Provence style in clothes will create a mood of peace and tranquility

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French fashion is characterized by versatility and sophistication. Of the many stylistic manifestations, Provence is considered the most gentle, light and homely. In the modern rhythm of city life, rural romance and natural slowness are just not enough. The French Provence style in clothes will help create a mood of peace and tranquility. About when it was born and what it is, let’s try to find out together.

History of popularity

As an independent fashion trend, Provence was first noted in the middle of the last century. It was then that people from stone megacities began to increasingly rush to nature, preferring natural beauty to artificial structures. The countryside, with its beautiful landscapes and ringing silence, could not but affect the lifestyle of people, their hobbies and wardrobe.

Modern French Provence is very ambiguous. It notes the comfort of casual street style, distinctive hippie and charming boho. All these layers gradually penetrated Provence, enriching it with different colors and new silhouettes. At the same time, it remains a completely independent movement with its own rules and traditions.

Characteristic signs of style

All Provencal outfits are thoroughly saturated with femininity and discreet charm. The clothes are in no way tight, but flow freely along the body, gently enveloping it and slightly blurring the outlines of the silhouette.

The dominant feature of the style is layering. It manifests itself in a holistic image or in the design of individual elements of the costume. For example, a chiffon dress may consist of several petticoats or be embellished with several rows of puffy flounces. So that such clothes do not look too voluminous and heavy, choose thin fabrics for sewing. It is also not necessary to combine the layering and relief texture of the material in one suit.

The color scheme mainly consists of light colors. For Provencal images, the presence of bright saturated colors is atypical; natural colors prevail in it: white, cream, green, brown, gray, purple. All things have muted shades, imitating clothes that have faded in the sun.

Color combinations are calm. In clothes, pastel colors perfectly coexist without the slightest hint of sharp contrast. It is typical to create sets of parts painted in different tones of the same color. It looks very stylish and romantic. For those who love printed fabrics, you should pay attention to patterns with floral ornaments, small polka dots, and floral patterns.

The natural orientation of the Provencal style is well expressed through the texture of materials. The advantage is soft fabrics of natural origin: woolen or cotton jersey, jersey, thin denim, linen. In the French style, different types of lace are actively used. Woven fabric can be the basis of the product, as well as serve as an elegant decoration for a romantic ensemble.

Women’s clothing in the style of Provence: photos of fashionable images

The most popular wardrobe items are dresses, skirts, blouses. There are no short things in the Provence style, the optimal length of midi or maxi products. A flared skirt with a high waist, a lace blouse, and a vest are an example of a typical Provencal set. If you complement it with leather shoes with a low, stable heel, an elegant small handbag and a hat made of light straw, then in this form you can go for a walk, a date or just shopping.

Free-cut dresses do not constrain movements and allow you to feel light and comfortable. Patterned embroidery on the bodice or hem looks beautiful, a discreet pattern of small flowers, peacock feathers. Very spectacular dresses, in which the sleeves are made of thin guipure or openwork fabric. Their length is chosen arbitrarily.

In summer, they often wear sundresses with wide straps, expanding downwards and decorated with ruffles. Assemblies on the bodice, curly yoke, elastic at the waist look beautiful.

Free-cut trousers and shorts made of thin light fabrics such as linen and cotton are allowed. In the Provencal wardrobe, they do not take up much space, preference is given to feminine products.

The layering of the ensemble is created by vests, jackets, boleros, cardigans. Particular attention is paid to knitwear, which is simply necessary in cool weather. In the French wardrobe, a sweater with embossed patterns, a spacious poncho, a long hand-woven sweater will not be superfluous. In the summer, knitwear is chosen from thin, light yarn.

An openwork beret, a simple hat, knitted from cotton or viscose fabric, perfectly complement the romantic look. Straw hats are decorated with ribbons and flowers.

Shoes in Provence style are made of textiles, matte leather or suede. A high hairpin or bright decor is completely unacceptable. You should choose shoes with a low platform or a small, rough-looking heel. This successfully emphasizes the elegance of the lady’s legs and the lightness of flowing fabrics.

Accessories in the Provencal style can not only complement the image, but also become the focus of the entire ensemble. In the wardrobe for women, it is desirable to have high socks, leather or suede gloves, spacious handbags with fringe, textile or leather belts. A hand-knitted openwork shawl or a wide stole scarf looks very cozy.

Provence style in clothes for men

The wardrobe for the strong half is distinguished by a not too wide range of products. Elegance and romanticism are typical signs of female images. Therefore, men should carefully select the elements of the costume for themselves.

In relation to the choice of color and texture of fabrics, the same rules apply as for women’s models. Pants choose straight or slightly tapered. They are sewn from soft fabrics of a single color or with a print in the form of a small cell or a thin strip. Light-colored shirts with a classic cut are complemented by a vest, an elegant jacket. Of the additional items for men, comfortable shoes, tight boots, leather belts, round hats are offered.

The French Provence style helps women look beautiful and sexy, but by no means vulgar. For men in a fashionable way, comfort and practicality are important.


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