Men’s sunglasses (38 photos): types and shapes, how to choose a model, classic, in a sporty style, with a white frame

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It depends on the accessories how successful and effective the image will be. Men’s sunglasses are an integral part of the summer bow. If the product is selected taking into account the shape of the face and is in harmony with the style of the ensemble, then the outfit will not only be successful, but memorable and bright. Before we discuss the range of sunglasses for men, let’s talk about how to choose a product with geometry in mind.

How to choose a form

Not every man knows how to match the shape of glasses to his face. Conventionally, typical face configurations are distinguished: oval, round, square, triangular, diamond-shaped. Most lucky men with an oval face, which is considered anatomically correct.

Picking up sunglasses in this case is not difficult. Such men are aviators, rectangular and sports models. Moreover, not only various forms of glasses are suitable for owners of an oval face, but also various frames.

Good to know! Models with wide frames look best on men with an oval face, but aviators with thin metal temples will be no less successful.

When choosing glasses for other face shapes, follow the following rules:

  • round form – it is important that the panes appear larger horizontally than vertically. A round face does not have to be full, but if a man is overweight, then you should give up tiny glasses, as well as models in the spirit of Harry Potter. Such accessories make the face childish and naive. With a round face, frames of medium thickness look good, but if there is excess weight, it is better to choose a more massive option;
  • square shape — looks brutal and does not tolerate overly elegant and small glasses. It is worth abandoning products with clear angles, and teardrop-shaped glasses will be the best solution;
  • triangular shape — Those with a pointed chin want to look more masculine. Aviators will cope with this task, as well as square models in a sporty style;
  • diamond shape – does not tolerate overly bulky sunglasses. Square models with rounded corners look good on men with this face shape.

A range of popular men’s sunglasses

If earlier men preferred non-staining and practical things, now they are increasingly choosing bright and unusual accessories for every day.


Drop-shaped glasses are considered universal and masculine. It is not surprising that such models fell in love with the representatives of the stronger sex. Drop-shaped lenses make a man’s face more brutal, but you should also pay attention to the frame.

Products with metal arms are the most common, but manufacturers of men’s accessories are not limited to standard solutions. Buyers have access to original optics with a massive and bright frame. There are also such products where the frame is decorated with drawings. Such glasses can hardly be called brutal, but they are original, no doubt.

Drop-shaped products, otherwise aviators, fit well into a casual wardrobe. Models with smoky black or brown glasses, as well as variations with mirrored lenses, remain classics.

Models with white frames

The list of fashion solutions for men’s wardrobe includes sunglasses with white frames. This original accessory will transform any outfit.

Remember! The wider the frame, the more attention it attracts, so you need to be sure that the shape of the glasses fits the face perfectly.

For men, square, teardrop and rectangular glasses are available with all-white frames or snow-white temples only.

Products with bright color of glasses look interesting. For example, some manufacturers indulge fans with sunglasses with emerald or yellow lenses. Do not lose popularity mirror glass. In the collections of sports brands, you can find interesting solutions for men with white frames and a characteristic sports design.

Sports style glasses

Sports style fans are happy to wear sunglasses with a laconic frame or models like a ski mask. And this is not the whole range that cult sports brands offer fashionistas.

Most of the products have a narrowed shape, which is considered optimal for sports. The very shape of the glasses literally wraps around the face, and the springy temples securely fix the accessory.

The design of sports models can not be called boring. For men, there are products with an acid frame, as well as lenses of an unusual palette. An original configuration, a spectacular frame and a bold palette — this is what distinguishes sports glasses for men. Less eccentric and more familiar products for every day can be called glasses with square glasses and plain frames.

You can wear such accessories only with appropriate clothing. Sports glasses do not harmonize with smart-casual and business clothes. But the original product can become a decoration for a club bow or street-style.


The square shape of glasses is considered truly masculine and quite aggressive, so not everyone is recommended to wear it. Stylists advise to take a closer look at models with rounded corners, as well as lenses with a slightly beveled downward shape. For men with a square chin, such products are not very suitable, but with a triangular face shape, they are able to compensate for the inappropriate femininity of the male head.

Since the very shape of square glasses is quite expressive, do not abuse bright colors and extravagant designs. The simpler the model, the better. She will help out under any circumstances: on the beach, in the office, in casual street style. Square models are represented by products of practical colors, as well as brutal accessories with metal arms.


The boom in round glasses has already passed, although such models were unusually popular a few seasons ago. Until now, round glasses appear in the collections of men’s optics manufacturers, and some show business stars have made them their calling card, take, for example, Grigory Leps or Ozzy Osbourne.

Round models can be safely called unisex. They look good on men and women, and rounded lenses can make the face look both childish and infantile, as well as brutal and formidable.

Absolutely round glasses were replaced by products of a more complex configuration. Of interest are models with round lenses, but curly frames. So, designers highlight the eyebrow line with pointed corners or a half frame.

Men will also be able to try on double bridge glasses, metal or bulky frames, mirrored optics and rocker-style round glasses.

brand glasses

Stylists recommend not to save on such an accessory as sunglasses. And there are several reasons for this. Firstly, branded products are of excellent quality. Lenses will not harm the health of the eyes and protect from the harmful effects of the sun. Secondly, the products of trusted manufacturers are durable, maintainable and convenient. Thirdly, every self-respecting brand has a recognizable design.

If a man wants to look stylish and modern, he must acquire sunglasses from one of the presented brands.

Ray Ban

The Ray Ban brand is rightfully called the leader among manufacturers of men’s optics. Thermoplastic goggles are fantastically durable, lightweight and come in a variety of designs. They fit into the urban outfit and are suitable for men of different ages. The collection includes classic models and extravagant optics. In addition to regular sunglasses, there are models with improved lenses that allow you to correct your vision.

Buyers have access to products of standard shapes, oversized glasses that amaze with their lightness and stylish frames. The most popular models are dark blue, smoky black and chocolate colors.


Fashion brand Prada needs no introduction. For men, the company has prepared stylish solutions with a recognizable design. The range includes optics in a practical range, with mirror and gradient lenses, models in retro style. Prada glasses will cost a tidy sum, but fans of the brand are sure that there are no more fashionable and original glasses for all occasions. For those who are used to shocking others, models with an unusual configuration or with a non-standard frame are suitable.


The American brand Polaroid is one of the leaders in the production of sunglasses. Brand products attract not so much with their design, but with their functionality and unique protective properties. In such optics, you can not worry about the health of your own eyes. Moreover, Polaroid models are characterized by affordable prices and are available to a wide range of consumers.

The brand’s collection includes square, oval, rectangular and beveled models, traditional aviators, round and elongated products. The list of fashionable solutions includes optics with printed temples and half-frames, mirrored glasses and gradient-colored lenses.

The manufacturer produces polarized glasses that not only block ultraviolet radiation, but also eliminate glare, eliminating glare. Such models are especially fond of tourists, athletes and car owners.


For the designers of the Gucci brand, the appearance of the produced optics is of paramount importance. Not surprisingly, the product range includes eccentric, exclusive and expensive variations. Precious metals and stones are used in the decor of optics, which not only increases the cost of products, but also makes their design unique.

The model range is represented by square and rounded products. Drop-shaped glasses, metal-rimmed aviators, multi-colored premium optics are popular. As for the color of the lenses, brown glasses are in demand, which protect against glare in bright light, as well as lenses with a mirror surface, which look stylish and increase the contrast of vision. For men, Gucci designers have also prepared glasses with lenses in green and blue tones.

Hugo Boss

Another worthy manufacturer of men’s accessories is Hugo Boss. Models of the fashion brand have a laconic design and are suitable for fans of smart-casual style. The brand offers products with round and square frames, sunglasses with a restrained palette and regular geometric shapes.

Smoky glasses are a priority, while their shade varies. For men, designers have prepared blue, purple, brown, gray-green and lilac lenses.


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