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  1. What is an ergo backpack and does it have «predecessors»
  2. Peculiarities
  3. Is the baby ready for an ergo backpack?
  4. Which to choose?
  5. How to use the ergo backpack
  6. Correct or not?

An ergo-backpack for a baby has already become something without which many modern parents cannot imagine their lives. In the first years of life, the baby spends almost all the time with his mother.

Convenient and safe means for carrying the child allows you to spend this time with benefit. This is a backpack with reliable wide straps and an ergonomic back. Let’s say you’re going to go on business or just take a walk. The baby goes with you — and you do not need to drag a heavy, uncomfortable stroller with you.

What is an ergo backpack and does it have «predecessors»

Sitting at home all day? Less and less young mothers and fathers agree to this. They take the children for walks, shopping trips and even travel. Perhaps the most popular means for this is a sling. A wide sheet of fabric that an adult puts on and ties so that it is convenient to fix the child.

Once upon a time, mothers simply carried children in an apron. It must not have been very convenient. But what to do if you need to keep up with the housework, but you won’t leave the child unattended. We now have an improved version of this method available. Even several versions — ring sling, pocket, scarf, may-sling.

Each type of sling has its own advantages. The scarf gives free rein to the parental fantasy — the child can be placed in it in a dozen different ways. But in the sling-pocket something like a seat is cut out. It is convenient to tie a sling with rings, fixing the length and shape.

My sling most of all resembles a backpack. This is a rectangular canvas with straps. There are other types of slings — we have listed the main ones. The kangaroo backpack was another invention of its kind. True, children’s doctors unanimously declare that it is better not to use it.

To properly position the back and legs of the baby, you need a slightly different design. She was embodied in ergo-backpacks.

Sometimes you can hear the name «sling backpack». Its application is quite fair.

After all, in fact, developing an ergonomic backpack, manufacturers have improved the design of the «kangaroo» with the advantages of a sling. So, through trial and error, this miracle helper of young mothers was born.


Unlike the «kangaroo», the ergonomic backpack is complemented by a wide, dense belt. It is needed to comfortably seat the baby, as well as to properly distribute the load.

Another difference is the soft back. With the help of straps, it is fixed in a way that is convenient for your baby’s spine. It turns out that the ergo-backpack takes into account the individual characteristics of the child.

It is also important that in an ergo-backpack, unlike a kangaroo, a baby can only be carried facing you. This has become one of the strong arguments «for» on the part of pediatricians. The fact is that the position of the back to the adult is unsafe for the children’s spine.

Do not forget about the psychological aspect: it is calmer and more comfortable for the baby to still see the face of the parent. In addition, if we are talking about a baby, you can feed him right in the backpack.

Is the baby ready for an ergo backpack?

The determining criterion for answering this question is, of course, age. Many manufacturers write that such a carrier as an ergo backpack is suitable for children from 0 to 4 years old. Is this true? Yes and no.

The fact is, a special model is needed for newborns. By the way, it is not always possible to find it in stores. This is a backpack where the baby will lie with his legs pressed to him, and not sit. That is, to be in a completely different position than an older child in a regular ergo backpack. At the same time, there is no solid support at his back. Therefore, carrying children for a long time in the first months of life is not very useful.

But what if you still need a means to carry a recently born son or daughter? According to experts, in this case it is better to choose a sling. In it, the baby will have a more natural position for his age.

Another way out is to purchase a special insert for newborns in an ergo backpack. It supports the baby’s head and spine in the correct position. But even if you use such an insert, remember that in the first month of life, you can carry a child in an ergo-backpack for a very short time.

If your child is more than two months old, you can safely purchase an ergonomic backpack. Of course, the model must match the exact age. For example, for 2-4-month-old children, special fasteners are provided.

An option for children over 4 months old is a backpack, which we will talk about in more detail later. There are many such models on sale, it will not be difficult to choose and buy it.

Which to choose?

There are many manufacturers, even more backpack models. So how do you choose? Depending on the design, materials and specific brand, the purchase price can range from two to fifteen thousand. Even if you choose not the most expensive, it is clear that you still have to spend money.

Therefore, the first recommendation is simple: look not so much at a fashion brand as at the practicality and convenience of a thing. What is especially important?

— To make the fabric breathe and wash well.

— The material from which the ergo-backpack is sewn must be dense.

— Protective fasteners are required.

— You need wide straps — otherwise it will be uncomfortable for you and unsafe for the baby.

— For newborns, a special tab is required.

— The ergo-backpack should have a hood — it will support the child’s head.

How to use the ergo backpack

So, for the first time, young parents bought an ergo-backpack for carrying a baby. The first thing they need is detailed instructions on how to use it. Still, mistakes in this case are fraught not only with inconvenience, but also with health problems. We learn to put on a backpack and place a small inhabitant in it step by step.

Step one. We fasten the belt of the ergo backpack around the hips. (If you place it higher, at the waist, it will be inconvenient to carry a backpack with a baby). Do not forget to fix the belt with a protective fastex fastener. Make sure it fits snugly on you.

Step two. Take the baby in your arms and put on the straps of the backpack — first one, then the other. The baby’s legs should be spread apart — in fact, hugging you on the sides.

Step three. We fasten the straps of the backpack on the back — now the straps are connected. Check how tightly the baby sits in the backpack. He should not “hang out” in it, but also not be flattened to you. The position of the straps must be adjusted so that both you and your child are comfortable.

Correct or not?

If you did everything right, the weight of the child is evenly distributed. His neck and head are supported by a backpack, his back retains its natural shape.

Both legs should be at the same level with each other. The fabric of the backpack on the back of the child should lie flat: do not bulge, do not pull down or sideways. The straps on your shoulders sit tight — do not cut or stick out.

Have a dress rehearsal at home — make sure the baby in the ergo bag feels good. Do not forget that even if the backpack is comfortable, both the baby and your back need to rest from it periodically.

Now you are completely ready to go on the road together. Happy walking and travel!




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