Sneakers are a timeless classic and a favorite item of several generations.

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  1. «Kedova» pedigree
  2. Converse Today
  3. Oversized sneakers — what is it
  4. How to choose
  5. For all seasons

The universal love for sneakers is difficult to explain logically. Youth shoes made of fabric and rubber — what’s good about it? Try to get a couple of «converse» — and immediately understand everything.

Sneakers often continue to be classified as sports shoes, although today this is no longer the case. Strictly speaking, they also ceased to be an attribute of youth fashion. Perhaps, in the modern sense, these are shoes beyond age, gender and style. Suitable for everyone, like the majority, appropriate almost always and everywhere.

«Kedova» pedigree

Of course, this was not always the case. Say, in the middle of the nineteenth century, a girl in sneakers on the street would attract a lot of disapproving glances. But it was customary to go to the beach like that. Actually, for this purpose, shoes with canvas tops and rubber soles were produced at that time.

A look close to modern, sneakers acquired two centuries ago. The familiar name stuck to us much later. Only at the beginning of the twentieth century, black and white sports shoes began to be called as they are today. The brand name was Keds.

But how did canvas slippers become so popular? In America, they have generally been shoes for the poor for quite a long time. And now every second wears them. Moreover, some models can not be called cheap.

In a word, from beggars to princes. A similar story, by the way, happened with jeans, once created as work clothes for farmers. In the case of sneakers, it was just a happy accident. Manufacturer Markus Convers has launched a professional line of shoes for basketball players. As soon as basketball legend Chuck Taylor appeared in it, thousands of people became her fans. And, of course, not all of them were athletes.

And Converse brand sneakers are considered the best today. It is no coincidence that the word «converse» has become a household word. It is easily used as a synonym for «sneakers». The black star inside a white circle is the identification mark of the legendary Converse All Star model.

Converse Today

Today, the question of what sneakers are is more difficult to answer than two centuries ago. After all, there are now many more options. They can already be not only textile, but also leather or suede. The usual two-tone design is considered classic, but countless color models are also available.

In summer, sneakers with stripes, flowers, with all kinds of patterns are everywhere. One-color models are also quite common. It can be, in general, any color. Pink, blue, red, black, mint are especially popular.

White sneakers are relevant for many seasons in a row. They can be seen especially often on modern dandies and fashionistas. Blue jeans are ideally combined with them, as well as any colored or light summer clothes.

Oversized sneakers — what is it

Oversized sneakers are a special trend in youth fashion. Wear them with jeans rolled up, or with tight trousers tucked in. Girls often wear them with shorts or a short skirt. By the way, it is believed that the legs in high-top sneakers look slimmer.

The only strict rule is not to wear socks with such shoes. Or buy sports, the top of which will not be visible. If your sneakers are made of fabric or other soft material, you can wear them barefoot. In the warm season, this is how most people walk.

But with ordinary, not overpriced, sneakers (or semi-shoes), socks look quite normal. You can choose them to match the color of the shoes themselves. White “lowered” socks are perfect for classic black and white or denim.

How to choose

Dear Converse, not everyone can afford, but, fortunately, sneakers are made by many shoe brands. And since not all of them are so famous, a good pair can sometimes be purchased for 600-700 rubles. In general, the cost can reach a couple of tens of thousands.

It is worth buying a model of exactly your size, otherwise the sneakers will hang out and rub your leg. «Voids» in fabric shoes look especially ugly, even if you make tight lacing.

The anatomical insole is a big plus. Still, flat shoes are not suitable for everyday wear for everyone. The catch is that usually «converses» with such a useful addition are not cheap. But do not worry: orthopedic insoles for any shoes, including sports shoes, can be bought separately.

For all seasons

There is an anecdote about a teenager whose mother does not like that he wears sneakers all year round. In summer, he answers her protests that he is not hot in them, and in winter — that it is not cold. What can’t you do to walk in your favorite shoes! But in fact, in our days, in this case, nothing has to be sacrificed. There are enough winter models on sale, choose your health.

As a rule, these are overpriced sneakers. The material can be textiles, but already with a water-repellent coating. Either the upper will be made of suede or leather.

Lining is another important point. As with any winter footwear, it can be artificial or real fur. In lighter models, they make a fabric lining, but it’s hardly worth buying them for the winter.

How do you know if a model is suitable for a certain weather or not? The recommended temperature icon may be on the box or on a label inside. It should be borne in mind that they usually indicate the temperature suitable for the operation of shoes. That is, the one that the sneakers themselves will transfer normally. This badge is not a guarantee that your feet will be warm. Therefore, it makes sense to carefully examine the lining and upper material in order to decide for yourself whether this pair is suitable for the winter or not.

Also, winter «converses» usually have thicker soles. There are models on the platform. Pay attention to the sole pattern: it should be ribbed so that the shoes do not slip on the ice.

So, there is no reason to part with your favorite sneakers in summer or winter. These are actually incredibly comfortable and stylish shoes.



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