Rieker shoe stores. Features and secrets of Swiss «anti-stress» shoes

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  1. shoe dynasty
  2. How Antistress Works
  3. Who are these shoes for?
  4. Shoes for the warm season
  5. Winter collection: boots, boots, ankle boots

Shoes «Antistress» — this is the name under which the products of the Swiss brand Rieker have been known for many years. Someone considers it not the most fashionable, and someone complains about the style monotony of the collections. Nevertheless, year after year, Riker shoes retain their well-recognized appearance and quality characteristics. At the same time, she does not have fewer fans.

This is confirmed by the well-developed brand network in Moscow. In many shopping centers, among other shoe departments, you will definitely find Rieker brand stores.

shoe dynasty

For almost a century and a half, the production of Riker shoes has been a family business. All this time, the management of the company is transferred from fathers to sons. Perhaps that is why the features of products do not change for decades. They are taken as seriously as family traditions.

Today, the company is managed from Switzerland. Production is concentrated in several countries, including Vietnam, Morocco, Tunisia, Romania. And, of course, Germany. The founders of Rieker are from there. It is interesting that the first to appreciate their shoes were not German compatriots at all, but Italians. And they definitely had something to compare with.

How Antistress Works

No matter how much we talk about fashion, tired legs are an argument that you can’t argue with. Especially if most of the day there is no opportunity to change into something homemade or simply lighter. What is your situation? So, once you put on really comfortable shoes, you are unlikely to refuse them.

Once upon a time, «anti-stress» shoes were represented by «Riker» with only one collection. However, over time, the owners of the company have made Antistress technology the main concept of their work. It remains so today. Its essence is simple: the development of shoes in which the feet rest more than they get tired. Try to carefully consider and try on any Ricker boots. Most likely they will:

— Very light compared to others. Weight is usually small due to the polyurethane sole. Even men’s winter boots (and these are, as a rule, massive shoes) feel like light shoes on their feet.

— To have an unusual last — a rather wide toe and a high instep.

— Made from soft genuine leather or suede.

— To create during the fitting the feeling that you are wearing slippers.

The last fact is explained simply: Rieker shoes use orthopedic insoles. The elastic outsole minimizes the impact on the feet. It creates a shock-absorbing effect, as in good running shoes. With the difference that the shoes do not look sporty at all and are designed for walking, and daily.

Who are these shoes for?

There is no doubt: there will always be women of fashion who are ready to sacrifice comfort in favor of beauty and grace. Of course, they can wear stilettos in ice or patent leather in the heat. But, surprise: even on the shelves of their wardrobes, a pair of sneakers, comfortable boots, low-heeled sandals will be absolutely found. It’s just that we are all living people and we all want to feel normal physically.

And it is highly likely that at least one of these pairs will be Rieker. These shoes can hardly be called trendy: discreet colors, extended toe, the heel in most cases is small. But people of all ages can choose something from the assortment of Moscow stores to their taste. Shoes or boots «Riker» can be seen on both young girls and older people.

Judging by the reviews, quite often one pair is enough for several seasons. Customers also like the fact that you don’t have to get used to new shoes. You put it on — and it seems that they are sewn exactly on your leg. This is a feature of orthopedic shoes. It «repeats» the structure of the foot, so it does not cause any discomfort.

It is easy to guess that for all its merits, Riker does not belong to the category of cheap shoes. The cost of winter models starts from five thousand rubles. Summer and demi-season — from three and a half thousand. In Moscow, there are departments and discount centers where you can save a lot on purchases. Of course, you should not neglect seasonal discounts — it is more convenient to track them in online stores.

Shoes for the warm season

In summer, it is especially important that shoes are light. Especially if the legs quickly get tired and swell, which in the heat, in general, is not uncommon. In all Riker brand stores, in the spring you can pick up shoes or sandals to your taste.

Models with closed toe and heel are also suitable for the office. Moreover, Rieker’s color scheme is always calm. Beige, gray, brown, black, soft shades of other colors.

For less formal situations, walking and relaxing, there are clogs, sandals, open sandals.

Perforated leather shoes can often be seen in both women’s and men’s collections.

Winter collection: boots, boots, ankle boots

In the cold, Rieker’s signature lightness is appreciated for another reason. People get tired of heavy winter clothes and shoes. Therefore, the new «Riker» boots can be a pleasant exception. Nevertheless, winter models are insulated with a fur lining, that is, they are great for the Russian winter.

Women’s boots usually have a small steady heel. Often there are flat soles or wedges. Both suede and leather models can be combined with jeans, skirts, winter clothes of any length.

Rieker men’s shoes are usually presented in a classic or casual style. Boots — often overpriced, always with a rather thick corrugated sole. They practically do not slide on ice. There are quite a few models that have both laces and a side zipper. Very convenient for those who from time to time put their shoes on in a hurry.

Rieker does not position itself as a manufacturer of sports shoes. But in many models, the features of the urban style are harmoniously combined with the recognizable outlines of sneakers or sneakers. Both young people and older people often choose them for the winter, as well as for the spring-autumn.

In general, the Rieker range is large enough to pick up a pair for both a sports jacket and a classic coat.



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