Men’s winter trousers (43 photos): insulated models on fleece or synthetic winterizer

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Choosing clothes for winter can be difficult. On the one hand, I want to find fashionable and extraordinary things that would emphasize the individuality of style. On the other hand, clothing must be warm and protect from wind and frost. Let’s try to pick up men’s winter trousers for everyday wardrobe, taking into account these requirements.

What are winter trousers made of?

Usually winter trousers have two layers. The first windproof and dense. It protects from the wind, but does not warm. The second is a heater. It depends on its quality whether the trousers will be pleasant to the body, whether they will protect from the cold, whether they will restrict movement. Traditionally, when sewing, they use:

  • nylon – repels moisture and dirt, protects from wind, differs in wear resistance;
  • polyester — cheap synthetic material that does not shed, does not fade, is resistant to the effects of reagents that are sprinkled on slippery paths in winter;
  • membrane tissue — used by leading manufacturers of winter clothing, it is durable, wear-resistant, protects against dirt and moisture, but allows water vapor to pass through, which eliminates the greenhouse effect.

For men who spend a lot of time outdoors in winter, balloon pants have gained popularity. It is moderately voluminous, but well help out in bad weather. You can even go to the forest in them, even for a walk with a child. Additional suspenders or straps fix warm trousers and prevent them from slipping during vigorous activity.


Almost all winter trousers come with insulation. It can be natural materials, such as down, or synthetic. Products with natural insulation are more expensive, and even more difficult to care for. If washed incorrectly, the insulation can go astray, and the trousers will lose their warming functions.

Padded sweatpants usually have high-tech padding such as thinsulate. This is a modern type of filler that warms well, has a low weight and is characterized by durability. This material is used in winter clothing by many sports brands, including Adidas, Bosco, Nike.

Lightweight versions of winter trousers are made of thin windproof fabrics and have a light lining: fleece or wool. For warm winters, fleece trousers are suitable. They have a modern design, lightweight style and are in harmony with everyday clothes. Fur is rarely used as insulation.

An alternative to fluffy fleece or fur fillers will be microfiber — polyester fibers with unique characteristics.


Fleece pants attract with convenience, reasonable price, practicality. Sportswear manufacturers often use fleece to insulate winter trousers. Casual style fleece pants attract urban fashionistas. These trousers can be worn with parkas and down jackets, anoraks and short sports jackets.

Fleece trousers usually have a straight or loose fit. Often they are supplemented with an elastic band at the bottom, which tightens the trousers, protects from the wind and retains heat. Fleece itself has an unnatural origin, but this fabric is hypoallergenic and has a pleasant tactile sensation. On top is a raincoat fabric or membrane fabric. By themselves, fleece trousers, although they warm well, let the wind through and do not protect against moisture.

On a synthetic winterizer

For harsh weather conditions, pants with more powerful insulation are recommended. These include synthetic winterizer. It makes trousers voluminous, although it practically does not affect the weight. Pants on synthetic winterizer retain heat. At the same time, it is convenient to wash them: they dry easily, do not deform, and retain their original properties.

Sintepon trousers are suitable for winter tourism, outdoor recreation, walks in the forest. These pants will help out even in severe frosts. However, they are rarely worn in everyday life — pants are characterized by increased volume and do not meet the requirements of urban fashion.


At the mention of woolen fabric, business trousers are immediately remembered. Indeed, winter models for the office have a strict design and are made of wool or wool mixture.

But street-style trousers can also be based on natural wool. Models with arrows and side pockets are ideal for business attire. As a rule, these are plain trousers or models with a melange effect. Less common are woolen trousers with patterns — Windsor cage, vertical stripe.

You can call woolen trousers frost-resistant, but only with a caveat — they are not suitable for severe frosts. But they can be safely worn on the street, in the office, in a cafe. For the city, such a model is indispensable.


Corduroy padded trousers are perfect for street style. They will complement the smart casual look and will become a favorite element of the wardrobe of every fashionista in the winter. For men, trousers are available in the style of jeans, straight models in an informal style, skinny trousers of a youth design.

Corduroy harmonizes unusually with textured knitwear, fur, leather — materials traditionally used to create winter clothes.

Corduroy trousers will decorate the image of a man who does not tolerate strict clothes and strict restrictions in his everyday look. Corduroy pants in brown and red tones are in trend.

For an everyday look, blue corduroy trousers are suitable, which will replace the usual jeans. They are worn under puffy jackets, men’s winter coats, sheepskin coats.

fashion styles

Winter obliges to give up your favorite clothes and switch to insulated and not always comfortable things. But this does not mean that you have to choose between fashionable and comfortable trousers. Designers have prepared for men a huge number of interesting pants for all occasions. For fans of an active lifestyle and winter sports, there are balloon pants in the style of overalls or insulated models in the spirit of snowboarding suits.

Men who gravitate towards conservatism will like insulated trousers with a classic design. These are comfortable and practical products with side pockets, possibly with arrows. In such trousers it is convenient to move around the city on foot and by car. They are not too massive and pleasant to the body.


The craving for military clothing makes designers find new ways to introduce military elements into everyday men’s wardrobe. Along with flight jackets and camouflage suits, khaki pants with a straight cut and plenty of pockets are popular. Camouflage can appear on winter trousers in the form of a simple finish.

But the military style is not only camouflage prints and khaki. This is a comfortable cut, dense and coarse fabrics, wide belts with plaques. Truly military trousers do not look as provocative as trousers stylized as military equipment. The color palette varies. Men will be able to pick up black, gray, brown and green trousers with a discreet design, but with increased comfort.


For winter, ordinary jeans are not suitable. They become hot water and you can freeze faster in them than in any other trousers. Another thing is winter jeans. They can be fleece or fleece. There are even denim pants with fur.

Men choose proven colors — gray, blue-blue, black. If denim pants seem more attractive than traditional winter pants, then you should not refuse them in the cold season. It is enough to choose a warmed model of a suitable style.


Trousers of sports design and sports pants for winter have different designs. The first are characterized by a recognizable design and are combined with everyday clothes. They can be voluminous or slightly loose. A feature of such models is the simplicity of convenience and care. Pants perfectly warm, wash well, repel dirt and moisture, protect from wind.

Pants for sports look different. These are lightweight models that retain heat and prevent the greenhouse effect. They are suitable for skating, skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities in the cold season. They are not suitable for long walks in the cold and passive training.


Cargo trousers continue the theme of military-style clothing. These are loose trousers with a variety of pockets. They always look voluminous, even if the pockets are empty. Men like cargo for its informal and deliberately brutal design. Trousers for winter come with insulation. As a top — bologna or other raincoat fabric.

Cargo are presented in practical colors. Black, marsh, gray and dark brown trousers are suitable for winter. Anthracite-colored cargo is in trend.


Trousers in a classic design occupy a leading position in sales. They are invariably popular with men of mature age. Traditionally, these are straight pants, but today you can find slightly tapered trousers that attract young fashionistas. Classic trousers are designed for practical bows, mostly casual and office.


You can find suitable trousers for winter in the collections of menswear brands. Fans of conservatism should recommend suit trousers from the Kanzler, Bazioni and Corleone collections. For sports and tourism, practical and comfortable trousers from the brands Forward, Bosco and Columbia are suitable. Adidas and Nike remain the leaders in the production of sports trousers for every taste and color.


The German brand pleases men with insulated puffy trousers, lightweight fleece models, sports, but expensive products for active sports. The design of Adidas pants is also pleasing. The collection includes products in practical colors, fashionable youth trousers with bright prints, stylish trousers with stripes and a shamrock — the hallmark of Adidas.


Insulated pants from the American brand Nike attract with a relaxed execution and bright design. Men will be able to pick up trousers made of raincoat fabric in practical colors, but clothes of a fashion brand are loved precisely for their original design. The trend is winter pants with contrasting stitching, stripes, bright inserts.


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