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  1. Shoes for all occasions
  2. Sandals — for hot days
  3. Boots are strict and romantic, for every taste
  4. Boots and boots — hundreds of models
  5. Sneakers and sneakers — for sports or for every day

You don’t have to know everything about shoes to look stylish. It is enough to understand what exactly suits you, as well as with what clothes to combine this or that model.

On the other hand, if you follow fashion, the basic «shoe» terms are worth knowing. Otherwise, your head will spin from all those oxfords with timberlands in the first big store. So, to make it easier to navigate in this area, we will give a brief description of the main types of women’s shoes.

Shoes for all occasions

In fact, the name «shoes» is applied to models of a wide variety of styles. These are feminine pumps, and light moccasins, and trendy wedge or platform shoes.

Among fans of a relaxed style, loafers are very popular — slip-on shoes with a small heel. In summer, urban fashionistas are in favor with stylish slip-ons, elegant ballet flats.

Both go well with jeans, a skirt or a light airy dress.

Sandals — for hot days

One of the most common types of shoes for summer is, of course, sandals. They can be with or without a heel, have a closed toe or vice versa, but they are always indispensable in the summer heat.

Similar shoes are sandals. Their distinctive feature can be called straps and, in most cases, a flat sole.

If you have to walk a lot and wear summer shoes with different clothes, new sandals will come in handy.

Good for the summer months and clogs — comfortable shoes with an open heel. You can often see clogs on a massive platform. An alternative would be a flat sole or a stable heel.

Slates, popularly slippers, are most convenient for a summer beach holiday. The foot in them is as open as possible: in fact, they consist of a flat sole and a pair of straps.

However, on the city streets you can see these shoes. If the slates do not differ in flashy colors and are decorated with some kind of decorative detail, then why not? With shorts, a short dress or a long skirt, you get a cute summer outfit.

Boots are strict and romantic, for every taste

If you wear trousers or jeans, you most likely have boots in your wardrobe. Although with dresses, many modern models are combined well.

For example, oxfords are, in fact, closed shoes, the lacing on which is rather a decorative detail. Or sophisticated derbies, with thin soles and rounded toes.

Perfectly fit into both a business and a feminine romantic look.

Ankle boots are a cross between boots and shoes.

Please note that they cover only the ankle, this is their distinguishing feature.

Otherwise, it all depends on the model: heel, platform or flat sole, open or closed toe.

Boots and boots — hundreds of models

Another attribute of the women’s wardrobe, which has a lot of incarnations. For Russians, this is perhaps especially true, since our winter gives maximum opportunities to flaunt in your favorite boots.

The high shaft combines different types of women’s boots, other features depend on the model and, of course, the season.

Most often they are classified by length: ankle boots, knee-length and over the knee boots. Separately, you can call cowboy, hunting, jockey … in a word, you already understood that all shoes in this category become an excellent tool for creating a chic look.

And since we are talking about the Russian winter, how not to remember the ugg boots.

In the classical sense, these are sheepskin boots sewn with fur inside, but now you can find uggs made of different materials — both suede and artificial materials. A thick flat sole remains an obligatory detail.

Cozy and cute, uggs have become familiar to us in any combination. Although they were originally farm shoes and certainly were not intended for publication.

Sneakers and sneakers — for sports or for every day

Beloved by many, sneakers have long ceased to be shoes exclusively for sports. Arriving at a large shoe store, you can see several shelves with different types of sneakers — running, walking, outdoor. External diversity allows you to choose a model for almost any clothing.

Once upon a time, sneakers were youth shoes, and today fashionistas of all ages confess their love for them. Textile, leather and suede, multicolored and classic blue and white, they have remained popular for decades.

A win-win ensemble is jeans or a dress with a denim vest. In general, sneakers are friendly shoes, so a creative approach will surely allow you to come up with something new and interesting.

Winter sneakers — especially for those who do not want to part with their favorite «converse» even in the cold. In this case, good insulation and a embossed sole are important.

Sneakers with a coat or leather jacket will be a great seasonal style variation for an urban fashionista.



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