Short skirt in a cage — a bright accent of your image

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Every year, fashion shows showcase stunning skirts of various shapes, lengths and colors. Every woman can choose a stylish thing for herself, taking into account taste and fashion claims. The short plaid skirt, which is a concise, pretty and feminine product, does not lose its relevance.. The length is acceptable for a youth audience and is in demand among girls who prefer classics and urban style. A cute product becomes a bright accent of the image and adds aristocracy and luxury to the ladies.


The prototype of the modern checkered pattern is the Scottish skirt, which many centuries ago was used selectively by men. Today, the thing is relevant and popular with young fashionistas around the world. Among the numerous models, it is a short plaid skirt that can radically change the image and bring lightness and coquetry into it. The minimum length allows you to emphasize the best sides of the figure — slender legs and toned buttocks.

Owners of a boyish figure can safely wear flared models that soften angular shapes. A slightly tapered skirt will help full girls look erotic and sexy, as it will focus on the seductive curves of the hips. Bright samples will add freshness and novelty to the female look, and discreet check tones will create a strict and business style.


Pencil skirts are suitable for girls of any physique. Amazing products have a corrective effect and allow you to create graceful silhouettes. The bell skirt or balloon looks extravagant. Such a sample creates a magical image and turns cute girls into fairy-tale heroines. A straight skirt is popular because it is the most practical and comfortable. The style ennobles and emphasizes the originality of the individual. Flared models appealed to thin people, as they are able to soften angular shapes and add femininity to the silhouette.

They bring expression to the image of a product with a smell. These are bright and catchy things that hide the extra fullness of the hips. The pleated skirt looks cute and fresh, most suitable for slender girls and creates an easy image of an elegant fashionista. It is not uncommon to find models with an oversized fit that visually slim and hide a protruding tummy.

Who are suitable?

Using a variety of styles and shapes of skirts, you can create an inimitable image of an extravagant lady. Slender girls use miniskirts to make fashionable bows to look even younger and more beautiful.. Older women are not forbidden to use short plaid skirts. On the contrary, a skillful combination with other elements of clothing, shoes and accessories will create an attractive image and emphasize your own uniqueness.

Model decoration

Decorating methods allow you to add a special charm and accentuate the style of the product. To decorate fashionable designs, decorative elements such as pockets, locks, buckles, buttons, lace inserts are used. Perfectly emphasizes the waist with a wide belt or belt. A wrap skirt can be ties, hooks or buttons. Such a detail as a cut brings romance to the image and adds some mystery.

A skirt with a small slit in the back or front will be the main focus of an attractive ensemble.. If decorative items are correctly combined with other elements, given their style direction, then you can achieve excellent results and create an incredibly charming image.


Among the huge variety of products, the most outstanding is a short skirt in a red check. This product is sewn from traditional Scottish fabric and is considered universal. In Europe, a bright print skirt is worn everywhere, and a school uniform is made of red and black fabric. The advantage of such a product is simplicity and elegance, conciseness and versatility. The swatch pairs perfectly with any monochrome outfit for a classic and urban look.

Gray-black checkered skirts are quite conservative and are used for work, study and business meetings. Checkered patterns in blue, gray and black look elegant and can be used for any purpose — going to the cinema, theater, shopping center, for a walk or a party. Brown and orange tones of the cage are acceptable for cheerful brown-haired women, and light shades are suitable for blondes with a light disposition.

A black and white cage provides extravagance and, depending on the location of the lines, is able to modify the female image. The oblique and wide cage hints at creativity and individualism. A small print testifies to the restrained and judicious nature of the owner of the skirt. Each model is unique and able to transform the female image.


The traditional material for tailoring plaid skirts is Scottish wool, which provides a perfect fit for the product. Lightweight drape or suit fabric is often used. There are synthetic fabrics — this is acrylic or crimplene. For the manufacture of winter models, soft wool is used, and summer samples are made of cotton or satin.

fashion images

If you want to create a classic style, use a black and white skirt — the most elegant and concise product. In a certain cut, the sample looks completely different, so you should correctly pick up all the elements of the ensemble. What to wear with a black and white plaid skirt? A snow-white blouse, a black golf, an openwork white blouse will do.

A trendy bow looks stylish, including a red and black skirt and a black turtleneck, a burgundy sweater or an orange blouse. The product in a blue-black checkered shade is ideally combined with a blue jacket, cornflower blue sweater, black knitted cardigan. You can use a loose-fitting top in a casual or oversized style if you favor the youth and streetwear direction. Urban grunge is about dressing up smartly, so fitted blouses, cropped jackets, and stylish blazers will do the trick.

Shoes and accessories

At all times, accessories have been valued to accentuate style and demonstrate taste and fashion claims. You can complement the image with a stole or a knitted scarf. Elements such as a wide bracelet, elegant beads, a stylish pendant or fashionable youth earrings will emphasize the style.

Shoes are best used with optimal parameters — a comfortable heel and moderately high soles. Girls who want to add height to the figure can use high boots, stiletto sandals or ankle boots. Sports style lovers prefer slip-ons, sneakers, sneakers or moccasins. When creating a fashionable image, observe the golden mean and the harmonious combination of all elements of the ensemble. Then you will look stylish, beautiful, feminine and elegant.


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