Street style in clothes — the life of city streets

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Over the past six decades, an interesting and multifaceted trend has arisen in youth culture, which is called street fashion. Today it is one of the most relevant stylistic trends on the catwalk. Young people tend to want to stand out from the crowd, showing their own originality and originality. It is these features that form the street style of clothing. A study of the main trends and advice from stylists will tell you what to look for when compiling fashionable bows.

Freedom of speech as a prerequisite for the birth of style

The beginning of great changes is always preceded by great events. The end of the Second World War and the orientation towards the restoration of life had a positive impact on all spheres of human activity. The influence of movies, music, media was strongest among the younger generation.

In the middle of the last century

In the fifties, the world screens saw the release of the film «The Savage», the main role in which was played by the talented and brutal Marlon Brando. The image of a daring and independent biker made a strong impression on young people, influencing their passion for motorcycles and unusual clothes. This is how the first trend of street fashion or street style appeared.

Among the progressive strata of young people, aimed at getting an education and career growth, a new direction of style also began to take shape. The desire to look neat, smart and restrained was expressed in the appearance of cropped trousers «pipes», laconic jackets and narrow stripes-ties. Typical representatives of the new style were the legendary band The Beatles.

Spirit of rebellion

The progressive sixties were accompanied by the loud sounds of pop music and freedom of speech. The generation of people born after the war did not hesitate to express their attitude to the surrounding reality aloud, criticize their parents, discuss politics, speak at rallies and demonstrations. Neat minimalist clothes gradually disappeared from wardrobes. Instead, closets were filled with spacious «hippie» things.

The beauty of the body and the strength of the spirit

In the early eighties, with the advent of polyester, a new wave of urban culture began to count. Street dances, athletic clubs, electronic music came into fashion. Trousers have gone from tight-fitting bell-bottoms to oversized bananas and boiled jumpsuits. Clothing combined the features of functionality, convenience and practicality.

Sports culture

In the next decade, thanks to new technologies, new types of artificial fabrics of increased elasticity appeared and gained rapid distribution. Remember the insanely popular colored leggings in those years. Figured girls taught us the basics of aerobics from TV screens in such tight pants. They even composed songs about them, which they performed on the national stage. Famous foreign stars, such as Madonna, Raffaella Carra, Sabrina and many others, also contributed to the popularization of fashionable clothes.

Age of Jet Speeds

At the beginning of the new century, energetic hip-hop quickly burst into the youth environment. Together with him, sportswear and a new style based on its foundations actively came into fashion. Photos of the bright Michael Jordan, spectacular David Beckham will remind us of the increased fame of sports brands.

Urban chic in today’s light

If you carefully look around you, you can say with full confidence that street style has become the basis of modern fashion. This is an outstanding and rich style of clothing that combines the features of grunge, casual, boho-chic, punk, vintage, glam rock and other trends. The ability to mix elements of different styles that are close in spirit in one image is a real art. Every person with an artistic taste and a sense of proportion is capable of mastering it.

In street bows, there is a clear trend of obligatory partnership of practicality and efficiency of things. It is not at all necessary that a fashionable look is expensive. Choose simple budget clothes (even second-hand clothes are not excluded), and at the same time make a small inclusion of some branded item in the finished image. It can be a signature Louis Vuitton handbag, elegant Christian Louboutin shoes or a solid MEXX belt.

One of the bright signs of street fashion is the multiple presence of unisex models. Girls can quite easily put on a men’s plaid shirt, cowboy boots or heavy boots. Young people look great in skinny low-cut jeans and T-shirts that are tight to the torso.

The street style of clothing for men and women has a very fuzzy framework, it is free from rigid rules and requirements. The variety and non-triviality of images are dictated by the democratic principles of the trend.

Fashion signs of style

Street style finds its expression in the use of bright printed fabrics, non-standard color combinations and a slight carelessness of a suit decorated with multiple decors. The choice of colors for the summer can be arbitrary, although warm shades of red should be preferred. In the cold, you should also not give up rich colors that bring a positive mood and energy to the image.

As for the drawings, the ageless check is in fashion, which looks equally advantageous on any thing: shirts, skirts, trousers, and even accessories. Unforgotten are animals, plant motifs, light abstraction. Pictures look impressive in the form of text images, inscriptions of an arbitrary nature, sometimes without much meaning.

Street style clothing for girls is not complete without a rich selection of accessories. Jewelry made of precious metals and high-quality costume jewelry look equally appropriate here. The main thing is that the items are large, noticeable and massive — bracelets, earrings, pendants.

Street style outerwear can look slightly stretched, as if worn off someone else’s shoulder. This applies to sweaters, sweatshirts, t-shirts. A noticeable sign of street style is knitted hats, berets and scarves around the neck, which look natural at any time of the year. In general, large-knit knitwear is considered especially stylish and attractive.

Features of national traditions

It is noteworthy that each country and individual large cities have their own street style. Often in a conversation you can hear «this is how they wear it in France» or «today it is fashionable in Italy.» A lot of subtle nuances inherent in a particular area or national characteristics are superimposed on the street style. This is exactly what, for example, the English street style of clothing looks like, which can be immediately recognized by its extravagance. It is expressed in adherence to classical traditions, retro motifs and vintage moods.


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