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Bags, backpacks, suitcases Samsonite: the whole variety of the world of travel accessories

It is not so easy to find «your» brand of travel accessories. However, the one who managed to do this is forever freed from the pangs of choice and doubts about whether a new suitcase will be convenient. Among the brands that often become a constant preference for people is the Samsonite brand.

Speaking about the philosophy of the company, its founders call the whole human life a journey. And in fact, they confirm their conviction one hundred percent. After all, there are so many models of bags and various accessories in their arsenal that for any life situation, one way or another connected with movement, there will definitely be an appropriate thing. And Samsonite suitcases — this is just the tip of the iceberg; only one product segment, known to those who are not yet familiar with this brand.

At the choice of the buyer, Samsonite offers two types of products: «hard luggage» and «soft luggage». The first line will be of interest to those travelers for whom the priority is the strength and protection of luggage. Yes, in the collection Cubelite models are made of lightweight, but very durable Curv plastic, developed using the latest technology.

Samsonite suitcases made of polyester and nylon (the so-called «soft luggage») are provided with protection against shock and moisture, as well as all sorts of devices for the convenience of the traveler. Combination locks, individual numbers that will not allow you to confuse your own suitcase with another, and much more — for the owner’s peace of mind and safety.

The company’s customers also highly appreciate Samsonite’s travel products, such as suitcases, backpacks, and laptop bags. And if you like order in everything, then a suitcase cover or small convenient luggage scales that you will see among the travel accessories of this brand will definitely attract your attention.

Choose Samsonite, buy and use with pleasure — the formula for a good trip

A magical feeling of an approaching vacation, a choice of routes, joyful meetings and a little sad goodbyes… Each of us could paint the unique atmosphere of a trip with our own colors. But it will always be, undoubtedly, a pleasant picture — and it is so important that it be not overshadowed by anything. This is precisely the goal set by Samsonite, creating its travel accessories, which have become loved by thousands of travelers around the world.

Introducing suitcases Samsonite, buy which can be found in the company’s online store, you need to name their main features:

  1. They are made from the finest materials to provide reliable protection for your luggage. Some rigid models are made of a super strong, but very light material — a thermoplastic called Curv, the formula of which was specially created for the company Samsonite.
  2. The suitcases themselves are quite light, so they are indispensable for air travel. For example, a carry-on bag from the Cubelite collection weighs only two and a half kilograms.
  3. Only the owner should have access to luggage: all models are equipped with TSA locks that securely protect your belongings from anyone.

However, you can find out many other advantages — for this you should look into Samsonite store and get to know this wonderful product in more detail.

Meeting point with Samsonite — online store

When going to make a purchase, most people try to examine the product as carefully as possible, to make sure that there are no shortcomings. And, of course, in that, without which the purchase does not make sense at all — in the presence of the expected advantages. But what if the item is ordered via the Internet? Many people are simply afraid to buy, for example, suitcases or bags on the Web, because sometimes you can’t even see a high-quality photo of them. But that’s not the case with products. Samsonite. online store, through which the products of this company are sold, is equipped with a convenient catalog that visually represents to the client all the models available in the assortment.

Suitcases, backpacks, beauty cases and many other travel accessories can be ordered through the online store. Goods are divided into categories: «soft luggage», «hard luggage», children’s, business, etc. That is, choosing is quite simple, if you at least roughly imagine what you are currently interested in: a laptop bag or trolley suitcase Samsonite. In the desired section, you can already focus on the price, material of the product, etc. As a rule, each model is accompanied by several photographs: the suitcase itself, its surface close up, a handle or a lock. All this quite worthy replaces the presence of the buyer in a regular store, where the thing can be picked up and examined closer.

How the first Samsonite suitcases and bags appeared: the history of the legendary brand

From the birth of the Samsonite brand to its current fame, a path spanning more than a hundred years has passed. Although, strictly speaking, the famous suitcases began to be called so much later, and at first the company bore the name of its founder — Shwayder Trunk Manufacturer Company. American Jess Schweider began producing suitcases, which immediately became famous for their unprecedented strength. For the beginning of the twentieth century, this dignity was no less valuable than for our time, but more surprising — after all, today’s production technologies did not even exist.

As such bags Samsonite become known to buyers in the 60s — it was then that the owners of the company decided to give the business this name, in honor of the biblical Samson, namely his strength and endurance. After all, it was precisely such fame that the products of the Shwayder Trunk Manufacturer Company gained at that time — durable and reliable travel accessories that will not let you down even in the most unpredictable situation. However, despite such a courageous reputation of the brand, the company already has a collection of ladies’ suitcases in its arsenal, which was also a rarity for that time.

From year to year suitcases Samsonite became more popular, because people traveled more and more by air, so the compactness and capacity of luggage products were appreciated, which not all manufacturers could provide. In the 70s, the company made another sensation by presenting a suitcase with wheels to the public — and here the modern history of the brand, well known to all of us, begins. So, having walked this magnificent journey of a century, the wonderful Samsonite brand inspires us to travel again and again.



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