School backpacks with ergonomic anatomical back

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  1. For the youngest students
  2. Backpack with anatomical back
  3. What else is important

Buying everything you need for the start of the school year is an event. Children with excitement choose everything bright, fashionable, cool. Parents, on the other hand, worry, compare prices and strictly evaluate the functionality of each item. A school backpack is one of the most important and responsible purchases that they have to make.

“Keep your back straight! Don’t slouch!» Familiar words, right? We all heard them in childhood. And they are ready to repeat to their children. Although there are dozens of times more opportunities to take care of the health of a child’s spine in advance than during our childhood.

Then there was no question which briefcase or knapsack to choose. There was a question: what can be found in stores. It was with what was or was obtained by the parents «acquaintance» that the current adults went to first grade. Today, you know, everything is different.

For the youngest students

The future first-grader goes with mom or dad to the store. And there his eyes just run wide! Everything is so beautiful, colorful, shiny. And if you already got a school backpack with your favorite «Cars», fairies or Spiderman … It will be difficult to switch attention. Meanwhile, parents have to focus, first of all, not on cartoon characters. They care about how ergonomic a backpack is offered to them.

These feelings are completely understandable. Curvature of posture is easy to earn in the first grade, because the spine at this age is flexible and “obedient”. But problems can be prevented if you choose the right school backpack.

Backpack with anatomical back

How much does a new student have to carry with him! Notebooks, textbooks, atlases. On top, a sports uniform or shift will fit. If mom doesn’t keep track and put it all in a separate bag.

Here lies the main difficulty of the choice: the backpack itself should be quite light. Its weight in a filled state, that is, with all the school supplies inside, should not exceed ten percent of the owner’s weight.

That is, if a child weighs, for example, 25 kg, then he should have no more than two and a half kilos behind him. So, it makes sense to go to choose a backpack with already bought books and other school property. To roughly imagine how the purchase meets medical requirements.

Younger schoolchildren are usually recommended not backpacks, but satchels. The knapsack, by definition, has a more rigid shape. It can also be completed with a plastic back. However, it will weigh more than a soft and light backpack. So what to do?

In fact, many modern models can also work great. But the first and main condition in this case is the presence of the very anatomical backrest that orthopedists constantly talk about. It is easy to recognize by semicircular soft pads. They are located in such a way that the backpack fits snugly against the back, without forcing it to bend in an arc under the weight of the load.

Often such a back is complemented by special slings fastened on the chest of the child. They are needed to evenly distribute the load on the body.

What else is important

The size of a school backpack, of course, is just as important. The top and bottom should ideally match the shoulders and lower back. The same is with the width: you should not take a satchel, the edges of which “stick out” from behind the back of the child.

The correct distribution of the load depends not only on the orthopedic backrest, but also on the straps. Good straps — soft and fairly wide. Of course, they are adjustable in length and do not cut into the shoulders.

Dense waterproof fabric is a sure sign of a good backpack. Under this condition, it will withstand the weight of textbooks, and bad weather, and children’s games. The latter sometimes take on an unexpected scale: the backpack is used either as a winter sleigh or instead of a soccer ball. Needless to say, children are children at all times.

Of course, before buying it is worth checking all the locks and zippers. We are used to doing this when choosing clothes, bags or shoes. In the case of school uniforms, this is especially important. Firstly, a brand new backpack will pass the strength test more than once. We have already mentioned this above. Secondly, what will a seven-year-old child do with a “jammed” lightning? Make sure it closes and opens normally.

If we choose a backpack rather than a knapsack, it is worth looking at how it is organized inside. Since it still does not differ in a rigid form, internal compartments are required. Well, if there are several of them and of different sizes. Then your baby will not have to be upset because of crumpled notebooks and lost pencils.

And the last. Even if you bought a good school backpack, that’s not all. Teach your child how to use it correctly. Make sure that during school preparations he lays out books that will not be useful tomorrow. Explain why you should not carry a full backpack on one shoulder or carry it in your hand.

That’s all. The requirements are not that difficult. Especially when you consider that the health and good posture of your child depends on their implementation.



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