Review of the new Ors Oro collection (Autumn-Winter 2019)

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Basic product requirements:

  • their own, recognizable style: they are not like any other brand;
  • interesting prices: products are available to everyone;
  • only high-quality materials, therefore eco-leather is used for production;
  • versatility: most of them do not just fit any style of clothing, many of them are 100% unisex.

All this is only in the hands of everyone who chooses products from Ors Oro. The glorious name of the company not only did not suffer: now you have the opportunity to touch the legend for very little money. And you can do it at least every day.

Therefore, for all our compatriots, the brand has presented a completely new Fall-Winter 2019 collection, consisting of:

Women’s backpacks

The accessory, which has long ceased to be an attribute of only an avid hiker or schoolboy, was chosen with pleasure by fashionistas of all ages, as it is a «3 in 1»:

  • very practical — hands are always free;
  • incredibly stylish: women’s backpacks do not fit well;
  • always fashionable: they are out of time, out of the currently popular trends.

And in order not to get confused, remember: the name of all items from the new collection begins with DW-8 .. These women’s backpacks:

  • Absolutely all colors. Both restrained and imperceptible, and catchy, even defiant. Now it will not be difficult to choose the model you like in shape.
  • Made from the best material available today. Even if you wear them every day, after a long time, they will look the same as on the first day after purchase.
  • Incredibly lightweight yet very durable. This is also the merit of the material from which they are made.
  • Made from textured, shiny or matte eco-leather. The same model can be made of a universal material that differs not only in appearance, but also in touch.
  • Printed, plain or multi-color. Such a variety will allow you to choose a backpack for both a young girl who loves everything bright on the verge of kitsch, and an older lady. At the same time, this does not affect functionality or capacity in any way.
  • A variety of forms, with and without a valve. And each representative of the fair sex will find the use of additional pockets and compartments herself.
  • All used fittings and decorative elements are made with a significant margin of safety. Now you can not worry that at the most inopportune moment the lightning will break, the dog will be lost or the rivet will fall out.
  • Many of them have a compartment for a laptop. With all the compactness of the selected women’s backpack, even he will fit.

But most importantly, there are more than one hundred of them in the assortment of our store, so there is no doubt: it will be incredibly difficult to make the right choice. If you have a preference for color, purpose or price, be sure to use the appropriate filters. This will definitely save you a lot of time.

DW-800_2.jpg DW-804_2.jpg DW-806_2.jpg DW-809_4.jpg

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Men’s backpacks

Represented by 7 models, which:

  • They have one or two straps. There are more of the latter — this way the transferred weight is correctly redistributed to the entire back, so it will be possible to load them with heavy contents, and not just a tablet, documents and a wallet, without thinking whether it is convenient or not.
  • Small on the outside, big on the inside. And these are not just words: even the largest RM-94 is only 30 x 44 cm, while the rest are much smaller.
  • They weigh little. The mass of only RM-96 is more than one kilogram. All other backpacks did not cross this psychological mark.
  • The back is a special pride of the developers. Even if you carry a full backpack on your back all day, you won’t get tired: the load is distributed evenly.
  • They have a lot of compartments and pockets, allowing even a large number of things carried with them to be successfully, ergonomically placed. It remains only to get used to exactly where everything lies.
  • All are done in discreet, dark colors. Even minor bright elements only emphasize this severity. For all their youth, they are perfect for older men.
  • Finally, they look restrained and even discreet, but at the same time stylish — much more expensive than they really are.

At the same time, almost any of the models presented is perfect for the fair sex, especially if they prefer the appropriate style in clothes, shoes, hair, make-up and more.

RM-90_1.jpg RM-92_1.jpg RM-93_1.jpg RM-95_4.jpg

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Handbags for ladies

Someone will say that there are insanely many of them. And he will be right. In the assortment of our online store there are many items that differ in:

  • Colors, patterns and shades. Now there will be no models that you like in design, but in no way harmonize with your favorite dress or trouser suit. Choosing the best combination, given our rich assortment, will not be difficult.
  • Form. Diversity is beyond words: you just need to see them.
  • Execution: soft, hard or «boxes». Whichever of them you prefer, we have any: you can rest assured that you won’t leave without a purchase.
  • Dimensions and, accordingly, capacity. Ors Oro has prepared a variety of bags for its customers, both for everyday wear and for going to the theater or on a romantic date.
  • With and without a handle. It depends on your choice: the brand’s designers took into account this wish of our customers.
  • Finished with additional elements or, on the contrary, incredibly strict. A handbag can be both a central part of the holistic image of its owner and, on the contrary, an inconspicuous thing “in itself”.
  • Finally, eco-leather, from which all bags of the brand are made, can be matte or glossy, with or without texture, even with a pattern under the skin or completely futuristic colors.

The demand for really high-quality and interesting handbags has always exceeded the supply, so if your goal is to purchase the very best ladies’ handbag of any shape, color and shade, then choose from positions whose name begins with DW-8 .. So you are guaranteed not to go wrong.

DW-856_3.jpg DW-857_1.jpg DW-858_1.jpg DW-862_4.jpg

Which one to choose is up to you. But the fact that she will not be the only one, and in the very near future you will pick up a few more for yourself or as a gift, there is no doubt.

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