Types of sports bags and criteria for their selection

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Fashion trends, standards of male and female beauty are changing, and a sports bag has been and remains a sought-after accessory. Whether you’re going to the gym, the tennis court, or the dance studio, you need it to pack everything you need in a compact way. It is not difficult to choose a bag, manufacturers offer a decent range of these products for all categories of consumers. The main thing is to correctly navigate with the size, material and design.

Types of sports bags


Outwardly, such a bag resembles a belt, on which a small tablet for a phone, keys, and a bottle of water is put on. The length of the belt is adjustable and fits around the waist. A bicycle bag is also used during jogging; Another option for using it is to store documents and money while traveling. It is convenient, because it leaves hands free.

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Sports bag «ordinary»

This is the most common option that is found in stores and markets. True, there are many models, and they differ from each other in size, volume and shape. It is enough for someone just to put a sports uniform in a bag, and someone needs a decent volume, where, for example, skates, table tennis rackets, a yoga mat are placed.

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How do you know what size bag you need? Very simple, spread out in front of you all the things that you take with you to the gym, and look for a volume where it all fits without any problems. Some models have a special compartment for sneakers, which is quite convenient. Also in a sports bag there should be compartments that close with a zipper for small things, gadgets, and a purse. The pockets on the outside aren’t as handy unless they’re meant to hold a water bottle.

Sports shoe bag

In some cases, it is advisable to wear sneakers or boots separately from the rest of the equipment, and here a bag comes to the rescue in the form of a bag with a puff or a hard case that closes with a snake. Such sports accessories are usually made of wear-resistant materials that are easy to clean and dry quickly — polyester, nylon, etc. There are models with a special compartment for shoes, for example, this:

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Trolley sports bag

Professional sports are associated with frequent trips to training camps and competitions. Athletes have to transport from city to city not only uniforms and shoes, but also bulky equipment. For such cases, models on wheels were invented: in appearance they look like their sports “brothers” (they just have a larger volume, up to 70 liters), and in terms of functionality they are not inferior to travel bags. Caring for them is easy and simple: to wash them of dirt, just wipe the waterproof surface with a damp sponge.

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As you know, many people are used to going to fitness with a backpack. If the love for a shoulder bag is so great, try the transforming model, which easily turns from a backpack into a sports bag and vice versa. Again, this option will be appreciated by people who like to travel no less than sports.

At the forefront — comfort and spaciousness

If you look into the sports bags of different people and analyze their contents, it turns out that it is very different. Some things are really necessary, and you can’t do without them: sportswear and shoes; shower set, towel, comb; drinking water bottle. The rest are often ballast, which only makes the load heavier. Girls who are used to going to the gym are especially guilty of this, having with them almost their entire arsenal of cosmetics and styling and hair.

We must not forget that one of the main criteria for choosing a sports bag is convenience. No matter how famous brands campaign for their products, convincing them that they are the best, the choice should be made based on their own preferences. The optimal bag should be the one in which everything fits and at the same time there is no empty space left. A little tip: before you go to the checkout with your chosen model, free it from the liners and put it on the way you usually carry a sports bag. If it is easy and comfortable for you, then you are on the right track.

We would not pay so much attention to the size of the bag if they were not such an important selection criterion. It should be borne in mind that team sports involve the use of protective ammunition — a helmet, gloves, knee pads. Quite another thing is the usual fitness activities, for which in most cases a small sports bag containing a uniform and sneakers is sufficient.

Style and design

The fact that the sport-chic style has appeared among the fashion trends in clothing speaks volumes. And first of all, that a sports bag simply has to be beautiful and harmoniously match the image. Manufacturers today are trying to keep up with fashion, trying to please consumers, for whom stylish products are an additional motivation to go to the gym. Leading global brands annually introduce new unisex models to the market, maintaining their corporate colors and shapes that the public has long been accustomed to. «Male» colors: black, gray, blue, coffee, marsh. «Female»: pink, white, gray, lavender, lilac, turquoise.

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Another important selection criterion is the material from which the bag is sewn. There are a lot of requirements for it: it must be durable, waterproof, non-flammable, dirt-repellent. For this reason, genuine leather is far from the best choice; looks beautiful, but in all respects it loses to nylon, polyester, tarpaulin, eco-leather. And one more thing — weight; the smaller it is, the better; the bag should be light.

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«bells and whistles»

Each manufacturer tries to endow its «brainchild» with distinctive features and all kinds of «chips» that give individuality. We are talking about large and small pockets, ribbons, Velcro and other elements, the functionality of which is very doubtful. All of them increase the final price of the product and, by and large, are useless. It is better to buy a simple and convenient bag and be sure that it will not let you down at the most inopportune moment.

Summing up, we can say the following. You should choose a sports bag based on your needs, the characteristics of the sport, the style of clothing and the color scheme of the wardrobe. The result of the choice should be a model of high-tech, easy-care material, consistent with the spirit and lifestyle in terms of color palette and style.

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