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Meanwhile, one of the leaders and not only the Russian market presented three new items at once, which, undoubtedly, will be of interest to those who cannot imagine their day without a roomy, functional, and outwardly interesting backpack. Therefore, from words we immediately proceed to the analysis of models.

Backpack RQ-920-2


For non-trivial execution, designers can put a solid five. Judge for yourself:

  1. Form factor — a single central volume, divided into many compartments. It closes not only with a zipper, but also with a combination lock: a feature that the owners of the model use regularly.
  2. Large separate laptop pocket. It is securely protected by soft inserts and has elastic straps to hold it. An excellent solution for those who do not part with a backpack even during sports.
  3. Seven internal pockets of various sizes and capacities, one of which is equipped with a zipper and the other with a carabiner for keys. Even if you are used to carrying a lot of things with you, it will not be difficult to place everything.
  4. The back of the backpack is not only reinforced, but also made in an anatomically correct form. It is positioned as intended for travel — even with a long voyage you will not get tired. The load is distributed evenly, as accurately as possible.
  5. The straps are also reinforced, and one has a pocket with a zipper. What to put in it — decide for yourself.
  6. The backpack has not only a reinforced handle, but also reflective elements. All this adds both convenience and safety in the dark.
  7. Finally, the “trick” of the backpack, appreciated by the majority of those who chose the model, is the built-in usb extension cable. Using gadgets placed inside will be even more convenient.

And it is made of the usual polyester. The material, which is not afraid of the vicissitudes of the weather, does not wrinkle, does not get dirty, and most importantly, does not get wet. You can wear a backpack all year round without fear for the safety of the contents.

Backpack RQ-915-1


Despite the fact that, unlike the previous backpack reviewed in this review, it is made in a single color, it does not look boring. This is partly the merit of a contrasting, poisonous blue stripe, partly — the shape. But the fact that the manufacturer’s model was a success is noted by everyone.

There are also no revelations in execution, everything is harmonious and functional:

  1. Two large compartments separated by a single zip pocket. Plus a separate laptop compartment. Thanks to its size, any, the largest model will fit into it without problems.
  2. Thick back plus wide, padded shoulder straps. You can carry a fully packed backpack, and it is designed for a volume of up to 17 liters, you can all day without fear of fatigue.
  3. A separate pocket on the back wall allows you to easily, by touch, get the contents without removing the backpack from your back. In just one day, you will get so used to it that you will wonder how you managed without this convenient feature before.
  4. Even the top handle is large and soft;

And the most interesting thing is that the model has a hood. You do not get a prop that covers the back of the head / neck from behind, but a full-fledged element that protects from any precipitation. And of course, it is completely detachable: washing, leaving at home when the sun is out, is as easy as shelling pears.

Sports backpack RQ-916-1


Conciseness, emphasizing the style — the best definition of the model. The creators did the impossible: to make a capacious textile backpack truly versatile, perfectly combined with any clothing. Although it is best suited for sports style, which confirms its content:

  1. Made from black polyester. It does not get wet, does not fade, and in order to stain the material, you need to try hard: even after prolonged wear, the backpack looks like new.
  2. The insides are done in bright colors. This cannot but have a positive effect on your emotions when you open it every time.
  3. The uniform central compartment has the capacious sizes. Plus several zippered pockets. There are compartments for small items and larger electronic devices: a full-size tablet or netbook will fit easily. It opens up to the middle: in addition to a wide zipper, it fastens with two fastexes.
  4. Reinforced back, shoulder straps, top handle, separate back pocket. Everything is done with high quality, with a significant margin of safety.
  5. It weighs quite a bit: the mass is only a little over half a kilogram, while the capacity is 10 liters.

And so that prolonged wearing of a full backpack does not cause at least some discomfort, the model has a chest tie-lock. A seemingly insignificant element will allow you to fix the straps even more accurately, redistributing the load on the entire back.

But these are only three new models from our offer. Choose one of them or prefer some other, no less interesting and worthy — it’s not for us to decide. But what we can definitely guarantee is that you will not be left without a purchase.

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