Types of travel bags

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Men’s travel bag

Sturdy bag made of printed polyester with a reinforced bottom and two handles. Inside there is a large compartment, outside there is a pocket for small items such as keys, glasses, etc. Ergonomic design, not too pretentious — after all, the bag is intended for males — but not boring either. For ease of carrying, the handles are equipped with a soft connecting element that does not rub the palm. There is also a shoulder strap, the length of which is adjustable.

The dimensions of this model, 62 x 37 x 30 cm, fit into the carry-on baggage limits for a number of airlines. It is universal and indispensable for men who often go on business trips, visit a fitness center, and adore outings into nature. The reinforced bottom reliably protects the contents of the bag from moisture and dirt. The main material is ZYC polyester, which is quite dense and waterproof. On both sides, the model is decorated with decorative stitching, which «holds» the handles and gives additional attractiveness. Grizzly logo on the front. The bag is rightly called an all-weather bag, so you can safely take it on short and long trips by any means of transport.

Travel bag Grizzly TU-800-4_1.jpg

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Women’s travel bag

Pretty roomy bag, although you can’t tell right away. And this is a big plus of the model, because women like practicality and aesthetics to go hand in hand. Nice design — cute poppies on a brown field. The reinforced bottom with protective plastic legs allows you to put it on a horizontal surface and calmly rummage through the contents without fear that it will fall on its side. But this is very important for a woman if she travels with children, and her hands are constantly busy. Nylon, from which this model is sewn, has increased wear resistance and does not tear even during prolonged use. Two additional pockets, one inside and one outside, allow you to keep all the important little things close at hand. This bag will be a great purchase for a girl leading an active lifestyle. In between trips, she will always find a use, you can go to fitness with her.

Travel bag Grizzly TD-531-3_1.jpg


It’s good when a woman has a lot of bags in her arsenal for a variety of occasions, but where can she get so much money to satisfy her needs. Therefore, the designers took and came up with a transforming bag, which “with a slight movement of the hand” turns into another model due to a change in shape and volume. This handbag is a real find for ladies whose life is fast-paced and full of events. When its corners are turned inward, it looks like a casual fashion accessory. One has only to straighten the corners, as additional volume is released, and you can pack things for a trip.

The simplest version of a women’s transforming bag, like this one, expands without additional elements. There are also products with magnetic latches, buttons, zippers. They are bulkier, they fit a lot of things, but this bag is universal. Imagine that you have arrived in a foreign city, settled in a hotel, freed your bag by hanging things in a closet. And then we turned the corners of the bag inside and went sightseeing!

Women's travel bag Grizzly TD-842-2_1.jpg Women's travel bag Grizzly TD-842-2_1_4.jpg

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leather bag

It looks vintage and aristocratic, but requires an appropriate appearance from the traveler. An expensive suit and genuine leather shoes will be a more suitable addition to a bag than jeans and sneakers. This elegant travel bag is hardly used today, as it is impractical and quickly loses its luster after being in the luggage compartment.

Leather bag.jpg

Suitcase on wheels

A functional accessory that will last for many years. Roomy main compartment with fixed straps, outer and inner pockets and very light weight, less than 3.5 kg. For a suitcase measuring 72x44x32 cm, this is not much at all. A telescoping handle and four castors are a guarantee of ease of movement, while a combination lock and a waterproof travel bag are nice bonuses for travelers.

Suitcase Grizzly LT-591_1_2.jpg Suitcase Grizzly LT-591_1_3.jpg

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Anatomical back, many pockets inside and out, comfortable shoulder straps and a reinforced handle — with such a backpack, any troubles are not terrible. Made of waterproof polyester, it is not afraid of dampness and scorching sun. Its dimensions are just the same as carry-on luggage on an airplane. Therefore, you can fly with it with any low-cost airlines, even at No luggage rates. Do not forget that a backpack is a very fashionable accessory that young people of both sexes often prefer to all other types of travel bags.

Backpack Grizzly RU-812-2_1_2.jpg Backpack Grizzly RU-812-2_2_2.jpg

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Recommendations for choosing a travel bag

Each of the above bags has its pros and cons. On a hike it is better to take a backpack, on a business trip by car — a bag, on vacation with the whole family — a suitcase on wheels. Sports bags with handles and an adjustable strap are suitable for any trip.

A few words about materials. Genuine leather cannot be called practical, although it looks expensive and noble. Modern synthetic materials polyester and nylon are not only cheaper, but also stronger. They do not fade in the sun, are not afraid of water and frost.

The suitcase should be chosen according to the estimated amount of luggage, then it will be really convenient to travel with it. Models with a retractable handle and wheels are considered the most comfortable, with four wheels better than two. Zippers with two sliders are more reliable than ordinary ones. If luggage is to be checked in in the hold, it is highly recommended to secure it with a combination lock.

And finally, if you want to make a really cool gift for a good person, but you don’t know which one, buy him a travel bag. This is the most desirable thing for a traveler.

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