Men’s long raincoats (48 photos): leather, denim, parka-like, classic or double-breasted

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The raincoat appeared in the men’s wardrobe for a long time and managed to undergo constructive changes. Classic products in the English style are now worn exclusively by business men. For an everyday look, men’s long oversized raincoats or double-breasted trench coats are suitable. Maxi length is not held in high esteem, but products up to the middle of the thigh are relevant and meet the requirements of modern fashion. Elongated raincoats, unlike jackets, look more elegant and advantageously set off the male silhouette.

There are products in the military style, as well as extravagant trench coats with sport-chic elements. Which raincoat to choose depends not only on personal preferences. Pay attention to the properties of the material, the fit, the stylistic affiliation of the product.

How to choose

Raincoats are, without a doubt, a versatile piece of clothing and suit men with different physiques.

Elongated models perfectly hide figure flaws. But you should choose a raincoat exactly in size, otherwise a baggy model will add extra pounds.

A classic fitted raincoat in a dark palette is combined with casual, business and casual clothes. Such models can be combined with trousers, jeans, slacks. Raincoats do not harmonize well with sportswear, with the exception of models like parkas and products with a hood. But even in this case, you should not wear loose trousers or joggers under the raincoat.

How to choose a raincoat for an elegant, but not too strict bow? Successful models can be found in the Emporio Armani collection. The fashion brand creates practical smart-casual clothes that are suitable for both the office and everyday life.

What are raincoats made of?

Traditionally, raincoats are made from materials that repel moisture. This is the usual raincoat fabric, technological fabrics with additional impregnations, as well as leather and its analogues. For men who are not ready to dress in bolognese and polyester products, designers have prepared extra-fashionable options from denim and membrane fabrics.


Natural leather has no competitors. Products made from this material are universal and in demand, regardless of fashion trends. However, leather variations are characterized by a high price, so manufacturers use eco-leather and affordable analogues to create fashionable, but budget models.

A leather coat is good because it is suitable for strict business and comfortable everyday bows. The simpler the model in terms of design, the easier it is to choose companion clothes.

In recent years, the color palette of leather products has changed significantly. If earlier these were variations of predominantly dark tones, then the current range includes products in bright colors. Men will be able to try on leather coats in green, burgundy-red, terracotta and blue palettes.


Few fashionistas decide to give up denim in everyday life. Knowing about the widespread love for denim, designers offer men original denim trench coats with special impregnations. Cotton with paraffin is a proven combination for rainy weather.

In the collections of manufacturers of men’s clothing, there are products of traditional blue and blue colors, however, light shades in the men’s wardrobe are undesirable. It is worth choosing a rich blue trench coat, but jeans can be light blue.


Lightweight, comfortable and wear-resistant products with unique water-repellent properties are obtained from raincoat fabric. Most often, men acquire bologna raincoats, which look noble and cast a pleasant sheen.

Raincoat fabrics can be natural and synthetic. Typically, manufacturers choose blended fibers, which can reduce costs and get a quality item.

Assortment of long coats

The choice of male models is diverse. For everyday bows, practical products of moderate length are suitable. Maxi raincoats look spectacular, but not very comfortable in everyday life. The list of current models for men includes:

  • double-breasted products — are popular, look stylish and emphasize the brutality of the male bow;
  • havelock — Maxi products without sleeves. Not too popular among the masses, but in demand by those fashionistas who love complex multi-layered images;
  • cocoons — they are oversized models. Differ in a free cut and hide silhouette errors;
  • trench coats — an elegant and stylish model that suits men with any figure.


As such, the classic raincoat does not exist. This category includes trench coats, fitted English raincoats, fashion items like macs. A distinctive feature of the classic models is a laconic design, the absence of unnecessary details, muted colors.

double breasted

The popularity of the double-breasted coat is undeniable. In recent years, the range of models for men has been replenished with military design products, raincoats with a V-neck and a wide belt, youth variations of a cropped cut. You can wear a double-breasted raincoat with casual clothes, elegant things, military-style trousers.

By type of park

Perhaps men should not talk about what a traditional parka is. However, the raincoat park has distinctive features. This is a more elegant version of the usual youth jacket. It combines elements of street, casual and business style. The model is often supplemented with a hood, and instead of buttons, a zipper is offered.


The name «oversize» implies a voluminous and free model. The lack of clear lines makes the oversized raincoat fundamentally different. If ordinary trench coats and fitted double-breasted products have a characteristic cut, then oversized models are distinguished by a low shoulder line and a loose fit.

Such a product allows you to hide the fullness, however, loose raincoats are not suitable for overly massive men. They do not make it possible to correctly place accents, which makes the figure seem even more cumbersome.

Trench style

Double-breasted raincoats and elegant trench coats form the unchanging basis of men’s business fashion. Trench coats have a slightly fitted or straight cut, complemented by a yoke and a belt. The presence of a turn-down collar and welt pockets brings the model closer to a classic English raincoat. Modern trench coats do not look too strict and conservative, and therefore are suitable for everyday looks.

An integral attribute of the trench coat is a fabric belt with a D-shaped buckle. The double row of buttons brings the product closer to the clothes of the military, but the elegant trench coat has almost nothing to do with military-style things. Mid-thigh-length raincoats in pastel colors are in harmony with jeans, leather trousers, chinos and slacks. High boots and brogues in retro style, colorful sneakers with thin soles and white sneakers are suitable as shoes.


The hood is the detail that does not go well with an elegant raincoat. Surprisingly, a model designed for bad weather often comes with a turn-down collar rather than a hood. But this does not mean that it will not be possible to find suitable outerwear in the collections of fashion brands. Moreover, parka-type hoodies have become extremely popular among young people.

Solid raincoats made of paraffin-treated cotton or bolognese look stylish and match the street-style look. Increasingly, such products are chosen for themselves by dandies and representatives of subcultures. In the first case, we are talking about shortened products with patch pockets and a zipper instead of a button fastener, in the second — about maxi raincoats, more reminiscent of Gothic capes.

Trendy colors

Traditionally, men choose dark-colored trench coats and raincoats for a casual look. For autumn slush, such models are indispensable. However, not all fashionistas are ready to be content with gloomy colors. For them, designers have prepared bright variations in burgundy, emerald and blue tones.

Young fashionistas will like single-breasted raincoats of shortened length in olive, blue, steel shades. For conservatives, dark blue, anthracite and brown models are recommended.


There is no more practical solution for any weather than a classic black raincoat. Products of this kind are chosen by men of different ages. Black outerwear is practical, dirt is invisible on it, and you won’t have to clean your everyday raincoat too often. The range of models in black is diverse. These are elongated elegant raincoats, and short youth models with a turn-down collar, and stylish variations of the oversized format.


Light raincoats are not suitable for rainy and slushy weather. But if a man spends most of his time behind the wheel, then a beige raincoat will help you look stylish and at the same time will not lose its attractiveness during rain or snow.

Men will be able to choose for themselves an elegant retro coat a la Colombo and a fashionable youth trench coat in a shortened format. For dry and warm autumn, beige bologna raincoats and suede leather models are perfect.


Products in rich blue tones are chosen by young and mature men. How the cloak will look depends on the intensity of the color. Bright blue products are more suitable for men under 35 years old. Mature fashionistas should pay attention to models of sapphire shade, as well as blue-gray variations.


For autumn bad weather, a dark brown raincoat is ideal. The color itself is considered noble and goes well with everyday things, whether blue jeans or black trousers. Insulated raincoats with fur trim will help out during the first frost. They are not as massive as puffy jackets or coats, and at the same time fully meet the requirements of urban fashion.


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