Safety rules at night: a reminder for children

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We talk about the rules for the safe behavior of children and parents at night: a step-by-step memo, practical tips, a comparison of reflective accessories.

Imagine you and your child are walking along a dark street: you stayed at school, kindergarten, or returned home late from guests. Nothing to worry about, everything is under control. After all, adults are around. And if you are at work, and the older children are taken away, or the child had to return home on his own? We believe that everyone should know the rules of conduct at night — this is your guarantee of safety.

Rules for safe behavior at night

  • Become more visible in the dark. According to traffic police statistics, reflectors reduce mortality after road accidents by 18-20%. But they can be forgotten somewhere, lost, not all children want to walk with reflectors. We strongly recommend a backpack with reflective elements — it is always with you: in kindergarten, at school, at training, at a party. And in the new GRIZZLY collection there are luminous models.
  • Choose the right route. The shortest route is not always the safest. It is better to walk on crowded, lit streets, rather than dark courtyards where you can face various dangers. For example, a hole was left in the yard after the next repair of a road or a heating main. In the dark, it is not visible — it is traumatic.
  • Looking for a company. Find people who are on the road with you: ask your friends, classmates or teacher about it. You will go some part of the road together, or it may turn out that your comrades go even further and they will accompany you to your home.
  • Keep valuables with you. Do not take money, expensive phone, jewelry and other valuables in front of passers-by. They attract thieves and scammers. Children often violate this safety rule — hooligans take their phones from them. Be careful.
  • Do not communicate with strangers. If someone asks “how to get to the library”, “what time is it”, “where does this bus go”, answer briefly and move on. Do not agree to escort strangers even to a neighboring yard. Don’t get into someone else’s car. If a person insists, tell him the phrase on duty: “I can’t, my father (friend, boyfriend) is coming towards me, we will warm up.”
  • Move towards traffic. If there is no sidewalk or it is covered with snow, walk along the side of the road towards the cars. So you can react to the traffic situation, even if the driver did not notice you. But it is better to think in advance that the child in the dark can be seen from afar.

We take care of safety in the dark in advance:


Effective only in headlights

If children quickly run out onto the road, the driver notices them at the very last moment. It is no longer possible to prevent an accident. If a car drives without light at dusk, a pedestrian may not be noticed at all.

Not all are durable

Reflective stickers have become fashionable. Parents glue them on clothes, accessories, toys. But after the first wash, you can forget about safety at night. The reflective element loses its properties.

often lost

Not all children want to wear reflective key rings and bracelets. Someone loses them, and someone just takes them off: I don’t want, it’s not fashionable, I don’t like it.

Luminous backpack GRIZZLY.


Visible at any time of the day in any light

Special inserts are sewn on all sides — they reflect the light of headlights and lanterns. The glow of the LED strip is clearly visible day and night. Fabrics of bright colors and a teasing red tongue are hard to miss.

Wear resistant materials

The fabric is treated with water and dirt-repellent impregnation — literally does not get dirty. If it still needs to be cleaned, the luminous elements retain all their properties.

Carry with you always and everywhere

Not all children want to wear reflective key rings and bracelets. Someone loses them, and someone just takes them off: I don’t want, it’s not fashionable, I don’t like it.

Video review of the preschool backpack RK-075-1

Of course, safety rules must be observed, and parents must monitor the behavior of their children! However, if there is an opportunity to prevent danger before it even appears, why not take advantage of this? We will deliver a luminous backpack model to any region of Russia.

rs_070_3_ryukzak_detskiy rs_898_2_ryukzak_detskiy rs_991_1_ryukzak_detskiy

In addition, we have many cool bright models in the catalog with reflectors, but without illumination (for example, garden treats, hippopotamus, other animals). Choose the backpack that you like the most and wear it with pleasure.