat

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Among the outerwear for men, the coat stands apart. This is an elegant product that emphasizes the dignity of the figure, makes the image more strict, emphasizes the brutality of its owner. A men’s drape coat is an indispensable thing in the off-season and frost. For bad weather, a warmed model is suitable, for a warm autumn — lightweight.

The drape itself is a practical, pleasant to the touch and durable fabric. Caring for a drape coat is easy. It does not attract pollution, is easily cleaned without washing or dry cleaning, does not lose its attractiveness for many years. If you choose a classic coat, it will not go out of fashion and will serve its owner for more than one season.

Advantages of the model

Drap has many admirers among men. The fleecy fabric is made for cozy coats for autumn and winter. The drape keeps its shape, but does not hinder movements if the coat is chosen strictly according to the figure. A clearly defined shoulder line makes the male silhouette more attractive. Drap coats look equally good on overweight men and thin ones.

Finding the right model is easy if you know what the coat is for. Products differ in seasonality, design, length. Car owners prefer short products with a convenient single-breasted fastener. Those who have to spend a lot of time on their feet gravitate towards insulated, but not too bulky products. Let’s find out how winter and off-season coat models differ.


Products for winter are represented by elongated models with a wide fur collar or a hood with a fur trim. A winter draped coat is often complemented by a belt and pockets.

Men’s models are distinguished by a practical range, they protect well from wind and frost. Products made from 100% wool rarely appear on sale. To increase the wear resistance of the fabric, synthetic fibers are added to the composition: polyester or polyamide.

Softness characterizes cashmere coats. They are suitable for business bows and give the image an elegant look. The cost of cashmere products is always higher.

As for the fur trim, fox, raccoon, and marten fur are suitable for woolen coats. An affordable muton often comes as a trim. It is used in the manufacture of collars, cuffs and hood fur trim.


Lightweight coat options are suitable for the off-season. Usually these are shortened and slightly fitted models that look noble and elegant. Autumn variations of drape often have a turn-down collar, a single-breasted or double-breasted fastener, and side pockets.

Buttoned cuffs bring the coat closer to an elongated jacket. In warm autumn, such a product will be indispensable in the image of a business man. Among the autumn models there are products with a hood, stand-up collar, cuffs with cuffs. Youth variants of a coat with a zipper have gained popularity. In this case, the clasp does not go strictly in the center, but with a warp.

Autumn models are characterized by light and muted tones. Men like beige, sand and light gray coats with melange effect. Grainy blotches make the drape visually more comfortable and noble.

Anthracite coats, dark blue and brown models do not lose their relevance. They are practical and perfect for slushy autumn weather.

Fashionable styles of drape coat

The list of fashionable outerwear for men includes coats of militaristic design, fitted products with an elegant cut, and variations of a sporty shade. Draped coats are becoming more and more unusual in terms of design. Backgammon with classic trench coats, there are coat-mantles and youth products with zippers.

When choosing a coat for every day, pay attention to the fit and compatibility with the main things of the wardrobe. A coat in a classic design requires strict clothes, a fashionable drape jacket is in harmony with things of a less formal style.

Last but not least is the color of outerwear. The usual coats of a dark palette have replaced models in light colors, as well as bright men’s trench coats. Models in a large cage look impressive, as well as coats with grainy patterns.


Products from the middle of the thigh and below are more suitable for a winter wardrobe. A long coat will protect you from wind and cold, and will also help you create a unique and quite elegant look for every day.

Men wear long drape coats when they need really warm clothes. Although in the autumn collections there are also elongated models with a thin lining. It is recommended to wear a long coat with skinny trousers, elegant design shoes, sophisticated accessories.

A short

To get a short coat, you do not need to have an enviable figure. The designers took care to visually improve the proportions and balance the male silhouette. A fitted cut, a deep triangular neckline and a turn-down collar with lapels, a double row of buttons, a stretching silhouette, and a clearly marked shoulder line will help with this. Short coats were especially fond of young men. In such products it is comfortable, warm, while stiffness is not felt, and the coat itself fully meets the rhythm of modern city life.

The list of fashion solutions for men includes plain coats in beige and brown colors, black drape products, more reminiscent of elongated jackets, models with a stand-up collar similar to military clothing. Checkered products have a characteristic retro touch and are in harmony with corduroy or suede trousers, derby boots, leather caps and caps.

double breasted

Products with a double-breasted clasp have a characteristic chic. These are always elegant and stylish models that suit all men without exception. The double row of buttons has a modeling effect and visually stretches the silhouette. Coats with a wide turn-down collar and models with a stand-up collar look good on men. In the first case, the product has a more elegant look, in the second case it is restrained, brutal and emphatically strict.

Young men willingly put on light-colored coats with a double-breasted fastener, side pockets and a wide belt to match the main fabric. In business models, the fastener, as a rule, consists of two or three pairs of buttons. Casual items can be maxi-length and fastened with five pairs of buttons. Making the clasp longer does not make sense, even if the coat falls below the knees. Otherwise, the product will hinder movement.

With a zipper

A zipper as a fastener for a coat appeared in the men’s wardrobe relatively recently. Almost all models with a zipper have a provocative design. This is usually a mid-thigh coat, with a small turn-down or stand-up collar, possibly with a hood. Pockets in such a coat may be absent, but it is more convenient to wear a product with side pockets, characteristic of trench coats.

If the zipper is located in the middle, it is preferred to hide it behind a slip fastener or buttons. Asymmetric products with a lock shifted to the side, on the contrary, have a contrasting zipper, which attracts the eye and distracts attention from figure errors.

With stand-up collar

Products with a stand-up collar look courageous. Even a simple coat without frills and original cut elements looks elegant, brutal and stylish. Men fell in love with shortened products of a dark palette: anthracite, black, chocolate, dark blue. They are in harmony with casual and smart casual clothes.

With fur collar

For those men who are used to looking chic and status, coats with a fur collar will become an alternative to sheepskin coats and sheepskin coats. Drape product perfectly warms, does not weigh down the image and emphasizes masculinity. The presence of a fur collar will add elegance and nobility to the image.

In sports style

A coat of a sporty shade on the fashion catwalk is not uncommon. But usually it was about models made of raincoat fabric, not drape. Recently, designers have been experimenting with the design of outerwear and creating unusual solutions based on the classics. So, in the men’s collections, lightweight draped coats of a shortened cut with decorative stitching and a zipper appeared. They will complement ripped jeans or knitted joggers, sneakers, sneakers or converse.

What to wear

When it comes to a traditional trench coat, the question of what to wear with outerwear usually does not arise. An elegant coat requires a moderate, concise and thoughtful neighborhood. Proven companions for a draped coat of a fitted silhouette will be:

  • a two-piece suit — for a timeless classic, a draped trench coat will be the perfect solution. Oxfords or less strict derby boots are suitable as shoes;
  • slacks + V-neck jumper — an office option that is considered elegant, practical and comfortable at the same time. From under the neck of the jumper, the shirt collar must peek out, but the presence of a tie is optional. A shoe pair for an office bow will be loafers or closed low shoes;
  • dark-colored straight jeans and a sweatshirt — the least formal of all the options presented. Good for everyday wear and informal meetings. Chelsea boots complete the off-season look.

The draped coat is increasingly appearing next to streetwear and even sportswear. Take, for example, leather trousers, long sleeves with inscriptions and berets with tractor soles or sneakers. True, and the design of the coat should be appropriate. Strict trench coats do not harmonize with such things.


For an office ensemble, shoes are selected discreet. Derbies, loafers, brogues will help out. In the off-season, you can not do without Chelsea boots. For democratic bows, less formal shoes are suitable: from moccasins to sports sneakers. Military-style lovers are happy to wear double-breasted coats with a stand-up collar along with military-style berets.


The headdress is selected taking into account the style of the ensemble. Caps and fedoras are more suitable for a conservative trench coat. For a youth look, a stylish knitted hat will do for every day.

Men can afford high beanies and sock-style models, if all other clothes have a characteristic street bow. Hats with textured patterns and accessories in the form of scarves-hoods are in harmony with the draped coat.


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