What to wear with a jumper? Stylish Tips & Tricks

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It is no coincidence that women of fashion choose original clothes to create stylish bows that can emphasize female individuality and natural beauty. The jumper is very popular. A convenient and practical product allows every woman to show her imagination, design talent and create fashionable ensembles.

How to wear a jumper, what elements to combine with to create a stunning bow and become unique, bright and very attractive? The choice largely depends on style, taste and attitude to fashion. First of all, you need to decide on the purpose of the ensemble and the image that you want to create.

Choose a style

If you are close to classic style and conservatism, choose things of traditional execution in discreet colors. Business ladies are perfect for clothes that add rigor and formality to their appearance. It can be long-sleeved sweaters with a V-neck, straight trousers and skinny skirts.

Playfulness and coquetry will be added to the image by jeans with holes and scuffs, a cropped sweater «grass». Sports style will allow you to create leggings with stripes, vests, jumpers of a uniform structure. For a walk, it is better to choose a practical sweater with pockets and a hood, combining with insulated trousers, sweatpants, a windbreaker and a cotton jacket.

Lovers of oversized style should pay attention to wide sweaters with long sleeves and A-line skirts or voluminous bloomers. The best choice for military style is a black top with shoulder straps and olive, green, brown loose-fitting trousers.

Avant-garde samples of non-standard are acceptable for youth style. It can be a sweater and a tunic sundress, a warm top and light shorts, a shirt dress and a thin long openwork sleeveless jumper. Urban «grunge» welcomes things of an unusual format, emphasizing belonging to a particular group, fan club or youth fashion trend. It is permissible to use jumpers with buttons, zippers, with cuts, combining with torn jeans, skirts on the floor, breeches with holes on the knees.

The image of a vamp woman will help to create products of non-trivial design — with asymmetry, transparent inserts in the neckline or on the back. For a holiday, it is appropriate to wear a white jumper with openwork sleeves, lace inserts, sequins, beads, rhinestones, combined with tiered tulle skirts or silk trousers.

winter bows

The most popular winter product that protects against the cold is a knitted jumper. This thing serves for a long time and reliably, providing warmth, comfort to wear and excellent breathability. Textured samples with braids and floral patterns can be combined with an acrylic or wool straight-cut skirt, fleece trousers or leggings with a fleece.

In winter, warm knitted, mohair, cashmere sweaters without a collar are used, harmoniously combined with products based on cotton, wool and polyester. A chic long jumper that functions as a tunic or dress is quite compatible with insulated leggings or jeggings. You can complement the image with leather over the knee boots or high-top boots.

Spring images

In the spring, nature awakens and there is a desire to stand out, attract male attention and create fresh and unique bows. Stylists advise using bright models of sweaters, combining with products of muted shades. For example, an attractive ensemble will allow you to create a pink, raspberry, lemon jumper in tandem with black trousers, blue jeans or a gray denim skirt. Dark capri pants can be combined with a light top, and a bright bottom will make a great pair with a black or brown sweater. As for styles, jumpers with a drop-shaped neckline on the chest, an open back, a side slit, as well as extraordinary boho-style skirts and jeans with scuffs and holes are acceptable in spring.

If you want to create an expressive work ensemble, use a red jumper, combining with a black pencil skirt. For everyday wear, a thin long-sleeved sweater in gray or blue and dark skinny or jeans will come in handy. Going on a romantic date, pay attention to jumpers with lace inserts, short skirts with a slit and skinny trousers. For a holiday, an openwork pattern with a through ornament and silk long skirts are suitable. For a walk, you can wear an elongated blue, emerald, light green jumper, combined with jeggings and a cotton raincoat.

Summer ensembles

In summer, things of a simple cut and an open format are acceptable. You can safely use thin sweaters with short sleeves, shorts, miniskirts, capris, breeches. Openwork orange, lemon, light green jumpers are useful, which go well with bright products based on cotton, viscose, satin or silk.

The ensemble looks beautiful, including catchy crochet sweaters and leggings with sheer lace inserts.. You can wear a cropped yellow sleeveless jumper with a deep neckline, paired with light blue, light blue jeans.

Autumn motives

Autumn bows should emphasize female individuality and add sophistication to the image. Acceptable are not only restrained, but also bright things with their own zest and a certain chip.. For business meetings, a beige crew-neck jumper and a dark pencil or balloon skirt are suitable. You can visit the party in a black stylish knee-length sweater, transparent tights and suede over the knee boots. For a romantic date, you can wear a cropped red sweater and a miniskirt or slim-fitting trousers in muted tones.

In the youth environment, a gray cropped jumper is popular, which goes well with things of any format and color. Young women of fashion wear samples with long sleeves and a deep neckline, combining with jeggings, leggings or worn jeans. Older women choose medium-length sweaters in terracotta, marsh, emerald green, combined with black straight-cut skirts or classic dark trousers.

A color scheme

The black jumper is considered the most stylish and versatile, which is in harmony with any things. You can use gray skirts, white trousers, red sundresses, green capris or blue leggings.

On the contrary, it is better to compensate for bright and catchy sweaters with products of restrained tones. For example, a raspberry, marshmallow, lemon, azure jumper will make a wonderful pair with gray, black trousers or dark blue skirts.

Fashionable sweaters with polka dots, with bows, sponges, berries will add playfulness, lightness to the image and are perfectly combined with expressive things. It can be dark green, burgundy or blue jeans, black leggings with transparent inserts, chocolate or brown breeches.

Knitted sweaters with stripes remain in trend, ideally combined with plain products. Luxurious knitted patterns with floral patterns, bright lace inserts, stuffed designs can be combined with skirts and trousers in a solid muted color.

Secrets of creating original bows

Every fashionista dreams of creating her own style and emphasizing the inimitableness of the image, originality and individuality. There are several rules when combining things. There should not be more than 4-5 colors in one ensemble, and the texture of the materials should match in density and structure. If you use at least one product that is voluminous and lush, then all other elements must be modest and restrained in design.

Skinny skirts, straight trousers, skinny jeans, straight-cut sundresses are quite compatible with textured sweatshirts, thick sweatshirts and knitted jumpers. Such combinations will bring balance to the proportions of the body and give grace to the figure. On the contrary, flared trousers, breeches, a multi-layered skirt or year are best combined with a tight-fitting sweater with a V-neck or a thin openwork jumper. Everything should have a golden mean and harmony, then you will create an inimitable image and an attractive fashionable style.

How to choose shoes

Shoes play an important role in shaping the style and perception of the female image, so you should be attentive to the composition of the ensemble and select all the elements correctly. The choice of shoe samples is determined by many factors — seasonality, style direction of clothing, taste and fashion claims and individual characteristics.

  • In autumn, for walks and everyday wear, practical boots, oxfords or timberlands will be the best choice.
  • In winter, uggs, over the knee boots, Cossacks are in demand.
  • A fashionable summer bow will help create stiletto or wedge sandals, pumps, ballet flats.
  • In spring, slip-ons, moccasins and sneakers are especially relevant.

Ankle boots, lace boots are useful for a holiday at any time of the year. Business images require the use of refined and elegant shoes — classic shoes, boots of the optimal height or loafers.

Choice of accessories

The jumper goes well with exquisite necklaces, massive wooden beads, a pendant with a pendant, jewelry that imitates precious stones. You can create business images by adding a watch, bracelet or neckerchief. Solemn ensembles include a clutch bag, an openwork stole or kid gloves. Active youth chooses functional accessories — gadgets, pedometers, baseball caps, leggings, headbands.

For everyday wear, it is better to use simple jewelry that accentuates the style and appearance. It can be a hairpin, a brooch, a thin leather strap, a set of earrings and rings. Any detail is important and significant, so when creating a fashionable bow, you should pay close attention to every little thing.


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