What are moccasins. A simple and effective key to creating summer style

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  1. The past and present of Indian shoes
  2. What else is worth knowing about moccasins
  3. For women — a romantic and gentle image
  4. For men — casual urban style

Many of us in childhood loved books about Indians. But did anyone think that, having matured, they would wear the shoes of their favorite characters? Every summer we are happy to put on moccasins. And only the ethnic pattern that adorns some models reminds of their glorious origin.

By the way, patterns, and any other decor, are not required at all. Women’s moccasins may well be made in a classic style. In this case, they can even be worn with business attire, although initially these are informal shoes.

Other models, on the contrary, are decorated with fringe, lacing, buttons, rhinestones. The color scheme seems to be limitless: from delicate pastel tones to bright colors.

Light shoes made of soft leather or suede seem to be created for a leisurely walk, or even a pleasant journey. Have they ever been hunted?

The past and present of Indian shoes

Moccasins were invented specifically for hunting. The Indians sewed something like soft slippers without soles from buffalo skins. Perhaps walking through the forest in such shoes was not very comfortable. But there was less risk of frightening the prey or warning the enemy of their appearance.

Of course, in our time, such inconveniences are no longer necessary. In the middle of the twentieth century, along with the sole, moccasins gained popularity. Their first fans were motorists. It turned out that with a foot in shoes with rubberized soles it is very convenient to press the car pedals.

Today we wear these shoes simply because they are comfortable. Can there be a better reason?

What else is worth knowing about moccasins

Moccasins are worn by both men and women. Men’s models differ only in that decorative details can be seen on them much less frequently. The outer seam and lacing are found on both.

As we already know, moccasins were an invention of the inhabitants of warm regions. And to this day, these shoes remain exclusively summer. Yes, and it would be difficult to wear it in the cold, if we are talking about Russia. Therefore, they do not wear outerwear with it.

For some models, a windbreaker, short jacket, thin jumper or cardigan will do. But certainly not a coat or other warm clothing.

For women — a romantic and gentle image

Women’s moccasins are ideally combined with outfits made of light flowing fabric. Pick up a skirt, a sundress, a summer dress for them. Slim trousers, breeches or shorts are also suitable.

Suede moccasins are worn with jeans, skirts and denim sundresses. The top varies — a thin flannel shirt, a beautiful T-shirt, a vest.

Important in this image and accessories. It can be an ethnic style backpack, a suede or denim bag. Jewelry made of wood, leather, glass will be a great addition.

For the hottest days, you can pick up moccasins with an open heel. This is a shoe that looks like a clog.

But even if the shoes are closed, you should not wear socks with them. They will look as out of place as a coat. These shoes are worn barefoot only.

For men — casual urban style

Men’s moccasins are also wonderfully combined with different clothes. Jeans or trousers, rolled up or cropped, look best with them. A summer shirt and a slim jacket complete the ensemble.

Women’s black moccasins sometimes look good with business attire, but this option will not work with men’s. If you are not sure that the combination is successful, it is better not to take risks and wear them with casual clothes.

Surprisingly, with the help of casual summer shoes, you can create a unique look. The main thing is to remember the simple rules and trust your own taste.



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