What are slates. Understanding rubber slippers, rocks and place names

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  1. On the beach and out of town
  2. And just for every day
  3. Why are they called that
  4. Other «flip flops»
  5. How to choose

Slates are little associated with the weekend wardrobe. However, by their very appearance, ordinary slippers evoke a feeling of celebration in the soul. After all, if you take them out of the closet, then the best time of the year has come! Sunny summer. Or it is still far away, but you are going to go to warmer climes. And this is definitely the real holiday.

On the beach and out of town

Slates are the most minimalist shoes imaginable. In fact, it is a flat sole with a pair of straps as fasteners for the foot. After all, initially slates were created, and even now they are considered mainly beach shoes.

And she has become truly irreplaceable! Try, while relaxing on the beach, to look for at least one person in closed shoes. Maybe you will find it, but most likely it will be someone who suddenly gathered on the beach and did not have time to change their shoes.

The reasons for this popularity are simple. It is not hot in shales, the leg is as open as possible. At the same time, taking off your shoes and shaking out the sand that got into your shoes is a matter of three seconds. When entering the water, you do not risk slipping or injuring your foot on a stone.

For the same reasons, slates have long become a familiar attribute of swimming in the pool or relaxing in the bath. They are worn during country holidays, in the country and sometimes even at home, instead of slippers.

And just for every day

In general, the fashion of recent years has proven that slates are quite acceptable summer shoes in which you can go anywhere. It is enough to go to any of the busy city streets to be convinced of this.

Of course, few will wear flip-flops to the theatre. Yes, just to work. Although it all depends on where you work. If there is no strict dress code, and the summer is so hot, everything is possible. Well, for walking, shopping, trips, such shoes are quite suitable.

Of course, we are not talking about rubber slippers in this case. On sale you will find many models made of genuine leather and other materials. For the decoration of such shoes, various fabric inserts, rhinestones, beads, and all kinds of decorative details are used.

Why are they called that

Shales — what is it in general? Such a question would naturally come to the mind of anyone who first heard this word. And why not just slippers? The Americans, for example, use the cute name “flip-flop”. Do you know its origin? Just listen to the sound of footsteps in such shoes.

The explanatory dictionary, and just Wikipedia will tell you that slate is a rock. If you look at its cut, you can see that the stone seems to be laid in thin plates, layers. It is from the word “lay” (“lay”) that the name of the breed is formed.

The city in the Leningrad region received the same name, thanks to the oil shale deposit discovered nearby. Later, a tire repair plant appeared in the city. In Soviet times, having expanded the field of activity, he supplied rubber shoes throughout the country. Including our favorite slippers. Very soon everyone began to call them after the place of production. Moreover, its name in the form of a clear imprint flaunted on the sole of each product.

Other «flip flops»

Of course, the shoes of today’s manufacturers have little in common with the slippers of the Soviet era. Modern slates can be inexpensive and chic. Look as simple as possible and compete externally with your evening shoes. What kind of models you will not see on the shelves of stores. And so slates can be easily confused with «related» open shoes.

For example, they are often called Vietnamese. But in fact, flip flops differ in the upper part. It is attached to the sole in the form of one continuous strip. In shales, these are two strips, plus a jumper that separates the thumb.

Another similar shoe is pantolets. They are also often worn on the beach or around the city on a hot day. These are light shoes with uppers made of fabric or leather.

Clogs are similar to slates except for an open heel. They usually have either a heel or a platform. The toe is both open and closed.

How to choose

It is clear that slates are simple and non-binding shoes in terms of style. And on the river with a pareo, and with jeans for a walk will do. However, there are a few things to consider when buying.

If you want to wear light summer slippers every day, it is better to buy leather ones. Rubber slates are good for going to the beach or swimming pool. In a word, for socks from time to time. And if the skin is sensitive, then it is better to completely exclude rubber shoes. With constant contact with the skin, rubber can cause irritation or allergies.

Also, for daily wear, it is better not to buy models without arch support. Many slates have a completely flat sole. There will be no harm to the foot if you wear them a couple of times a week. But if worn every day, the heel should be at least slightly raised compared to the front of the sole.

Pay attention to the fact that the slates keep well on the foot. Yes, these are just a pair of bindings, but they should fix the leg. Otherwise, there is a risk of injury. And it’s just uncomfortable to walk if the shoes flies off the foot.

Well-chosen slates will make walking easy and summer pleasant.



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