Types of suitcases

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By size and volume

A variety of «suitcase» standards can be observed in the check-in queues for flights at airports. According to the international classification, the largest of the overall dimensions is taken as the basis:

  1. 18-20 ”(up to 50 cm, volume — up to 35 l) — designed for short trips for a couple of days;
  2. 21-22 ”(up to 55 cm, volume — up to 40 l) — suitable for seven-day trips;
  3. 23-24 ”(up to 60 cm, volume — up to 50 l) — compact luggage for one or two people;
  4. 25-27 ”(up to 68 cm, volume — up to 60 l) — roomy suitcases where you can put a lot of personal things;
  5. 28-32 ”(up to 81 cm, volume — up to 100 l) — overall luggage for cruises and long journeys.


Based on materials


Suitcases with a fabric body are more common. They are light and quite comfortable; they are distinguished by a good choice of models and colors, the presence of external pockets. Fabric products, in turn, are made of polyester, polyamide, nylon. All these are modern high-tech materials — durable, wear-resistant, not fading in the sun.

As for the water-repellent properties, they are not at such a high level for fabric products as for plastic ones. Nevertheless, textile materials are necessarily treated with special impregnation, which allows them to withstand moisture quite confidently. Such suitcases need to be regularly cleaned with dust brushes, remove stains with detergents, but they are cheaper than others. Read our article on how to clean a fabric suitcase.

Fabric suitcase.jpg


Initially, the polycarbonate material was developed for the purposes of the automotive industry, but very soon it became crowded within the industry. In particular, light and aesthetic suitcases of different sizes and colors are produced from it. They are durable, do not deform under loads and serve for a long time.

Within this group of materials there is also a classification. So, ABS plastic is a transparent granules that can be given any color by adding color. Polypropylene is a particularly durable, stress-resistant material. Products made from it are used to transport fragile and expensive items. Titanium-coated plastic suitcases are better than others protected from mechanical damage. Speaking of the shortcomings of this type, we can mention the lack of external pockets.

Plastic suitcases.jpg


An elegant suitcase made of genuine leather is associated with wealth, sophisticated luxury, but not with practicality and a rational approach. Indeed, this is a product from the highest price segment, which not everyone is able to afford. Such products must be carefully looked after: they are defenseless against scratches and mechanical damage. Therefore, on the road they are usually put on a cover or wrapped tightly with a film. Otherwise, they will not be able to maintain a presentable appearance for a long time.

leather suitcase.jpg

Classification of suitcases by purpose

  1. Road — serve for travel and trips; this is clear from their name.
  2. Representative — used to carry documents; type diplomat.
  3. Special — beauty cases, cases with cutlery, suitcases for construction and electrical tools.
  4. Universal — for example a bag or a bag.

Beauty Case.jpg Tool case.jpg

By configuration

Modern suitcases differ from their counterparts from the last century primarily in the comfort of use. Depending on the brand, model and cost of the product, various convenience attributes may come with it:

  1. internal holding belt — keeps things in order. Thanks to him, even after a long transportation, the “hierarchy” established by the owner is maintained inside the suitcase. If necessary, the belt can be removed;
  2. protective cover — avoids scratches and other damage that often occurs during loading and unloading of luggage;
  3. wheels — needed to easily move luggage without the use of muscle power. It is believed that the deeper the wheels are «recessed» into the body, the longer they will last;
  4. telescopic handles — used for the convenience of transporting a suitcase on wheels;
  5. padlocks — increase the degree of protection of suitcases from unauthorized opening and theft, including from unscrupulous airport personnel;
  6. bags for shoes and linen — serve for separate storage of clothes and shoes, clean and used things. Made of dense opaque materials, usually waterproof.

Cross strap inside suitcase.jpg wheels.jpg Retractable handle.jpg Padlocks.jpg Laundry bags.jpeg

By cost

The best ratio of quality and price is demonstrated by Russian-made fabric suitcases. An example is this model GRIZZLY — LT-591-28.

Super lightweight trolley case with retractable handle and polyester body with built-in combination lock. Inside there is a transforming compartment, an additional pocket on the lid and adjustable internal straps.

Asian products, sometimes inferior in quality to domestic products, cost one and a half times more. And, finally, the most expensive is the products of European manufacturers.

With careful operation, the suitcase lasts 10 years or more.

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