Roll-top backpacks: simple, stylish, functional

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History of roll-top backpacks

It is worth looking at the assortment of even such a large store as ours, as it seems that it is already impossible to come up with anything new in the field of backpacks. And the novelties are only a slight improvement on existing varieties or the expansion of the line due to original color trends or the use of new materials.

Roll tops are knocked out of the general line. But the solution, where the “shoulder bag” does not fasten with a zipper, does not tighten with a cord and does not have a valve, is not fair to call it a 100% novelty, since in many European armies of the 14th-15th centuries it was part of the uniform of infantrymen. And later, special detachments of shooters operating not only in Europe, but also in Asia, Africa and even overseas, used it for everyday use. Therefore, the definition of «everything new — well-forgotten old» fits them, just in time.

The advantages of roll-top backpacks have long been well known:

  • Absolute protection of the contents from the vicissitudes of the weather. Even if you find yourself under a May shower, you can not worry that water will get on your favorite laptop, or such important documents will suffer from moisture.
  • There are no lightnings diverging / breaking / chewing on the contents at the most inopportune moment, especially when in a hurry. On the contrary, you can put it on without closing it and not worry about losing the contents.
  • You can increase the useful volume. You don’t have to hang anything outside, pick up an extra bag/briefcase, or put things that don’t fit into a plastic bag.
  • Roll tops are unattractive to pickpockets. Unlike models with a zipper, they cannot be opened imperceptibly. So you can travel in public transport without fear for the contents, you can completely calmly.
  • He has a versatile look, he fits any style of clothing. Roll tops have no gender, age restrictions or status. They can be seen behind the backs of teenagers who cannot imagine their life without a bicycle, and on the shoulder of an already adult manager leaving a business class car.
  • Finally, these backpacks look stylish, they are timeless, out of fashion. It’s definitely not worth worrying about having a model from the century before last, especially if you have chosen a high-quality, worthy thing.

Thanks to all this, it is not surprising that in the offer of all manufacturers there is not one, but several such backpacks at once.

What is in the online store

The fact that roll-tops are experiencing another round of popularity is no secret. However, in order to be in trend, attractive to buyers, only the form factor is not enough. Therefore, our offer includes backpacks such as:

Model in two colors for ladies

This roll-top will be appreciated by beautiful ladies of all ages, as at a very affordable price it has:

  • Large central compartment with a separate double pocket plus another for gadgets. Convenient, and at the same time it is an additional protection for electronic devices.
  • With reinforced back. And if you remember about the soft, wide straps, it will become clear: even after a whole day of wearing socks, you will not get tired.
  • Two external pockets: one on the front, one on the back. You can get the contents without removing the backpack: everything is at hand.
  • Convenient handle-loop, for which you can not only rearrange, but also carry it.

Despite the fact that it is available in only two options — blue-turquoise or raspberry-violet, this backpack will suit any wardrobe / clothing style. The manufacturer did a good job combining these bright, but at the same time universal colors.

RX-945-1_3#2.jpg RX-945-1_4#2.jpg

Youth unisex backpack

This model is a classic roll-top, produced in four colors at once. Classic black, its combination with gray or orange, as well as blue-turquoise. It will be quite difficult to choose one of them, if you prefer not a monostyle in clothes.

In addition, these backpacks boast:

  • The material from which they are made. The polyester used is a special pride of the brand. It does not fade, does not get wet, to get it dirty, you need to try hard. Even with prolonged, active use, the appearance of the roll-top will remain the same.
  • Ergonomics are also on top. Outside/inside pockets, separate tablet/laptop compartment, expandable insert – all of these are nice, sought-after features.
  • Padded shoulder straps, padded back, top handle. Most buyers of this model will have only one question: “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

RU-814-1_1_2.jpg RU-814-1_2_2.jpg

Two tone roll top for men

Another classic model with a rolling valve, in which there is nothing superfluous, while everything is at hand. At least you won’t have to get used to it, but you will intuitively close and open, find exactly what you need in the insides.

He pleases:

  • Color. A combination of black and orange. An ageless trend that has become very popular again.
  • Ergonomics. Shoulder straps / handle, external / internal pockets, a separate compartment for electronic devices — everything is thought out to the smallest detail. It is incredibly comfortable regardless of your height or the weight of the contents carried in a backpack.
  • Execution. From the material to the cut and tailoring, there is nothing to complain about, everything is done superbly.

A model that has only one drawback — volume: 10 liters speak of its strictly urban use, it is not suitable for longer voyages.


Non-standard solution to a standard problem

And for those who are struggling with the choice (there are many models in the store, but you need to buy one), we offer this very unusual option, which is not only suitable for men and women, but also has no age restrictions.

He has:

  • Two entrances to the backpack. Top — classic (twisted, fastened with fastex) and on the side, with a zipper.
  • Not only the straps will be mesh, but the whole it is made of a special material. Even in the summer heat, you will not sweat, and your body will breathe.
  • One inner pocket plus two outer pockets, all with a zipper.
  • Finally, incredibly light: an empty backpack weighs just over 300 grams. But the light weight did not affect the volume or the allowable weight of the contents.

And the acid-green color, used not only for individual external elements, but also for interior decoration, will be appreciated by those who are tired of the monotonous, gray everyday life.

Now it’s up to the small: to choose exactly the model that will fully and completely meet all the requirements for a roll-top backpack, which will definitely last more than one season.

RQ-918-1_1#2.jpg RQ-918-1_1#4.jpg

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