What to give for the New Year? Ideas from GRIZZLY!

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What to give for the New Year?  Ideas from GRIZZLY!

The backpack is always relevant, and you know why? Firstly, this is an original gift, unlike a perfume and cosmetic set, a scarf or woolen socks with deer. Secondly, this is a universal thing: among the assortment of our store you can find models for every taste. And, thirdly, it is a practical and useful accessory. If it is correctly selected taking into account the tastes and preferences of a person, it will certainly become one of his most favorite things.

Who would like a backpack as a gift

Lovers of an active lifestyle. From work to training, from bike to skateboard, no problem. Everything you need to take with you fits in a backpack. At the same time, he leaves his hands free.

Romantic girl. A backpack does not have to look like a huge shoulder bag. It may well look like an elegant handbag or even a stylish and bright cosmetic bag with many compartments that can also fit a tablet, umbrella, purse and other «little things».

Student, high school student, office clerk. For them, in the Grizzly range there are models with laptop compartments.

Young mother. Walking with a child without a roomy backpack is like having no hands. Where else to put diapers, toys, napkins, formula bottles?

Preschooler. There are so many things to take with you to kindergarten, from a change of clothes to your favorite toy.

Pensioner. A voluminous backpack is useful in any situation, from going to the market and ending with the export of potatoes from their summer cottage.

And now let’s move from words to deeds: we offer an overview of models that will perfectly cope with the role of a New Year’s surprise.

gifts for men

Dear women, your spouse, brother or adult son will certainly appreciate the stylish model of a backpack with which you can appear anywhere — in the office, sports club, cafe. Take a look at these models: RU-811-1, RU-809-1, RU-808-2. They have such a noble appearance, devoid of bright details and kitsch, that it will not be difficult to combine them with clothes in any style, including business.

RU-811-1_2.jpg EN-809-1_1.jpg EN-808-2_4.jpg

Capacity and sufficient volume are no less important requirements for a men’s backpack. Models RU-805-2 and RU-808-1 fully possess these advantages. Their internal structure allows you to conveniently place documents, books, gadgets, and at the same time there will be room for sports equipment.

RU-805-2_2.jpg EN-808-1_3.jpg

Do you want to make a New Year’s surprise for a lover of electronic devices? Give him a backpack with many compartments designed for a laptop, tablet, phone, headphones, mini speakers, etc. In the arsenal of GRIZZLY, the models RU-805-3, RU-810-1, RU-809-1 correspond to this task.

RU-805-3_2.jpg EN-810-1_3.jpg EN-809-1_3.jpg

Fans of bright design will be happy to receive stylish men’s backpacks in rich shades of red, green, blue (RU-803-1) as a gift. With such a cheerful accessory, it is simply impossible to go unnoticed on the streets of the city.


gifts for women

A representative of the fair sex who follows fashion should present a city backpack with a design with birds that is relevant in the coming season. We recommend to take a closer look at the model RD-831-1, made in two colors: beige and dark pink. Despite the fact that there is only one large compartment inside, all women’s little things are perfectly placed in additional side, outer and inner pockets.


The juicy backpacks of turquoise, lilac and orange colors of the RD-836-2 model will look luxurious against the background of a dim autumn or winter landscape. With them, even the most cloudy day will sparkle with iridescent colors. There are three compartments inside. New for 2018, made from durable polyester and wears well.


And finally, a stylish gift for romantic young ladies. Model RD-758-2 seems to illustrate the immortal hit of the Beatles — Love Is All You Need. Any girl will be happy to receive such a gift on the eve of the new year.


Gifts for children

It is no secret that it is more difficult for children to choose gifts than for adults, and it is not so easy to please them. But in the case of a backpack, there will be no “misfire”, because the new GRIZZLY 2018 for boys at first sight “fall in love” not only with children, but also with their parents. Models RB-863-1, RB-860-1, RB-860-6 mean speed, drive, good mood and, as a result, excellent marks at school and high sports performance.

RB-863-1_1.jpg RB-860-1_2.jpg RB-860-6_3.jpg

For girls, the new year 2018 promises fun and adventure, and if you give them bright and fashionable girlish backpacks, then all your plans will certainly come true. Models RG-865-1 and RG-868-2 combine thoughtful ergonomics and extraordinary design. With them you can go to school, to clubs, to the sports section and to meetings with girlfriends. A solid accessory goes well with any look (and GRIZZLY knows how girls love to dress up and experiment with their appearance).

RG-865-1_3.jpg RG-868-2_3.jpg

Do not remain without a gift and kids-preschoolers. To give a child a bright microfiber backpack with cartoon characters or funny animals means to make his walks and games even more exciting. Reinforced straps and a dense back will protect the children’s spine from stress, and reflective elements will ensure safety. Models RS-897-3, RS-899-1, RS-899-2, RS-896-2.

RS-897-3_1.jpg RS-899-1_1.jpg RS-899-2_1.jpg

If it is difficult for you to make a choice, or you are not sure that a particular person will like this or that backpack, send him a gift card from our store along with New Year’s greetings.

Gift Card Grizzlyshop.ru.jpg

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