Reviews about Kari’s shoes. Is it worth buying — we study the opinions and customer reviews

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  1. Store assortment
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  3. Customer Reviews

Buy or not inexpensive shoes, everyone decides for himself. In addition, often this is not a matter of taste, but a banal financial issue. Shoe chain kari is well known to Russians. The choice in stores is always large, the prices are most often more than affordable.

The last argument often alarms potential buyers. Why are shoes so cheap? And although the store provides a guarantee for each purchase, people still do not have an unambiguous opinion about the reputation of kari. Reviews are also contradictory. Let’s figure out what’s what.

Store assortment

The range of the brand includes women’s, men’s and children’s collections, as well as a line of accessories. Bags, belts, jewelry have no less items than shoes themselves. The official website presents the trademarks AlessioNesca and Pierre Cardin.

From shoes here you can find everything that only your heart desires. For the summer — ballet flats, shoes, moccasins, loafers. Boots, boots, over the knee boots for the cold season. Models are distinguished by rich colors. Some are decorated, others are classically styled. The men’s collection is no less diverse.

The karikids line includes not only children’s shoes, but also clothes for toddlers and older children. The range includes outerwear, overalls, jeans, dresses, T-shirts, underwear. Discounted items can be bought quite inexpensively. For example, a sweater for a boy for 400 rubles.

Production cost

Shoes «Kari» are made of both artificial leather and genuine leather. Prices vary depending on the material, insulation, season. So, ballet flats made of artificial leather can be bought for 200-700 rubles. Genuine leather shoes cost 2000-3000. Winter boots — from 2300 to 12000 rubles. As you can see, definitely cheap products of this brand can not be called.

Significantly cheaper kari shoes can be bought during seasonal sales. They are held both on the official website of the company and in ordinary chain stores. In addition, «Kari» constantly arranges various promotions, offering two products for the price of one and the like.

Thanks to all these special offers, students and teenagers often become buyers of Kari stores. Girls and boys choose for themselves stylish sneakers, sneakers, slip-ons, accessories.

Customer Reviews

The Internet era is good because many people share their own experience completely disinterestedly. The decision to buy a particular product can be made based on the opinions of those who have already chosen it.

But among buyers of kari shoes, there was no consensus on its convenience and quality. Some call such advantages as a diverse range, low prices, a large assortment. Others complain about the fragility and inconvenience, a rough last. In general, the same product leaves people with surprisingly different impressions.

The conclusion suggests itself that «Kari» is unlikely to please the discerning buyer. “Shoes fit, but are tight and rubbing. Feet sweat in them. Similar remarks are found in many reviews. It is clear that not every person will feel comfortable in such shoes. Especially if he already has something to compare with.

However, you can always buy a pair of shoes and draw your own conclusions. Moreover, the prices of many models quite allow such an experiment to be carried out. All products are guaranteed for a period of two months. In the event that problems are found, the store issues a refund.



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