What is the difference between mules and clogs. So what’s this.

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  1. What is a sabot
  2. Mules — what is it
  3. Main differences

A woman does not need to be a fashion historian to buy beautiful shoes. Good taste and sense of style and so will do their job. But you still need to know the correct name of the desired type of shoe. Here, for example, clogs and mules. Everyone is familiar with this shoe and many wear it. But not every fashionista can explain what is the difference between them.

What is a sabot

Clogs — summer shoes without a back. Being comfortable, it is a good alternative to high heels. A wide platform in wood or cork is complemented by leather, suede or textile uppers. These shoes make you look slimmer and visually taller. This is the first reason many women love her so much.

The second reason is the unconditional convenience of women’s clogs. On a stable massive platform, the legs do not get tired for a long time. And if the size is chosen correctly, the foot does not slip and is held tightly in them.

In a word, if you do not wear stilettos, but consider femininity to be the basis of your image, clogs are probably on the list of your favorite shoes.

Mules — what is it

Graceful open-heeled shoes carry the cozy name mule, which means «house slippers». An unexpected comparison for such a graceful shoe. Well, at the moment, the only thing they have in common with slippers is the lack of a heel.

But with other women’s shoes they have a lot in common. For example, a heel. It can be quite small, like modest dress shoes.

At the same time, there are mules with massive wide heels or stilettos. The nose can be open or closed, pointed or rounded.

Main differences

Perhaps the main difference between the clog is the massive sole. Mules cannot have this, if only because they are more elegant. And sometimes, on the contrary, strict — it all depends on the model.

The second sign is compatibility with a particular style. It is rather difficult to imagine mules with clothes or accessories in ethnic style. But clogs are combined with such things perfectly.

On the other hand, an impossible detail for a clog is a high thin heel. While with a mule it looks not only natural, but also elegant.

And if the first shoes are rather everyday, then the second ones often become part of the evening dress. Imagine what you would wear with a little black dress — and distinguish one from the other without difficulty.



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