Nubuck boots (36 photos): women’s, men’s or children’s models, what to wear

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Velor and suede give way to material such as nubuck. This is an unusual version of the skin with special characteristics. The fine-haired coating becomes especially durable and pleasant to the touch after tanning and grinding. In the fashion environment, nubuck boots are especially widespread — a characteristic and timeless thing. Nubuck timberlands remain one of the iconic solutions for men and women.

Women’s models from nubuck

The range of women’s models made of specially processed leather surprises with its variety. Traditional flats and platform shoes are always popular. There is a pair for every season. But it is worth remembering that nubuck shoes are not suitable for rainy and slushy weather. Therefore, they are not worn in damp autumn.


For frosty weather, designers have prepared insulated boots with anti-slip soles. Winter models have a practical palette and are often trimmed with fur. White, beige or smoky fur will be able to shade brown or black boots. Red lace-up models do not lose their relevance. Also for women there are insulated variations on the wedge, more reminiscent of ankle boots than the usual boots.

Shoes with a smooth toe look practical — treated with special impregnations that protect this part of the shoe from moisture.

The range of winter models for women is replete with bright pairs. Fashionistas will be able to try on products of scarlet, blue, terracotta, yellow and pink colors. Velcro nubuck boots are almost never found — lace-ups and zip variations are in trend.


For warm and dry autumn, boots without insulation are suitable. The fabric inner layer is enough to keep you comfortable in cool but not frosty weather. For autumn days, designers have prepared a variety of options for red-brown, sandy and yellow boots. They best match the autumn mood and are in harmony with the things of the base palette.

Low boots with a thick sole or a flat platform will become an indispensable thing in a youth wardrobe. Such products are more reminiscent of improved slip-ons, in which it will be cozy in early autumn. By tradition, shoe pairs of this design are decorated with snow-white soles, contrasting with the top.


Representatives of the stronger sex also gravitate towards nubuck. Men’s models are presented with practical lace-up boots with a long tongue, shortened variations with cuffs and combined products, where fleecy nubuck is adjacent to smooth leather, often in a contrasting color. Men’s timberlands break sales records every year. They are preferred by both teenagers and mature men, lovers of tourism and urban dandies. More practical, stylish and comfortable footwear in the winter season is hard to find. Also on sale are lightweight timberlands for autumn.

Let’s not disregard nubuck boots in khaki or anthracite in military style. Such pairs have a brutal design, corrugated soles, high berets. For lovers of the classics, there are laconic nubuck boots, more reminiscent of men’s shoes or Chelsea.

Variations in sporty style fit into the urban look. These are models of bolder colors, with good cushioning, decorative lacing and additional features. So, manufacturers of nubuck sports shoes offer men products with an anti-stress effect and the ability to remove excess moisture.

With natural fur

For the cold season, nubuck boots with natural fur as insulation are indispensable. These are warm shoes that will help out in severe frosts. Winter models with fur insulation usually have improved ankle protection, anti-slip soles, processed seams.

In addition to fur, some products are equipped with wool insulation. If we talk about branded shoes, then manufacturers tend to use only natural materials for the upper and lining. But eco-fur is increasingly found in the neighborhood with natural nubuck. It is an abrasion-resistant material that retains heat and prevents feet from fogging up in shoes. It allows not only to reduce the cost, but also to obtain a durable pair with good heat-retaining properties.


In the manufacture of children’s shoe pairs, nubuck in its pure form is rarely used, but this does not prevent manufacturers from combining treated leather with other materials. What distinguishes models for children is a rich palette of colors. On sale you can find multi-colored shoes, plain, but extremely bright models, delicate pairs in pastel colors. For girls and boys, shoes are made in characteristic colors, but unisex models are also found.


Walking in the yard will become more pleasant if you put on nubuck shoes like sneakers or dutiks, while colorful shoes will cheer you up and set the tone for the whole look. Yellow couples often appear in adult ensembles, but only in the children’s wardrobe can you find dazzling yellow and lemon models with smooth black leather trim. Caring for such shoes is not so difficult, because reinforced inserts protect shoes from abrasion and pollution in vulnerable places.


If Velcro boots are a rarity in the adult assortment, then every second pair of kids is equipped with a similar clasp. Models for girls in pink can be with contrasting Velcro, but more often they go in tone, and the clasp itself is decorated with floral embroidery or appliqués. The wider the Velcro, the more secure the fixation. Contrasting lacing is also found, however, it goes on boots for girls of school and adolescence. Models of marshmallow or fuchsia color with white lacing and fur trim around the edge look spectacular. Another fashionable option for pink is a powdery shade. It appears with enviable regularity not only in children’s, but also in women’s collections.


For boys, blue and blue shoes are more suitable, however, similar models are available for girls. A successful combination is recognized as a combination of blue nubuck and brown leather. Walnut cuffs and sole set off the base material. The seams on the shoes can also be in a contrasting color — sand or beige. A bold solution for a child’s wardrobe are blue boots with red lacing, and this option looks both on girls and boys.

How to clean nubuck boots

Nubuck fans admit that the material has one significant drawback — it has to be cleaned often, and this must be done correctly. If you take care of shoes not seriously enough, you can quickly ruin a new thing.

There are many ways to clean nubuck boots. Which one to choose depends on the color of the pair and the nature of the pollution.

It is important to follow the basic rules when caring for nubuck:

  • clean the product only after drying;
  • before applying cleaning products, dust and small contaminants are removed from the villi with a dry brush;
  • Cleaning natural nubuck can only be done with special products recommended by shoe manufacturers.

Budget nubuck made of synthetic materials is less whimsical to care for. To clean it, professional liquid products in the form of aerosols and homemade recipes will do.

Here is some of them:

  • dilute a tablespoon of vinegar in a liter of water, moisten the contaminated areas, you can apply a damp sponge or cotton pad, leave for a day;
  • dilute 1 part of ammonia in 4 parts of water, use in the same way as a solution of vinegar;
  • it is possible to clean the fleecy surface of salt with the help of semolina, which is poured into the place of stains, after which it is removed with a dry brush.

After cleaning and final drying of the shoes, they are treated with water-repellent sprays, which not only protect against moisture, but also save them from reagents. If you can’t put your shoes in order at home, professional nubuck dry cleaning will help out.

How to wear nubuck boots

Let’s talk about what to wear nubuck pairs with and in what outfits they are appropriate. In the men’s wardrobe, lace-up boots or pairs of zip-ups will find a place in a casual street look.

Representatives of the stronger sex combine red and brown boots with blue and blue palette jeans, khaki trousers and camouflage pants. For the top, puffy jackets, parkas, bombers, cropped down jackets will do.

In the female image, the following decisions are considered successful:

Informal shoes made of nubuck are in harmony with large-knit beanies, fur-trimmed hats with earflaps, knitted hats decorated with pompoms.


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