We go to Moscow shoe stores and build our own shopping strategy

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  1. Shoe shopping for Muscovites
  2. Secrets of choice
  3. What do women’s shoe stores offer for autumn
  4. Children’s shoes — shops in Moscow
  5. virtual shopping
  6. A few tips for choosing shoes in the online store

Does shopping for shoes become a pleasure or a boring necessity for you? I would like to believe that this is the first option. Yes, the necessary conditions for such pleasure are mood, money and free time. And Moscow shoe stores will definitely provide a space of choice.

A person takes a list of addresses and cheerfully goes to storm selected outlets. True, often an automatic addition to all this is fatigue from a long shopping trip. But what can you do for a cute new thing.

Shoe shopping for Muscovites

Explore all shoe stores in Moscow? It is clear that this is beyond the power of even keen shopaholics. There are many ways to spend your free time much more interesting. For example, put on recently bought boots and go for a walk, rustling with autumn leaves.

But if the purchase is just ahead of you, it is important to decide on the tasks. What exactly do you need to find? Are these men’s, women’s or children’s shoes? For every day or going out? Or maybe sports? Are you interested in a specific brand or do you need a multi-brand store?

A distinctive feature of any metropolis is a huge number of outlets. Oriented at the same time to the wallet and the needs of a variety of buyers. Let’s try to highlight some of the main categories among them.

Elite shoe stores in Moscow. Prices here start from ten and a little and can reach several tens of thousands. These are expensive European brands: for example, Baldinini, Barker, Guardiani, etc. Unique design, excellent genuine leather, quality — that’s why you should go here.

But going to such a store, you should understand that you give part of the amount for the name of the manufacturer. And you can’t say it’s unfair. After all, such firms have honestly earned the right to sell expensively not only the product itself, but also the name of their brand on it.

Shoes of the middle price category. Both branded and multi-brand stores of this type can be found in any large shopping center. For example, in the same Okhotny Ryad. There are both products made from natural materials and shoes made of leatherette.

Popular brands such as Rieker, Ecco, Carlo Pazolini, Chester and others. With a little time left, you can always find a good pair of shoes for any season. The approximate price range is from 3,000 to 10,000 rubles. There are departments exclusively for men’s shoes or, conversely, only women’s. As a rule, sales assistants in such stores are willing to help visitors with a choice.

Economy class shoes. These are chain stores well-known to the townspeople: Centro, Kari, TsentrObuv. They are distinguished by affordable prices (from 1000 rubles) and a large range of products. All these manufacturers have many models for young people and teenagers — which is understandable, given the democratic cost. Artificial leather predominates, although genuine leather models can also be found.

Choosing inexpensive leatherette shoes is especially picky. Leatherette of low quality is characterized by rigidity and a noticeable chemical smell. It is clear that in the sock, he does not show himself in the best way: warps, rubs his legs, absolutely does not let air through. But water often passes perfectly.

Modern manufacturers have a lot of shoes made of high-quality leatherette. Better to look for it. It is soft to the touch, looks like natural leather, does not have a strong smell. This will be a purchase on the principle of the «golden mean» — and save money, and choose something decent.

In a separate category, one could single out departments in transitions, in the market, and the like. But, perhaps, we will not do this: nevertheless, a successful purchase in such places can be made extremely rarely. No one will give you a guarantee there. And for the price, these products will not differ too much from economy class stores. And in the latter, if desired, you can find relatively good shoes, and even with a guarantee.

Secrets of choice

The debate about whether it is permissible to buy leatherette shoes has already subsided. We just had time to make sure that the current leatherette cannot be compared with analogues of Soviet times. And genuine leather is not always affordable. And the quality is also different.

For example, calfskin is quite soft and durable. Shoes made from it are predictably expensive. Bullish — much cheaper, but tough. Something in between in terms of cost is cowhide. It makes for a pretty good quality shoe.

Now almost all shoe stores in Moscow offer a lot of suede and nubuck products. At first, while it was new, such shoes were considered impractical. Now this stereotype is in the past. Only such a conclusion can be drawn, judging by the number of citizens flaunting in suede shoes at any time of the year. The main thing is not to forget to purchase suitable care products and a brush along with a pair of shoes. And, of course, use them.

Take a look at the sole: how even the seams are on it, if there are any traces of glue. By itself, the fact that the sole is glued should not scare you. This technology is often used by reliable manufacturers. Well, if the work is handicraft, then problems can arise with a stitched sole.

A good option for autumn and winter is shoes with polyurethane soles. Like, for example, Rieker. Such boots or boots will be light, warm and the safest in ice.

Special rules exist for the choice of sports shoes. It is unlikely that it will be possible to get by with the criterion “like — dislike”. If you are involved in some kind of sport (or are about to start), competent selection of sneakers becomes a kind of safety technique for you.

If you come to a professional sports shoe store, you can consult with a specially trained sales assistant. It will help determine the type of your foot. And choose the right shoes for running, walking, the gym or other activities.

What do women’s shoe stores offer for autumn

Outside the window is October, the real cold weather is still far away. Autumn will have time to please us with clear dry days. And if you suddenly find that the wardrobe has not been updated for a long time, do not hesitate to buy. Let’s see what autumn shoes Moscow stores offer to customers.

Classic boots are what you should choose if you have doubts about other models. Such shoes are always needed, which means that the purchase is unlikely to disappoint. The classic style is the perfect backdrop against which to create a new painting every time. We combine with jeans, dresses, coats and jackets of different lengths.

Ankle boots are the right way to create a feminine look. If you rarely walk in such shoes, it is better to choose a stable heel. Not every model is suitable for everyday wear, especially on a stiletto heel and with a narrow toe. When buying just such ankle boots, it is worth having something to replace them.

Brogue shoes are good for dry and warm weather. The low heel makes them perfect for walking. Although, in general, brogues are appropriate in a variety of situations and go well with any casual wear.

Ankle boots are perfect for the transitional autumn period. Models with different top and heel heights are available in almost all Moscow shoe stores. The color scheme is diverse, as are the materials — patent and matte leather, suede.

Sneakers for the city are the perfect complement to your favorite jeans and jacket. You can choose suede or leather, gray or brown, to match the earth and autumn leaves. Or maybe, on the contrary, revive your October day with a bright color.

Children’s shoes — shops in Moscow

Buying children’s shoes is a special concern for all parents. It is not cheap, and children grow out of it pretty quickly. However, until that moment, it can tear itself or fall apart from running around in puddles. But buying cheap shoes is not an option. The result can be flat feet or other health problems in the child.

If you already have flat feet, then you should visit an orthopedist before buying new shoes. He will tell you how to choose the right shoes and insoles for her, what exercises to do. Sometimes such consultations are held in the orthopedic shoe stores themselves.

A common mistake many moms and dads make is to buy children’s shoes without trying them on. Of course, it is not always possible to take the child with you, especially since the necessary stores may be far from your home. However, the structure of each child’s foot is individual.

Shoes may fit, but rub or be uncomfortable. You will not ask to try on and buy shoes for you from one of your friends? The same applies to shopping for children.

virtual shopping

If you are already tired of studying the assortment of Moscow stores, it may be time to master online shopping. Living in a small town, shopping can be even nice. But a resident of a metropolis, such a pastime is often simply tiring.

In the Sumochka.com online store, the assortment is formed from the products of leading European brands. Shopping, which would take you several hours, will take a maximum of half an hour here. And even less — if you already have the skill of shopping on the Internet and you know what kind of shoes you need.

Of course, this option may not suit absolutely everyone. After all, we do not sell what we ourselves are not sure about. Therefore, there are no cheap products of low quality in our store. But there is a good selection of shoes, the appearance and practicality of which are quite consistent with their cost.

There are about eighty pickup points in Moscow where you can try on the ordered pair and pick up your purchase. Or you order courier delivery and do not spend a single minute on trips around the city. In addition, we have delivery to other cities of Russia. That is, if you wish, you can buy shoes of the brand that is generally absent in ordinary stores in your city.

Do not worry that the purchased shoes will not fit. In this case, a refund is issued without any problems. But after the first purchase, it will become easier for you to navigate the dimensional grid. And you will easily choose your size in the future.

A few tips for choosing shoes in the online store

Sales assistants work in all shoe stores in Moscow. It is hard to imagine how the selection process would be organized without them. Buyers constantly ask something, consult, ask to bring the chosen pair for fitting.

Good online stores also have such consultants. By phone or in a special chat window, you can ask them everything that interests you. For example:

— Is there a specific model available?

— Whether the color (or other external data) in the photo exactly matches the product itself.

— Russian or European sizes are indicated on the website.

— Specific terms and cost of delivery, etc.

If you don’t see a contact form, contact phone, or chat, it’s best to just look elsewhere. Good shops are always open to communication with customers and ready to provide them with all the information. In addition to being interested in a successful sale, it is also a matter of respect for the visitor. Even if he does not buy anything, but for now he just gets acquainted with the assortment.

When you visit a site for the first time to buy, you may want to buy both at the same time. Try for the first time to choose a model similar to what you already have. Later, you will be more confident in choosing less familiar models.

It is clear that there is always at least a small chance that the shoes will not fit. Find out immediately under what conditions a return is possible. The willingness to issue it is another sign of an online store that you can deal with.

And of course read the reviews. The fact that you can get acquainted with them is an undoubted advantage of online shopping over conventional ones. If the site has a section with reviews, this is an additional reason for trust. Take a look, read — suddenly this particular online store will later become your favorite.



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