Raincoat shoes — choose the right pair

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Fashionistas, in an effort to attract attention and emphasize external advantages, resort to a variety of tricks and unexpected design solutions. Stylish clothes and unusual shoe samples are used, the combination of which gives the effect of extravagance and inimitability of the female image. Exclusive shoes are selected for a raincoat, suitable in style or completely opposite in purpose and appearance. Young people use sports, avant-garde and casual shoe designs, older women prefer classic style shoes.

How to choose the right shoes?

Before you make a fashionable bow, think over your image to the smallest detail so that everything is harmonious and natural in it. If you are going to work, it is better to wear a classic raincoat and traditional shoes that are comfortable and practical. For a holiday, it is appropriate to use an elegant kid or leather top, combined with ankle boots, high-heeled shoes, closed stiletto sandals.

For walks, parking lots and jackets are quite suitable — raincoats worn with sneakers, sneakers or moccasins. Outerwear with a hood on a drawstring and sleeves with an elastic band looks harmoniously with shoe samples for sports purposes. Street style accepts fitted designs with double-breasted collars up to or below the knee and wedges or flats. When choosing the elements of the ensemble, one should take into account its purpose, seasonality, the type of raincoat model and the style of shoes.

In order to choose the right shoes for a raincoat, it is necessary to take into account many factors — fashion and taste preferences, individual characteristics, age and build of women, as well as the style and design of things.. For example, a double-breasted raincoat with double fittings looks especially sophisticated and elegant in combination with classic platform or high-heeled shoes.

Fitted products will make the perfect pair with high boots, ankle boots or zip-up shoes. A free-cut medium-length raincoat can be safely combined with timberlands, sneakers or boots with a comfortable shock-absorbing sole.


When combining clothes and shoes, it is important to consider the length of the clothes in order to balance the figure and create an organic look. What shoes to choose for a short raincoat? Youth fashion welcomes flat shoes, wedges or low platforms, although mid-heeled shoes or oxfords look no less organic.

Long raincoats go well with over the knee boots and cropped skirts, high-top boots and shorts. Versatile mid-length pieces can be worn with platform boots of the optimal height, loafers or shoes with stacked heels. A cropped raincoat for sports purposes will organically connect with sneakers, slip-ons, moccasins or converse.


Depending on the weather and time of year, one or another clothing and certain shoes are used. For example, summer raincoats go well with rubber boots, and light capes — dresses can be safely combined with ballet flats, slippers or sandals. In the spring, tight-fitting jackets made of leather, raincoat or denim, combined with elegant shoes, high-heeled sandals, ankle boots, and high-top leather boots, will come in handy. Autumn ensembles include jackets, parkas, coats, sewn like raincoats and paired with solid boots, sneakers, loafers or oxfords.. Winter insulated models on fleece, interlock are perfectly combined with over the knee boots, boots with thick soles, boots with natural insole and fur trim.

In the warm season, sneakers, moccasins, sneakers, gladiators, clogs will come in handy. In the off-season, you can wear ankle boots, monks, topsiders, Chelsea. In winter, uggs, boots with shock-absorbing soles, timberlands are appropriate. Depending on the purpose of the ensemble and seasonality, shoes with heels are chosen: brick, stiletto, hourglass, cone, wedge or kitten hills. In the spring, a combination is popular — a beige raincoat and black shoes, in the summer they wear bright yellow or white capes, combining them with ballet flats or pumps in neutral tones. In autumn, rubberized raincoats of discreet colors are relevant, combined with rubber boots, timberlands, and in cold winter they wear dark holofiber raincoats, complementing them with good-quality fur-lined shoes in muted shades.

business style

Business women choose exclusive models of raincoats with special properties and certain features, pairing them with platform boots, stacked heels or elegant leather shoes. Trench coats, jackets, fitted samples on the belt, along with classic shoes, will allow you to create fashionable, attractive and harmonious bows.

At business meetings, presentations, dark shoes are worn under a light raincoat. This combination is the most successful, as it focuses on beautiful legs, adds cuteness to the image and emphasizes the natural feminine charm. If the top is a neutral tone, then shoe samples can be gray, brown, beige, blue and even red. A bright raincoat of an expressive shade can be combined with the same catchy shoes or samples of muted shades.

street look

To create a street style, cropped jackets, jackets — raincoats, capes, parking lots are quite acceptable, which can be combined with ballet flats, slip-ons, high top sneakers or shoes with medium heels. A long raincoat combined with Cossacks, boots with combined inserts, and ankle boots looks stylish.

Fashionistas wear short raincoats along with over the knee boots, emphasizing their own individuality and inimitable image. An interesting combination — raincoat + sneakers provides incredible comfort and originality of appearance. Moreover, the length of the raincoat can vary — sports shoe samples look equally good paired with short and long models.

Urban «grunge»

Girls strive to look amazing in any place — at work, for a walk, meeting with friends, cultural or solemn event. City life requires a special selection of things that are distinguished by sophistication and originality.. It is no coincidence that fashionistas find the most unusual design solutions and adorn themselves with things with a certain twist. Raincoats with slanting pockets, capes on the shoulders, asymmetrical hem, no collar on a wide belt, with bologna sleeves and a knitted hood are used. The models are complemented by high lace-up boots with fur trim, boots with a narrow toe and a wide top, tractor-soled shoes or multi-colored slip-ons.

Urban style includes many directions — rock, military, youth fashion, so shoes and clothes for various purposes and formats are used. It is permissible to use samples of the most incredible shapes and colors. For example, a pink kid raincoat can be combined with black, white, gray or beige suede or textile shoes. The red top will become the main accent of the style if you wear shoes of discreet colors. Popular black raincoats are complemented by shoes made of genuine leather in black, salmon, turquoise, blue or gray.


When choosing shoe samples, the composition of outerwear materials should be taken into account. For example, light cotton items will perfectly connect with textile slip-ons or suede ankle boots. Quilted raincoats have an interesting texture and patterns as a result of weaving seams and are perfectly complemented by boots and boots made of artificial or ecological leather.

Insulated winter models with a fur collar, leather and velvet trim will make a harmonious tandem with solid shoe samples made from natural materials. Youth fashion welcomes innovative leather models in combination with sports shoes made of polyurethane and rubber.


Raincoats as an element of women’s wardrobe appeared a very long time ago, but initially these were ancient Greek men’s clothing that protected riders from dust and wind. It is no coincidence that the first copies were made of dense fabrics in dark tones, masking stains and dirt. Today, raincoats perform not only a protective, but also a decorative function, so fashion designers offer thousands of options for raincoats in a variety of colors.

You can purchase a white, red, chocolate, gray, beige sample with a combination of details and color fragments. Shoe samples of neutral shades are suitable for such things. Stylists advise using shoes that match the color of the main product, setting the tone and shaping the style. However, it is allowed to use combinations of elements of completely different colors and styles.

If in the image there is a deviation from the traditional ways of composing ensembles, then here they talk about the avant-garde and originality of the female image. Do not be afraid to experiment and create the most inimitable styles, this way you will attract the attention of others, emphasize your own individuality and female identity.

For example, you can combine a classic-style brown fitted raincoat with multi-colored slip-ons or beige sneakers. A long trench coat, which is usually combined with high-heeled shoes, will look romantic and expressive when combined with lime-colored sneakers with an elastic band instead of laces. The most practical and popular is the black raincoat, which accentuates the style and adds extravagance to the image. Complement an elegant free-cut pattern with high-top white sneakers, colored sneakers or boots with knitted wool elements, and you will look stylish, inimitable and original.


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